X100 special black edition deal (save $350) + Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neoclassic pre-order

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X100 special edition super-deal

There is a great deal on the special black edition X100 at official Fuji ebay reseller heightsmobile. And soon you’ll be able to load the new firmware 2.0 on it and enjoy also the improved performance ;). There is only a limited quantity available, so act fast and [shoplink 16374 ebay]click here to save $350[/shoplink]!

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Fuji Instax Mini 90 pre-order

The Fuji Instax Mini 90 is now available for pre-order [shoplink 16368 ebay]here at top rated reseller grllittle[/shoplink].

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Mastering the X-E1/X-PRO1 30% discount + price for the XF 23mm raised to $899 + X100 firmware


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Mastering the X-PRO1/X-E1

The new book of Rico Pfirstinger just went to the printer and is expected to hit the market in late October. Rico shares his deep technical knowledge and lots of useful tips and tricks with you. Make the best out of your X-PRO1, X-E1 (and the rumored X-E2 ;) ). You can grab it now with a discount of 30% at AmazonUS here for $21! At Amazon you can also look inside the book! I’m sure everybody, from the Pro, the enthusiast to the not so well-versed photographer will find this book very useful.

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X100 firmware

Don’t worry, it will come. A couple of days ago the French site focus-numerique posted a leaked press release with the announcement of the XF 23mm and the X100 firmware. Well, I think that Fuji originally planed to announce the firmware and the new lens together but then realized that they needed a bit more time to sort out the last bugs. It’s just a matter of time… let’s begin the countdown again. I hope I can give you a new release date soon.


XF 23mm: Rico’s new night shots samples, XPC first look on Friday + last days to vote RAW converter shootout polls


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X-Pert Corner XF 23mm first look on Friday, September 13

Rico is adding daily some images taken with the XF 23mm in his Flickr account here. Be sure to check it out in the next days, and be prepared for the X-Pert Corner about the XF 23mm lens. And on September 13 you will read Rico’s first look about the XF 23mm here on Fujirumors… so stay tuned!

XF 23mm pre-orders: USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline EUROPE: PCHstore / wexcamerasDE / wexphotographicUK

Rico’s 23mm pictures at flickr

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RAW converter shootout! Last days to vote the poll. The winner will be announced Thursday

You are the judge! Which RAW converter is the best? Check out the XPC Ultimate RAW Converter Shootout post here. To get directly to Rico’s Flickr account click here. The poll will be closed Wednesday evening, and the winner will be announced on Thursday.

Poll for DSCF0544-1 to DSCF0544-8:

Which two Fujinon Prime Lenses are the Most Sold ones until December 2015? (max. 2 selections)

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Poll for DSCF0998-A to DSCF0998-H:

Which Fujinon Prime Lens was the best seller in 2016? (1 selection)

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More details about the X-E1 replacement: could be called X-E1S and have X-Trans sensor II


What a great rumor start in this new week :)!

The Chinese site xjrumo (tranlsation) confirms the FR-rumor posted here about an X-E1 replacement. According to them it will be called X-E1S and feature the X-Trans sensor II of the X100S!

One more hint that we could have an X-E2/X-E1S by the end of 2013/early 2014.



Remember that until September 21 you can save up to 1,150 if you purchase the X-E1 with 5 XF lenses. You can switch cheap to the X-system, save a lot on the primes and the 18-55… and if rumors turn out to be true, sell your X-E1 or use it as a backup camera.

You can find the deals here: AmazonUS: Fuji X-E1 / Fuji X-PRO1BHphoto: Fuji X-E1 / Fuji X-PRO1 Pictureline: Fuji X-E1 / Fuji X-PRO1 Adorama: Fuji X-E1 / Fuji X-PRO1

XF 23mm

The brand new XF 23mm is not included in this offer. You can pre-order it here: USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline EUROPE: PCHstore / wexcamerasDE / wexphotographicUK

At Rico’s Flickr here you can see the first samples taken with the XF 23mm. On September 13 there will be an X-pert corner first look about his lens… so stay tuned



X-E2 coming before X-PRO2? (new source)


I’ve received a rumor from a new source who told me that he already had the opportunity to see a working Fuji X-E2. If the new source is right, it could mean that Fuji is stepping on the gas and is planning to release the X-E2 earlier than expected.

Now, if it is true that Fuji is already testing the X-E2, then maybe it could be announced late 2013 / early 2014. But I’m working on reliable release dates (and specs) right now.

Well, it seems that we could see the X-E2 before the X-PRO2!

But please be careful with this information. Keep in mind that it does not come from trusted sources. It’s the first time I’ve received a rumor from this source and I can’t confirm it. So take it cum grano salis. I’m working with my trusted sources to check this rumor and will post an update once I have some news for you.

If there is somebody out there who could give me some more information about Fuji’s future cameras/lenses, do not hesitate to contact me via email at fujirumor@gmail.com or by using the rumor box to share your information absolutely anonymously. Feel free to contact me.


XF 23mm pre-order

(At Rico’s Flickr here you can see the first samples taken with the XF 23mm. On September 13 there will be an X-pert corner first look about his lens… so stay tuned)

USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline EUROPE: PCHstore / wexcamerasDE / wexphotographicUK

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