Sexy X-E1 Gariz case announced and available on eBay.


Unlike so many other cases Gariz (korean design company) is know to make elegant and let me say sexy looking cases! Just check the pictures of the [shoplink 2169 ebay]Black case (on eBay)[/shoplink] and [shoplink 2170 ebay]Brown case (again on eBay)[/shoplink].

Doesn’t the X-E1 look even nicer than before? I want it :)

found via Slidoo eBay.




Fuji X-E1 versus best of the Full frame world comparison!


The Spanish DSLRmagazine (translation here) posted the full Fuji X-E1 review. And they compared the camera not against other APS-C models but against the best new Full Frame DSRL! The Nikon D600 and Canon 5DmarkIII. Is it madness? Just check out the comparison image (Click here). According to the reviewer the Fuji is able to match in many aspects the quality of the FF cameras. Imagine what a Fuji Full Frame camera could do once released! :)

The X-E1 in Stock status:
Europe at Amazon UK, Amazon DE and of course on eBay (Click here to see auctions).
USA at Amazon US (overpriced via third party reseller) and via worldwide eBay stores.


[UPDATE:] Look inside the X-E1 EVF


[UPDATE:] I received an email from the person that made the first video. This time he also takes shots through the EVF. Look here the new video

There is much interest around how good (or bad) the EVF of the new X-E1 (click here) really is. Is there a lag or even a freeze that blocks the camera from doing anything for a second or… there is a lively discussion in the comments to this post of fujirumors (click here).

You can see how the EVF performs in bright sunshine in this youtube video (click here). I think he should have taken some shots to understand better how the EVF performs.

There is another video of someone taking shots through the X-E1 viewfinder that you can see here on youtube (click here)!

Now, does these to videos clear up this issue? Leave a comment.


First FULL Leather Case for X-E1


I got notified by (see the cases). I received an email informing me that there is the first full leather case for the X-E1 available worldwide on ebay (click here to see the leather case). There is also the half case version here. They are stocked in China. Personally, for what concerns the half case,  I still prefer the Kenji Leather Half Case (click here), but, as you know from my previous post, “de gustibus non est disputandum”. So take a look by yourself, and make your choice. I saved now a new search on slidoo (i love it!) and they will send me an email as soon as the full leather case is available in USA… or save the search by yourself on slidoo.

Have a good start in this new week!


Roundup Fuji… some reviews and pics



X-F1 compared the specifications of the Canon G15 and the Fuji XF1. It’s not really a review, just a cold comparison of specifications. Bigger sensor for the Fuji, better ISO range for the Canon. Better shutter range for the Fuji, and OVF for the Canon. Look here for more. Tell me, who would gain a point for better appearance?

There is a review of His conclusions are: “All in all, the Fuji XF1 has the makings of a nice point and shoot camera.  I will be curious to see how others receive the lens-twisting quagmire once the camera hits store shelves in the next few days.Click here to read the review.

There is a XF1 hands-on review at and a review on

Also could hold the camera in his hands for about one hour. Click here to read his impressions.


There are some sample pictures taken with a X-E1 + Fujinon XF 18-55 mm f/2.8-4 OIS on optyczne (click here) and a detailed (Chinese) review with a lot of pictures on (click here)

And here a professional photograph,, tested for the first time the X-E1 in his studio and writes about his first impressions (click here).


Martin Hülle crossed alone a region between Norway and Sweden. He took images with the X-PRO1. Look at them here. And you can also read about his workflow, among other things how he works with RAW-files (click here). It’s in German. The Out-of-Cam JPGs are very good. So he focuses more on the “old school-photography” than editing images later. We know that’s not that simple to work with X-Trans RAW-files… until now.

Not a review, but I decided to link you to (click here) so you can see a X-PRO1 (click here) on safari in South Africa.

If you want a short review of the X-PRO1 take at look at theonlinephotographer (click here).

For a  declaration of love to the X-PRO1 click here.

Look at images taken with the X-PRO1 at the Shooting Street Fashion. “Shooting Street Fashion Sydney (SFS) is all about getting the image as quickly and efficiently as possible.Click here to go to


Kinematic Digit writes about the X-Trans sensor and the RAW-problem. After playing around for a few weeks he believes that “this is probably the maximum that we can get out of the Fuji RAF files until the other developers come up with better understanding of the unique X-Trans CMOS sensor.Now this is still not the most ideal workflow for most people. Pixel Peeping aside, the Fuji X files are fantastic, even in Adobe Lightroom. My goal in this was to get a better understanding of what is going on.Read about his workflow here.

Fuji FinePix F800EXR

New reviews of the compact Fuji FinePix F800EXR can be read on DSLRPhoto (click here) and on ePhotoZine (click here) with a few picture samples. The conclusions ePhotoZine makes are: “Like the versions before it, the Fujifilm FinePix F800EXR is one of the smallest cameras available with a 20x optical zoom lens, and its design with large front grip helps keep the camera steady when shooting. The camera takes pleasing photos with good colour reproduction and has a variety of useful options including the ability to get better dynamic range in bright or difficult shooting conditions, although this is at a lower resolution when using the EXR modes. The camera does a lot of things well, including Wi-Fi transfer, and has a wide variety of controls including RAW, however if you’re keen on recording video then you may be a little disappointed.

At least a Fujifilm XS1– Preview at Photographic Central.

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