XF 56mm additional photos


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XF 56mm f/1.2 ($999): USA AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama – EUROPE: wexUK / PCHstore / DigitalRev

X100S black ($1299): USA AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama – EUROPE: wexUK / PCHstore /

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FR-reader Giuliano sent me the following links:

– additional XF56mm sample shots at laroquephoto here.

– there are some unboxing images from the Fujinon 56mm at michaelrcruz here.

Also, Rico started a sample set on Flickr here. He is updating the set continously, so be sure to check it out often. FR-reader David saw Rico’s shots and said that they “really show off bokeh capabilities of the new lens“.

Rico’s Flickr set

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Never ending leak! X-T1: more images, specs and XF 18-135 (weather sealed) will come in May!


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Are you truly hungry for more rumors? Well, then here are a few more details about the X-T1 for you:

The top Japanese source confirms: the XF 18-135 will be weather sealed and come in May. But that’s not all. Here some more specs:

  • start up time 0,5 sec
  • Shutter time lag 0,05 sec
  • time-lapse photography function – interval timer function
  • shooting interval 0,5 sec

The Japanese source still can’t confirm the dual SD-card slot.

Stay tuned on Fujirumors on Tuesday, 28th of January. Normally, Fuji announces its products early in the morning London time. Hope to get some information soon. But prepare coffee and red bull to remain awake!

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Here is the specs list. It’s all in there, every rumor I’ve collected over several months. So read it carefully and take it with a grain of salt.

(TS= trusted source / NeS =New Source / AS = Anonymous Source / SRP = source who was right in the past, but not yet trusted / ORS = other rumor sites)

  • announcement January 28th (TS)
  • big EVF (x77 magnification) /  (TS)
  • better EVF (2.36 million OLED, 0.005s lag) / (AS)
  • APS-C X-Trans sensor II (16MP) / (TS + AS)
  • EXR II / (TS + NeS)
  • support for the UHS-II SD-card for super-fast writing speed / (TS)
  • start up time 0,5 sec (TS)
  • Shutter time lag 0,05 sec (TS)
  • time-lapse photography function – interval timer function (TS)
  • 8fps with AF tracking / (TS)
  • weather sealed body / (TS)
  • 18-135 will be weather sealed and come in May (TS + ORS)
  • tilt screen (SRP)
  • Price: €1,200 body only (≈ $1,300) – €1,600 body and 18-55 – €1,800 body and 18-135 / (NeS)
  • SLR-type (Fujica) design / (SRP)
  • name: X-T1 / (AS)
  • WiFi / (NeS)
  • smaller than the X-E2 / (AS)
  • additional battery grip / (AS)
  • 18-55 kit lens / (AS + ORS)
  • ISO up to 51200 (NeS)
  • in stores mid-February / (AS + ORS)
  • price range between X-E and X-PRO line / (NeS + AS)
  • faster AF then X-E2 (o,o8sec) / (NeS) [maybe the source mixed up faster writing speed (UHS-II) with faster AF-speed]

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You just Can’t Get Enough: New X-T1 pictures (one with vertical grip)!


Here are three new pictures of the Fuji X-T1 leaked by our friend from Digicameinfo. Only six days to go until the camera gets announced (at around 5-6am London time on January 28th). Feel free to follow the event live here on Fujirumors with a couple of hot coffees to keep you awake :-) and to support Fujirumors by pre-ordering it using one of the shoplinks on this blog.

At the bottom a silver mock-up by FR-reader Michel Van Weyenbergh, and some size comparisons by FR-reader Manne Sjögren who said: “I heard rumors, and also saw that people are writing it on some other sites as well, that the X-T1 will be smaller than the X-E1 and X-E2 bodies. I had to compare. Here’s a quick comparison from above of them both. Not really smaller but good looking none the less. Feel free to use it if you want!”

– animated gif size comparison X-E2/X-T1 by FR-reader MJr here.

FR-reader James shared via email at fujirumor@gmail.com: “I composed some comparison photos of the X-Pro1 and X-T1 with the same 35mm F1.4. They can be found here.”

– Leigh Diprose wrote me on facebook: “I recorded an Google+ Hangout discussing the camera. Some of your readers might find this interesting.” See it here. (recorded after the first leaked image).

– Shared via twitter: “Here’s a quick rundown of what we know of the X-T1, and how it compares with Fuji’s current top-end cameras, the X-E2 and X-Pro1. Keep in mind, much of the info about the X-T1 is still rumour.” Check it out af fujivsfuji here.

enjoy the pics,
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 photo unnamed_zpsf6081348.jpg

 photo compare_zpsfbb81e62.jpg

and also from MJr :-)
 photo xt1fm2df_zps606d0b80.gif


X-T1 price: €1200 ( ≈ $1300).


 photo X_zpsd592314c.png

According to a new source, these are the prices in Euro for the X-T1 and the various kits. Considering that the Euro/Dollar conversion for cameras is almost 1:1 (the X-E2 costs €900 in Germany and $1000 in USA), this means that the X-T1 could actually cost around $1,300 in USA!

The source also said that the price is still unofficial.

– X-T1: around €1,200

– X-T1 + 18-55mm: around €1,600 [UPDATE: FR-source drphotorumor said “Fuji will sell the kit for £1600 in UK”]

– X-T1 + XF18-135mm (weather sealed): around €1,800

I’ve spread the first rumors (from trusted sources) of a weather sealed X coming in January at the end of October. Right in time and reason enough for some of you not to buy the just announced X-E2 and wait until January… and now it’s almost here.

Now, you can support several months of X-T1 rumors and leaks on January 28th, if you purchase the X-T1 using one of the shoplinks (Amazon, Bhphoto and Adorama & Co) on this blog. Fujirumors will get a small commission on it. No extra costs for you, but you’ll allow me to keep this blog running.

So thanks a lot… there are still many rumors to give this year! And I can do it… with your support.

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XF56mm samples and first impressions online!


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XF 56mm f/1.2 ($999): USA AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama – EUROPE: wexUK / PCHstore / DigitalRev

X100S black ($1299): USA AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama – EUROPE: wexUK / PCHstore

It’s a great Fuji day! After the first image of the X-T1, Fujifilm posted some beautiful samples taken with the 56mm f/1.2 on their website here.

1) X-photographer Nathan Elson shared some first impressions and a video on his blog here: “The Fuji 56mm f/1.2 (85mm equivalent) has quite possibly been the most anticipated lens for portrait photographers using the X system, and now that it is finally here, I can honestly say that it is beautiful.”

David B. send me his first feedback, judging from the images on Fuji’s website:

– some samples, especially sample number 4 clearly illustrate that Fuji need to consider a 135mm equivalent prime.   The face of the woman clearly looks unflattering with 85mm equivalent which is too short here.   135 or above would have flatten that face nicely and made the photo more flattering.      I guess a 70-200 equivalent is the answer?

– 1.2 on a crop is not a 1.2 on a full frame and that is clear from samples shot at 1.2.   Those who were concerned that it is hard to keep in focus at 1.2, its not.   It is merely like focusing Full Frame at 1.8.  Nothing magical.

– the sharpness looks great at all photos even wide open.

2) It’s online again, Patrick La Roque here. For part2 click here: “Here are some 100% crops to give you an idea of the sharpness vs DOF when shooting this lens wide open. Bear in mind that these are from an early pre-production unit. You can click on them to get a larger and clearer version.

3) For Bert Stephani’s nice video review click here: “Even at 1.2 it’s perfectly sharp.”

[UPDATE: Rico Pfirstinger started a sample set on Flickr here.]