Surprise at Photokina? Low and High end X model coming!


So guys, Finally we are getting first rumors about what’s coming from Fuji at the biggest Photo event in September, the Photokina show. Fuji already said in the past that a lower priced X model may come this year but according to rumors we got there will be another High End X model too!

We have been told the low end model will feature a hybrid viewfinder like the current X PRO 1 and cost slightly less with slightly less features.

The new High End model will have some completely unique features compared to the current X PRO 1 model. I have no info yet about those features but I hope those sources reading this post may can help me out on this.

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New Fuji X PRO firmware update!



Fuji released the new firmware update Ver.1.11 for the X PRO 1 (download here). It adds the support for the new M mount adapter: “When FUJIFILM M-mount adapter is set to the camera body and the correction menu of “COLOR SHADING CORRECTION” or “PERIPHERAL ILLUMINATION CORRECTION” for the mount adapter is operated, corrected live image can be displayed on EVF/LCD for setting appropriate value with ease.

Still no upgrade on critical needed points liek the AF speed. Hope that is coming as next!


Fuji X PRO 1 review at dpreview, neocamera and LL


If you still need to check out for new X PRo 1 reviews here is a a triple link. Let’s start with the most famous website:

Dpreview posted the very long X PRo 1 review: “the X-Pro1 is a very good camera, with excellent design and image quality, let down by a few small but significant operational bugs and quirks.

Neocamera: “Paired with one of the three excellent XF-mount lenses, the X-Pro1 produces some extremely sharp large prints up to ISO 6400 and even remains usable for mid-size prints until its maximum ISO of 25600.

Luminous Landscape posted an interesting Hands-on: “Their designs are brilliant, build quality is very high, and optical quality second to none. Now they just need to refine their functional execution to have class-leading products.

In short, what they all are saying is that we need an X-PRO 2 that fixes the clear AF and menu issues :)