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Oops… He Did it Again!!! Fuji X Shooter Yukosteel cleans his XF 27mm 2.8… by disassembling it!


FXF member yukosteel did it again! After disassembling the XF50-140mm here to clean the rear element, he now dedicated some more time to take apart the XF27mmF2.8. He cleaned an annoying dust spot and shares his experience and images at the Fuji X Forum here.

Yukosteel also shares a step by step guide on how to disassemble the lens. Make sure to check it out here.

TEASER: Yukosteel will be the next FXF member to be featured in the “Behind the X-gear” Series… and he prepared a little nice quiz for you :-).

Fuji X-shooter cleans XF 50-140mm Rear Area… by disassembling it :: See the “Half-Naked” XF 50-140!