No Full Frame for Fuji X100T successor? New Source says: “Same sensor of Fuji X-PRO2”


 photo X100T no FF_zpsrcrgm9h7.jpg

A New Source told me, that the X100T successor will have the same sensor of the Fujifilm X-PRO2 (which is rumored to feature an APS-C sensor).

So, no switch to a Full Frame sensor for the X100 line, at least not with the X100T successor. Some rumors shared in the past (by other sites), suggested a Fuji X200 with a FF sensor, and I believe that they even might have been right at the time when they were shared. But, if the New Source is right, Fujifilm dropped those plans and the competitor of the Leica Q and Sony RX1 will sport the next generation of Fujifilm’s APS-C sensor!

Sure, it would have been relatively uncomplicated for Fujifilm to switch from APS-C to FF with their fixed lens camera line (no need to launch a whole new series of lenses). But it seems that Fujifilm is firmly convinced of the virtues of the upcoming X-PRO2 sensor.

And indeed, the rumored sensor specs look very promising and exciting: phase detection pixels all over the frame, 24MP ASP-C sensor, X-Trans III, back-illuminated Sensor, maybe even native on sensor HDR for a higher dynamic range than any camera of the FF SonyA7 line… sounds good ;)

Ok, this new rumor marks the beginning of a probably very long X100T successor rumor story… and here is Chapter 1 of the rumored specs list:

Fuji X100T successor rumored specs
– same sensor of X-PRO2

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  • Adomas

    Of course it wont be a FF sensor. 35mm F2 lens would be too big for a camera like X100. It would totally screw up its design path.

    • Jeiff

      I disagree. FF can still be done in a very small package…

      Sony RX1 – 11.4 x 6.6 x 7.1 cm / 480gr
      Fuji X100 – 12.7 x 7.5 x 5.4 cm / 445gr

    • peevee

      It could have been f/2.8, and be more useful still (not just by raising ISO, but useful in sunlight without ND).

  • Jose

    All X100F rumors are welcomed. F for fast and fourth, right?

    • F for “for the win”. Or “forget about FF”.
      Or “f**k you Sony”.

      • Jose


  • Charles Zhu

    of course it won’t be a FF sensor. if they release a FF sensor for X200 then Fuji is telling people 1. aps-c size is not good enough; 2. the sensor will go to XPro2 and future interchangeable lens cameras. nobody will buy Fuji interchangeable lens camera system and will just wait for full frame

  • Bigpizza

    Hope they release a smaller/more-compact TCL alongside the X100T successor.
    Current TCL is great, but the viewfinder blockage is a bit too much.

  • Although FF certainly has its virtues (and is therefore very much wanted), I like this bold choice for APS-C.

  • “phase detection pixels all over the frame, 24MP ASP-C sensor, X-Trans III, back-illuminated Sensor, maybe even native on sensor HDR for a higher dynamic range” sounds really good. Indeed, A FF on X100 series would be natural and fantastic (only one 35mm lens designed to work with FF format), but APS-C will not limit your creativity.

  • Chris

    Sad news. A FF sensor could provide a huge improvement.

    • peevee

      Improvement of what?

      • Chris

        You ever used any latest Nikon FF cameras? Both my D810 and Df are a huge step up in terms of color on my monitor (HP dreamcolor). I recently realized that an average lens on a great body brings more than a great lens on average body.

        • JWC

          I disagree. My friend and I shot together and he used a D800. His RAW files didn’t look any more impressive than my RAWs (Fuji XT1). In fact, because of the higher megapixel count, I thought his shots were softer.

          • CHD

            All things being equal a bigger sensor always equals better image quality.

          • Mardock

            But not necessarily a better photograph.

            “Amateurs worry about equipment, professionals worry about money, masters worry about light…”

          • CHD

            Mardoch, enough of the cliches. OBVIOUSLY a bigger sensor does not make a better photo. The ASSUMPTION is that a capable photographer with an APS-C camera is just as capable with a full frame camera. Did I really need to say that??

            If you don’t worry about the gear then go shoot your iPhone and quit commenting on a gearhead site.

          • Chris

            Xt1’s sensor doesn’t have low-pass filter, thus image is naturally sharper than those has low-pass filter. D800 has low pass filter. Now d810 and df doesn’t have low-pass filter either.

            The other issue is that you can safely push iso higher without losing color sensitivity and DR as quickly as xt1 does.

            Sharpness doesn’t make a good picture at all. But it’s the most easily discernible.

          • JWC

            Even the noise (we both shot at around 800-1600 ISO) was about the same. Is there a difference? Sure, the bigger sensor should have the advantage. But it won’t be noticeable to a majority of viewers who view their images on the web using a normal monitor or phone instead of the HP Dreamcolor. Perhaps it’s more noticeable if I were to seriously mess with the RAWs. There is a difference, but I don’t think it’s a “huge improvement.” m4/3 to full frame, maybe. But not m4/3 to apsc or apsc to full frame.

          • JWC

            Also, there’s several sites that compare different cameras with different sensor sizes. Here’s one for Fuji and various full frame cameras:

            Here’s one where they compare medium format with d800:

            Looks like there’s diminishing returns for increased sensor size.

          • Chris

            Fuji’s iso is marked about 2/3 stop higher i think. When you turn iso over 800, color banding starts to show.

            Df has about 1 bit higher color sensitivity over entire iso range, which about 3-4 times stronger signal. Under iso 3200 my Df has so little noise shooting at night sky with Nr turned off.

            This, really, depends on how serious you are. I’m serious enough to throw more money on camera. I did pick up a df+35/1.8g for about $2,500. It’s roughly one grand more than xt1 but now i can take it to almost everywhere at any time.

          • Mardock

            “When you turn iso over 800, color banding starts to show.”


          • Chris

            I remembered posting pictures a while ago. Here it is…

            ISO 200:
            ISO 800:

          • Chris

            In addition to chd’s comment, you probably read about how good fuji is compared with m43 cameras. Same rules apply there.

        • peevee

          You did not answer the question. Color? Do you see posterization on your monitor from APS-C sensors (which you do not on your Df) or what?

          • Chris

            Surprisingly low standard for the money spent… does your smartphone give you posterization? What do you even use a camera for?

          • peevee

            My smartphone does not give me posterization in good light, but gives too much noise and too much motion blur in low light (and blows highlights from time to time in good light too). I use my cameraS for all kinds of shooting where my smartphone is not adequate (due to its fixed focal length, slow sequential shooting speed, terrible low-light quality, lack of controls, lack of water-sealing etc).

            Why don’t YOU answer my question already now? What is the diff in color you see between FF and APS-C on your computer screen? Especially with 24-mpix D750 where even resolution is the same?

          • Chris

            I don’t want to waste my time on such entry level questions. Ask a racer car driver why he needs v12.

            Anyway, this thread is for a fixed lens camera that sucks at low light and you already mentioned that’s not what you need. I already picked up df for that same purpose and you failed to see why.

            I don’t see need to keep going. This is not helping.

          • peevee

            “I don’t want to waste my time”

            You have wasted too much making claims you cannot support.

          • Chris

            interesting. I won’t do your homework for you. I spent many many hours looking for information. You need to play me to reveal those information, which is how education works.

  • peevee

    “Sure, it would have been relatively uncomplicated for Fujifilm to switch from APS-C to FF with their fixed lens camera line (no need to launch a whole new series of lenses).”

    But a new lens anyway. With APS-C, they can continue to reuse their APS-C f/2 lens. Development and tooling are the biggest costs for those relatively low-volume lenses.

    BTW, if X100F has 24 mpix sensor, it is not going to be BSI, as they have no source for that so far – unless SO(N)mebodY will produce yet another totally different 24 mpix sensor (I don’t see it happening, why not 30 to beat Samsung).

    • Chris

      BSI used on a7rii didn’t show a huge improvement as previously advertised anyway.

      • peevee

        Of course, it is only improvement (and not huge either) for really tiny pixels, like on 16-20 mpix 1/2.3″ sensors. FF would need 640 mpix to see the same, not 42.

        • Chris

          That’s not important to me. Usable ISO 6400 is more meaningful than 42Mp.

    • JoeFunny30

      Hopefully they’ll improve the current x100t lens, the current one will be even softer with a 24mp sensor.

  • The sad thing is that they likely won’t be releasing either until sometime next year, assuming that they are waiting for the sensor from Sony.

    The X100T successor will need a new lens as well, as the current lens is not sufficient.

    A full frame X200 would perhaps have been easier,; as they could use the 42 mp sensor from the A7rii five months from now and they could do away with the X-Trans sensor, which isn’t necessary in a higher resolution camera. It would be smart too,; as it would distinguish it from the interchangeable lens line and would satisfy those who are attracted to the full frame sensor but are turned off by the design, and lack of lossless RAW files, of the A7 series.

    I would buy a full frame X200 with a fast prime 35mm lens and a lens converter to provide 50mm and 24mm perspectives (or even better, a 50 mm lens with converters for 85mm, 35mm and 24mm).

  • Mike

    Sounds good, if true. I do however hope, Fuji will rework the whole camera more extensively.

    The lens for one, not only due to IQ reasons. I think the lens should be made a little bigger so it doesn’t extend during focusing. It also should be possible to use screw in filters and a shade without the need of an adaptor.

    Fuji could also use this to update the converters. They should be quicker to put on and off (maybe through the same thread as the sun shade with a simple twist?). Maybe Fuji could also work out in the process how to make the converters with a little more spread. My dream would be a 24mm and a 70mm equivalent, so a 0.7x wideangle converter and a 2x teleconverter.

    As for the camera body, I’d have four wishes:
    – the same battery as the other X-ILCs! For me having small cameras to reduce weight and having to carry two separate sets of spare batteries and two different chargers is just counterproductive. I might sound silly, but together with the different control layout that’s the main reason I sold my X100t after getting the X-T1…
    – by mimicking, how there are dual-purpose-dials on the X-T1, put an ISO-dial under the shutter speed dial
    – a separate ON/OFF switch, that doesn’t turn the camera on and off every time I move the cord release
    – WR!!!!!

    If they could fit a tiltable screen on, without too much bulk, that can be reversed minimizing its scratch potential, that would make the new X100 the best travel camera ever ;-)

  • Sebastien

    Can’t wait to see this new sensor into X-T2 ;)

  • carl

    If Fuji ever incorporate a FF sensor it would likely be a new range of cameras as opposed to an update on the X100 line. That way you have two good lines of cameras.

    • That would be smart ~ they could attract customers interested in APS-C sized cameras and those interested in higher resolution FF cameras. A Fuji camera with Sony’s 42mp full frame sensor would fantastic, as I prefer how Fuji designs cameras. Even if they just produced a fixed focal length version with a fast prime 50mm and adapters for 85mm, 35mm, and 24mm, it would likely sell well.

  • Gear_Junkie

    I hope Fuji changes the body style so that the flash can work with the hood, without casting a shadow. I’m also hoping they DON’T add a flip screen.

    • Gear_Junkie

      …and weather sealing please! This is a street shooters camera!

  • Randolph_Knackstedt

    Well I hope to see an X100 or X200 full frame camera. Maybe even with a 50mm lens.

    • peevee

      It is going to be X1000 then. They add a digit every time they change the size of the sensor.

  • R Leung

    Just give me weather resistance and faster AF/Tracking and I’ll be happy. So many times I want to use my X100s when it’s raining. Please hear me Fujifilm!

    • Andy

      Oh yes, weather resistance please; it would then be the perfect travel camera. Rather than pile in more features (like tilting screens etc.) I am hoping they maintain the simplicity and can even perhaps reduce the size and weight. I still use the original X100 as the others have not added enough to motivate a switch. I also use the X-T1 which has a little bit better sensor, better focus and of course choice in lens, but it fails the pocket test even with the pancake 27mm. The X100 kind of fits. Perhaps the next gen sensor will prompt a move for me, but in the meantime I am still getting many fantastic pictures out of the original X100.

    • Serge S Frolov


  • Sebastien

    Question about the new sensor (I don’t own a Fuji camera yet, but plan to move to mirrorless in next 6 months).

    Is the current X-Trans II sensor completely made by Fuji, or it is based from a Sony sensor with added Fuji technology?

    Fuji is known for its color and beautiful jpg. I’m wondering if that new sensor will be the same…

    • Chris

      Based on Sony. In terms of color rendering, let me put it this way, you could tune the raw of a better canera to look like Fuji. Unless you shoot jpeg alone, I don’t see Fuji very unique.

      • It isn’t that easy to tune the colours of other cameras to look like Fuji colours. And, what is a better camera?

      • Sebastien

        Thanks for the info about the sensor.

        I know the difference of shooting raw vs jpg. I shoot 100% in raw actually. But I would like to shoot jpg for everyday photograhy (vacation, family, travel, etc) if the camera can produce good jpg files.

        • Chris

          You are welcome. I think people should choose what they are happy to shoot with. Otherwise there is no fun.

    • romi.foto

      supposedly a Sony sensor with Fuji’s specified CFA (colour filter array).

    • Past NOW Future

      Well, we don’t know yet, do we? If you love the colors and detail of the Fuji camera system, why don’t you buy a current model? Pick up the PRO1 with one or two primes and enjoy shooting with it.

  • geroge

    I would like Fuji make premium X100something, better materials like full metal bodyparts, dare I say it…. Leica style. I would be more than happy to pay 30% more for premium build quality with premium material. I have X100T, but I feel it little plastic-like.

    • While the X-100T is light, it is pretty much all metal.

      • george

        I ment in silver version, silver part is plastic painted in silver, I would love full metal silver parts, and that material that imitates leather could be higher quality, I would like lasercutterd texture on metal or something better quality plasticmaterial, becouse metal could feel cold in winter. All dials could be metal too.

        • Also the silver one is metal.

          • george

            oh shame on me, I have X100T,, , , well, the silver parts FEEL/look like they are painted plastic :) thats what I ment about the quality, even as owner I thought it is plastic, it could be better. So the paint could be betterlookin/higher quality, like in X-T1 graphite look much better in images, never seen one in real life.

        • The X100T is almost entirely metal.

          The both the black and chrome versions of the X100T are all metal chassis and frame, covered in metal ( alloys, aluminum and brass) . The dials on top of the body are all metal. The top covering is an aluminum alloy, so will not be cold in the winter. Even the LCD frame is metal. The viewfinder cover is rubber, as it should be.

          The only plastic parts on the camera are a single dial, one switch, and the buttons on the back, which would be less usable in metal – plastic is a much better material for these purposes (and it only makes up about 1% of the entire camera).

          This is a metal camera. They took all the strength of a Leica, and put it into a lighter body. I’ve owned both digital Leicas and Fujis – the build is just as good with the Fuji, its just made with more modern materials.

    • romi.foto

      even if not up to the standards of Leica material which i imagine would cost quite a premium, but something like the die-cast magnesium alloy bodies used on the GX7 and GM5 from Pany which is yet still very affordable for the advanced-consumer or amature photographer. i was surprised at the heft and quality of my GX7 build in hand compared to my X-E2. i’ve even seen people standing on them just to show off their strength.

  • 1st

    APSC is fine. Just give me a faster lens. 1.4

  • frod

    Weird FF obsession. Why not go medium format? I mean, if we’re pouring money away why stop with the halfway house of FF?

    • Bart
    • Neo

      Weird indeed. Many people are never satisfied and are always looking for bigger, better, faster, newer and more. Instead of enjoying the camera they have, they go on a holy grail quest for the perfect camera. On their quest they constantly have the need to share the frustration and disappointment that they feel. You’ve been down that road before Neo. You know exactly where it leads.

  • romi.foto

    i imagine a FF lineup would make for a larger lens and body combo which i would hate for it to happen. i was even glad that none of their larger long-primes included OIS so (and i have been hoping) that Fuji finally introduce IBIS already. please, Fuji?

    • Chris

      Remenber rx1r?

      • romi.foto

        I remember my RX1 which i had for a short while when I was still invested in the Alpha line. for one, it’s a fixed lens camera with much of the lens built into the body – I was referring to the interchangeable lens system when I mentioned Fuji’s primes and body combo. secondly, I highly doubt Fuji would make a FF lineup smaller than their current APSC lineup. although Sony’s FE lineup has comparatively small FF bodies (well, they are mirrorless), their lenses are somewhat bigger in proportion to their bodies which makes for a combination that’s on the bigger side. and yet the lenses aren’t as fast as their counterparts which would then make them even bigger had they made them faster. that’s the reason why I believe Fuji’s APSC system already has the perfect balance.

        but the RX1/R is a perfect example of how I described small body and even bigger lens. the X100/s/t has a smaller lens in proportion to its body.

        • Chris

          Leica q could be a problem solver but leica simply prefer thick bodies.

          • romi.foto

            I got to play with the Q. it’s pretty nice. it has some Pany-esque features reminiscent of my GX7 as far as AF and touchscreening goes. it’s got a pretty big lens and (as you pointed out) a thick body. definitely much larger than the RX1/R. I think the RX1/R has the best 35mm fixed lens combo for size. it’s just I couldn’t swallow the price especially when I couldn’t even connect with it like I do with a Fuji.

          • hexx

            And no viewfinder and no way to put your fingers around it if you have larger hands. Oh, not great AF either.

        • Go Out And Make Photos

          Wow, you need to get out more. Instead of comparing and switching lenses, cameras and sensors (probably bags too), you can make wonderful images with a Fuji camera.

  • I only just bought the X100T a month or so ago. My first Fuji (usually shoot Canon and now Sony) but if these rumors are true I think i’ll buy one, providing its about the price of an X100T. I love my X100T, I find I want to carry it everywhere. I just wish it were a little bigger in the megapixel department (I do like to print bigger). 24MP would be great. BSI and a few other features would be great too. I would be happy with an f/1.8 lens or a sharp wide open f/2.0. The current X100T is pretty soft at f2.
    I hope this new X??? isnt released for a little while so I can get my moneys worth from the X100T but im pretty sure they’ve got my money for the next one already.

    • nzswedespeed

      I would imagine it would be at least a year away. The xpro2 should be here late this year (hopefully), followed by the x-t2 shortly after (probably 3 months ish). Then i woukd imagine the x100t successor 6 months after that

      • That would work for me :) Not really sure how long the times are between rumors and releases in the Fuji world. The Sony world seems to be really short. A rumor comes out then announcement a few weeks later, in stores in a few months.

    • Jano

      Since I’ve read that several times now: I’m not sure if there’s some serious sample variation in the X100 line or if your expectations are just crazy. But my X100S lens is lovely at f/2.0. If you call that soft I don’t know what you are used to…

      That said it would be awesome if Fuji made the lens bigger and f/1.4. And with faster AF.

  • Bart

    Do I get it right that Fuji uses sony sensors on which they put a x-trans filter on? or …. Anyway, if that works like that, i’d love to see any fuji camera with the new backlit sensor

    • nzswedespeed

      Yes. The current xtrans 2 sensor uses the Sony 16mp sensor, but fuji put the xtrans color array filter on it. It is rumoured that fuji will use the Sony A6100/a7000 sensor (not yet released) which may have BSI

  • James

    With a new, low-noise BSI sensor, please, please, just drop x-trans. It has very little benefit (if any) and causes a lot of issues.

    • Bart

      Well don’t agree. the colors are way better then on bayer… And details… no dont drop x-trans please

      • peevee

        As any DPR test scene shows, X-trans has lower detail than Bayer without AA (or with weak AA). X-trans was only invented to get away without AA, and higher res competitors have no AA anyway (as lenses provide that AA).

        • Seriously

          Oh my god, did the DPR test show you that? I’m immediately going to put my camera up for sale. How can they sell such garbage? also, I’m going to delete all my photos taken with it. Seriously, did you ever use a Fujifilm camera at all? Are you a photographer?

    • You Might Have Issues

      I get absolutely beautiful images from the first generation X-Trans sensor in my three year old Fujifilm camera. I have no issues with it, ever. It has low noise, a huge amount of detail and great colors and contrast. What’s not to like? Are you ever satisfied?

    • Whiskey

      The only issue it causes, is that you are not satisfied. I couldn’t care less how Fujifilm names its sensors or what exciting new technology they use. It’s the result that counts. And man, the result is finger licking good! Please, please just take your issues somewhere else.

  • Serge S Frolov

    Oh well, that was to be expected. I guess having a FF X100 would mess with sales of APS-C Xpro2. Still hope they will make a pure Monochrome X100 at some point and a new x100 lens is long overdue.

    • Popov

      Long overdue for who, you? If you can’t make decent photos with the current lens, you will not be able to do it with any camera. I don’t care about sales or full frame. I care about my photos and the fun I have with my camera. Fuji manages to squeeze top quality out of an APSC sensor and that’s enough. I don’t need another line of lenses and camera bodies. The current lenses are top notch and the results from my X-E1 are simply beautiful. What good is a monochrome body? It’s a niche product and totally unnecessary. Convert your files to monochrome, they look amazing!

  • Xpro10

    RX1= no finder.

  • Patrick

    this guy has really no clue. all smoke and mirrors what he is talking about. 8×10? Come on, what a stupid argument.
    Of course he is paid by Fuji to say all this. I have both FF and Crop (for years! Sony and Canon), happily use them both and there is a big difference between the two. FF is simply superior on all levels. Scientifically as well as mathematically it’s proven and obvious: a bigger sensor is better than a smaller sensor. Better in low light and better DR, better detail, better colors… Having said that, I like to use the crop cameras, they are smaller, easier to shoot, have less DR, less focus issues… images look a bit more ‘raw’ to me, which I quite like.

    • Shawn S

      Why is it a stupid argument to suggest 8×10? If bigger is better, bring it on and be serious about bigger!

    • St. Patrick’s Day

      Patrick, yours is one of the most sensible posts on this page. Thank you. And people, just use what you like and/or need and stop the endless comparing and pixel peeping.

  • hexx

    I believe it’s a shame not to go for larger sensor. There are only 2 cameras on the market Sony RX1(R) and Leica Q – both of them offer great image quality, where Q does have slight edge over RX. Q is still hard to get though and I guess that proves that there is a market for fixed lens FF compact camera with built-in VF and AF.

    • Rick

      Feel free to buy any other camera, but stop complaining and comparing different systems. When I look at the excellent results I get from my totally ‘obsolete’ PRO1, I don’t care about full frame sensors. The images look beautiful. I’m having a realy hard time understanding people that always want more and better. Please stop your crying and stop your search for the perfect camera. Grab you X and go outside to experience the world. It’s waiting for you, this very moment!

  • purpleacky

    Personally, as a very happy x100s owner. Just keep it pretty much the same, if you can improve the AF, the EVF and the low light performance that would be great, but the basic design is a classic so please ignore all those folks asking for changes that would make it a bigger, uglier camera.

    If you want to make a cheaper version with no OVF that would be even better.

  • Scrub

    I don’t disagree with the overall point that there are a lot of formats, the current one has always been considered small by some, APS-C is fine, etc. etc. but holy crap was this video the most annoying thing Arias has ever done. I don’t usually mind him but if he taps something with that little pointer one more time… He takes 30 seconds worth of argument and squeezes it into 13 minutes.

  • This is all well and good, about the new X-Pro2 and it’s sensor, but it is beginning to sound a lot like the mythical Unicorn. Fuji has taken waaaaay too long to release it.

    IMHO, this is a big mistake on Fuji’s part. Although, I must admit, it may not be all their fault, do to embargo and development problems. But, in the end they must overcome all that and get this camera released.

    • Just Shot A Unicorn

      It only takes too long for people who are never satisfied. Can you be happy with what you have? Is your current Fuji camera a bad camera? Are you not capable of making good photos with it?

  • wincros

    There is something kind of nice about a company that builds so many different kinds of cameras around the same sensor. A smallish fixed lens camera uses their best sensor. Another instance of Fuji’s moving against the usual marketing tide.

  • Sudhar

    Everything is fine with the X100 series, just need more battery life

  • Tired Of Pixel Peepers

    Sigh, stop your full frame craziness please. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the current APSC sensor. I’m shooting with an PRO1 for goodness sake, and the images are fine. Do you ever print anything? If you absolutely need a full frame sensor, go buy a Sony A series camera. Just stop the ‘we always need something better’ madness and enjoy what Fuji has to offer.

  • peevee

    Stop your hysterics. I only refuted the incorrect statement about X-trans supposedly having better details than Bayer. You don’t have to sell your camera if those slightly lower color details than provided by the optimal color filter allows is still satisfactory for you.

    • Seriously

      Slightly lower color details… You are lost in the pixel peeping void. Go out and make photos.

  • Erik Visser

    I agree, the current 16 megapixel sensor is good enough. In fact, the first one in the X-Pro1 was already good enough. There’s no real need to replace it image quality wise. It would be nice to have faster and more accurate autofocus though. So the Pro2 will probably have another sensor with PDAF on it. I hope the X-Pro2 body will be weather sealed and that the viewfinder gets a nice boost. Preferably something like the T1 has (not talking about the magnification here). Probably slightly better. The size and weight of the Pro1 is perfect, I hope Fuji doesn’t try to fit everything into a tiny X-E2 body.

  • hexx

    I guess you you mis-read my comment. I have X-Pro1 and X100 but also M240 -> that’s why I said it’s shame not to go FF for X100 replacement, there’s clearly market out there for it.

  • peevee

    Lower is lower. At higher price (given that it is a custom part) and problems with raw processors. A mistake.

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