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New Pinhole Pro S (wide angle) Now on Kickstarter – also for Fujifilm X mount


A new Pinhole Pro S (wide angle) has been announced at kickstarter here, including a Fuji X mount version.

“Contemporary cameras use state-of-the-art lenses, mirrors, mounts, AF/MF techniques, and endlessly higher pixel density to deliver amazing images, but those images are too life-like, lacking the charm of raw, naturally vintage look of pinhole photos boasting the most original saturated colours. 

Pinhole is photography in its most original form. However, achieving that unforgettable photographic aesthetics requires high precision engineering and modern state of the art manufacturing technologies. With so many sub-par quality options on the market, as well as the ability for anyone to build their own, we saw an opportunity to not only build a pinhole lens that’s beautiful with exceptional build quality, but also with prevision engineering and rich inputs from the photographers and cinematographers themselves — the result was the world’s first ever multi-aperture professional pinhole lens that supports virtually all modern digital cameras with interchangeable lenses.

Create photos and videos exactly the same way photos were taken hundreds of years ago, and pair that with modern high speed, high ISO technologies. The result is stunning and timeless.”

Check out the kickstarter campaign here