Kaizen: more colours for Focus Peaking in future + Telephoto primes will come + 23mm in October


 photo neukai_zpsdd2d4b62.png

Yesterday, at the Canadian Fuji event, the company gave more informations about the future firmware strategy and new lenses.

Fuji will carry on to improve its products via firmware update. This won’t be the last major firmware update, and all the X-cameras will be constantly improved.

Here is what the upcoming firmware will bring! But what can we expect in future?


  • Download the firmware on July 23rd and you’ll get focus peaking…  In future (not with this update) we can also expect different colours.
  • Fuji listened to us and is working on the long expected minimum shutter speed in Auto ISO, so there is hope it will come in future firmware updates!


  • New tele photo primes will come.
  • The 23mm f/1.4 will be released in October, the 10-24mm in December and the 56mm f/1.2 in January 2014… ALL with aperture ring!

btw, I’m wondering if there is any company before Fujifilm that has uploaded the Focus Peak Highlight on a camera through a firmware update. Do you know one? [FR-readers told me in the comments that Pentax and Sony enabled Focus Peaking via firmware too]

Anyway, Fuji is listening to us and will continue to follow the Kaizen path. That’s great! So all these wish lists on Fujirumors about firmware improvements were not for nothing. Thumbs up for Fuji’s Kaizen-spirit!

So just keep it up guys! What’s next? Face detection could be a useful feature, as a FR-reader suggested in the comments.

Thanks a lot to an anonymous FR reader who shared with me via rumor box this news (original article at vk.photo-blog can be read here or read his dpreview forum post here.)

Now spread the word on facebook and twitter.

Wanna switch to the X? Then check out the prices here:
Fuji X-PRO1: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay Fuji X-E1: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay Fuji X-M1: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay Fuji X100S: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay Fuji X20: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay

have a great day!

  • Jup, Sony did that a while ago with the NEX5 back then

    • Takeshi

      But Fujifilm is not Sony. This update is very welcome, will bring Fujifilm on par with other manufacturers of cameras (including Sony) and make for healthy competition in market. We all want that.

      • I know Fuji is not Sony, Admin (Patrick) just asked if we know of any company that introduced Focus Peaking after the actual release of the product.

        And that was Sony back in the days when the NEX-5 was new.
        I wish Oly would add that to the OM-D since I like that Camera System alot.

        I rented the Fuji X-E1 with the 35mm, I liked the results and the Sensor and Lens are just amazing. the handling and quirks of the X-E1 itself put me off though :(

        maybe in a couple of years it will be what I am looking for. I hope Fuji gets it all right at the end and has success with its System

      • Raist3d

        So what? The question was if someone did it first. I mean, it’s cool Fuji is doing it for sure, but why this answer? In the end these are all tools, let’s applaud Fuji for doing the right thing but not being brand-fanatical about photography.

        • patrick

          fanatical? I just asked and I’m happy to know that Pentax and Sony already did it. And I really appreciate that you answered my question. I think there is no fanatism in asking questions.

          • Raist3d

            Patrick (admin?) – I was not talking about you. I was talking about what Takeshi wrote :-)

        • Takeshi

          My bad, I missed the question in the article!

  • David B

    You did not copy the post from dpreview right, ADMIN. Only white (actually silverish white) color picking will be available per poster who went to the Fuji Event. Only one on July 23. Others will be available in the future firmwares.

    • patrick

      I should have been more precise to avoid misunderstandings, so I wrote it clearer.

  • David B

    Ooops I re-read your post and it reflects the correct info. How come Fujirumors did not go to that important event?

    • patrick

      Fujifilm never invites me to any event :(… I think it’s because of this rumor thing I’m doing :)

  • Raist3d


    Pentax enabled Focus Peaking on the Pentax Q in the second to last firmware upgrade. Fuji is not the first to do this but it’s very well come they do. I believe Sony also has done this before.

    – Raist

    • Raist3d

      But down here I was replying to your question ;-) When I said brand-fanatical I was replying specifically to what Takeshi had written. Hope it’s clear now :-)

      • patrick

        oh, sry then… and yep, patrick = admin

  • Paul J

    When you say “…all the X-cameras will be constantly improved” does this mean that we can expect a new X100 update at some point?

    • patrick

      at dpreview they said that Fuji will “continue to support X-generation.” Well, 130.000 people who bought the X100 have an X-generation camera too! Hope Fuji didn’t forgot it.

      • vkphoto

        nobody’s forgotten :))

    • António

      I support your point as Fujifilm seems to forget about the X100 and firmware possibilities to at least improve manual focus and introduce focus peaking as Sony did for the NEX5.
      If Fujifilm likes to be considering as listening to consumers please do, and don’t forget a considerable number of X100 buyers are potential buyers of X-Prox or X-Ex bodies and lenses in the near future…probably more likely than X100s…

      • Rich

        I think that given that the X100 has been superseded by the X100S, it is unlikely Fuji will make any further feature improvements (although I could be wrong). After all, they can’t sell any more X100 brand new, so the effort of R&D would create no additional income and I don’t think Fuji are doing this altruistically. Better features on current cameras = more sales + profit.

        Having said that, I do applaud Fuji for adding features to existing cameras, rather than just bringing out a slightly refined model (as Olympus have been doing with M4/3 for years) although I suspect there must also be cost savings associated with sticking with the same model for longer and simply upgrading the software. But at the end of the day it’s a win for both Fuji and those early adopters who put down their money for a product soon after release (like me), who are not disadvantaged by being eager. Also makes good business sense not to piss off your customers when you are in a fairly niche market…

        • António

          You’re right, the camera is superseded but there still a few around you can buy as new, but even if this was not the case Sony extended focus peaking to the “old” NEX 5 when they launched the NEX 5n and both were in the same relative situation.

          At the end of the day it wouldn’t require an R&D effort as focus peaking are established routines and just a minor change to the firmware package.

          And Fujifilm would be rather wrong if they look at customers as disposable and not as possible future buyers of other cameras than the X100s. I can talk for myself as an early buyer of X100 looking for a new body and lenses within the X System.

          • Rich

            I think you underestimate just how much time and effort would be involved in developing, not to mention testing new code on the X100. Bare in mind that the X100 uses a different sensor, and presumably different architecture to the cameras that have already/will be receiving new features. Perhaps in Sony’s case it was a simple drop in upgrade, as the hardware might have been similar (pure speculation on my part).

            Of course new features are also a good reason for people to upgrade. Fuji would be shooting themselves in the foot upgrading a 2 year old camera with the features of it’s newest model. That just isn’t good business, especially given the industry, where it is the norm to end development once all of the bugs are fixed and maintain the vicious circle of yearly upgrades.

          • António

            @Rich, sorry if I come back to the point as your post doesn’t offer a reply option.

            Maybe it seems like that but I don’t underestimate the work involved and I do understand the business side in terms of cost/return that would only make sense if Fujifilm wants to show a different position when compared to the competition or to be just the same, and I was talking about focus peaking only, not the other features and focus peaking was offered by other brands well before the introduction of X100s.

            Concerning the Sony cameras, the NEX 5n also had a new sensor, a touchscreen and different ISO sensitivities.

            At the end, I continue to be satisfied with my X100 even without that facility and I will only consier to “upgrade” it if Fujifilm comes with a similar 35 mm FF model, that for sure will bring all the new facilities and maybe some more.

  • FaceDetect!

    FaceDetect AF on the X100S pls! None of my photos have me in them since nobody else knows how to recompose after focus. Pls pls pls..

    • Mike

      I agree. I bought x100s..and every time I take a pics of a group (three faces)…only, 1 or 2 are in focus.

      …but…i think..we know rhe 23mm f/1.4 will be released in October….imho we will not see any firmware upgrade for x100s in the next future

      … xpro/1/2,x-e1/2 + 23 1.4 beat…any x100s..

      I will sell my x100s soon for a xpro (2) or x-e(2) + 23 1.4

      • Rich

        But not in size! Have you seen the size of the prototype 35mm 1.4? An X-E1+35 is still a much larger combo… If you’re after that focal length, the X100S is still a very viable choice. I’m sure fuji will continue to support it with firmware updates, just like they did with the X100 before it.

      • dtb

        That is due to too shallow of dof…face detection is not going to help. Take the shot with more depth of field to resolve that problem.

    • Alex

      same here! when I read through the update list I was looking for X100S – FaceDetect AF. Hope some day it will be real!

  • derek

    Raist3d, who do you think really care about Pentax here?
    they are dead.

    • JK

      He was merely pointing out that other companies do improve their cameras using firmware updates too. I guess they don’t do it as thoroughly as Fuji does, i.e. Sony makes you pay for some of its features on the nex series of cameras.

  • Vlad

    I really like where Fuji is going with its cameras and lenses, but this kaizen stuff is simply preposterous. Most of this firmware updates simply add features that should have been in the camera to begin with.

    • dtb

      Well, that is true. However, at least they have recognized that, and they have improved the X-Pro1 considerably since it was released. The X-Pro 1 that I bought two months ago is a much improved camera over the one at the initial release date. And, the next and future firmware upgrades are going to make the camera even better, which I appreciate very much.

      Personally, once they add minimum shutter speed in auto ISO, the camera will be near perfect for me. I have had no problems with the AF, and I shoot in all sorts of light and various types of photographs. If the firmware update coming next week improves AF, that is just a bonus for me.

      Now, I will be satisfied with my X-Pro 1 until they introduce the X-Pro 2 with the so-called “organic sensor”, which should be fantastic.

    • yit

      I used canon a long time and while a lot of features are easy and updateable, we expect no updates and improvements. A lot of us bought this camera knowing about the autofocus flaws, and Fuji never promised us this will be “fixed”.

      For them to update, add features etc is above a beyond most consumers expect from a camera company. They’ve simply added a “slogan” to firmware updates so poeple can give them credit for updates. I’m all for them marketing this product better so more poeple buy and give the X-mount the support it needs.

  • Telephoto primes ?

    Wow. I’ve already switched for landscape/travel work having been a Canon man for years. Keeping my Canon rig for wildlife – so intrigued by this.

    Recently picked up the 55-200 & its up there in terms of image quality with my 70-200. I think fuji are giving us (finally) an alternative to the big 2.

    • m_x

      How is it doing landscape work on the X System?

      • Absolutely wonderful – the 14 2.8 knocks the socks off my Canon 17-40/10-22 in terms of colour, sharpness & distortion & against my expectations, the 18-55 is equally good. The whole systme is easier to work with and I’m really blown away with the results.

        The other side is that I used to have to spend a bit of time in Photoshop with my Canon RAW’s adjusting curves etc. I’m so happy with the output of the JPEG’s from my XE-1 that I’ve ditched RAW altogether – a real revelation.

        AF isn’t fast enough (for my taste) for wildlife though – so the big Canon lenses stay for that. For anything though which doesn’t involve carting around the gimbal and big lenses I’ve moved to the Fuji.

      • Rich

        I agree, landscape with the X-E1 is lovely! A great package for hauling uphill and down dale, although I wouldn’t be so brave as too ditch raw!

    • uray

      I want 300mm/4!!!

  • ohwow

    Thank you Fuji! If this constant upgrade approach is going to be permanent it’s great news for X owners. Maybe we should keep a dedicated firmware wishlists on Fujirumors if they do indeed listen. Further improvements (after peaking colors and auto iso speed) I’d like to see on X-Pro1:
    – Better DOF Scale for zone focus and hyperfocal.
    – Place metering scale where the DOF scale (bottom center) and viceversa.
    – Center weighted exposure mode
    – Customizable Q menu
    – Custom naming of presets (Black, Portrait, Street, etc instead of C1, C2…)

    • flesix

      I’m yearning for center weight exposure mode. Never used anything else on my Nikon D90 and I am really missing it on the X-E1.

  • ohwow

    I forgot, better RAW support from Adobe. Iridient shows that there is more life to the X-Trans sensor.

    • Renato S.

      that’s totally up to Adobe, not Fuji, they already provided all they can to help Adobe, if Iridient can do it, so should Adobe.

  • Sean

    I’m really pleased Fujifilm continues to release these updates, its true that for the original cost of the XPro1 some of these items should have been there, min auto iso springs to mind (and for those who say, you can set it all manually, you can when you have 30seconds, but when the wife shouts quick the camera when you two toddler’s are up to something, you only have time to pick up, focus!! and shoot, last thing you need is in focus but blurred at least they haven’t turned around and said its impossible, although must be difficult) any how I digress,,these three lenses really are top of the tree for many, I hope they are Made in Japan, if for nothing else but the kudos. As for x100, I don’t own one but would get one second hand if focus peaking for example was added, whats in it for Fuji, it would safe guard my loyalty, knowing that even once a camera has been replaced it still gets updates. Doesn’t mean I won’t be spending Fuji yen, lenses and XPro2!, but with the option of keeping an older but still maintained second camera body.

  • marco

    Please add exposure simulation.
    how it’s possible i am th only one to use these camera in fully manual mode?

    • Carlo

      No Marco, you’re not alone :)

    • …but make it optional, not compulsory. Just imagine, you’ve set your manual exposure to kill the ambient light, adjust your strobes… then you half press the shutter button… Suddenly, you can’t see a damn – the camera shows you a preview of the “ambient” exposure )

  • David

    How about Q menu for the 130,000 people who gve you the money to continue the Business with X cams? Us, the X-100 owners!

  • shadowc

    WOW, new tele lenses, could you give a little more info on that? Thanks.
    p.s. The two big characters read like “Gai Shan” in Chinese (“Kaizen” in Japanese?). It means “to improve” as one word.

  • My original report about event and pictures is posted here:


    • tim

      Hey, how do you manage an invite to such an event?

      Thanks, Tim,

  • vkphoto

    Fujifilm Canada invited actual X owners to talk about issues/concerns and future plans face-to-face. I believe similar event was in HK some time ago. There were quite few fellow X owners at the event and fuji reps were very attentive to what we were saying.

  • I think it is a really good idea to simulate all famous Fuji analog films. Pity I am a big fan of Kodak Portra NC. More or less the only negative film I used. But then again, as far as I understood Kodak ceased the film business, so maybe their is a chance to get a wider range of simulated films on my beloved X-E1…

  • Chris

    I’m very happy and thankful with Fujifilm’s Kaizen-approach. As a customer, you’re not thrown away after you’ve bought something (like many other company’s do, purchased = forgotten). We all bought the camera’s as they were so instead of complaining about other features which the camera’s (still) don’t have we should be thankful in the first place. Focus peaking was a feature which I still really wanted and I’m so excited to actually have it in next week’s firmware update. Now Fujifilm confirms they’re working on minimum shutter speed in Auto ISO these camera’s will be even more awesome.

    Personally, I think this is a very good tactic in boosting the company’s name and sales. 1) The customers are happy. 2) We (the purchasers) will certainly think of Fujifilm when we want a new camera and prefer the brand above others. 3) The existing camera’s lifespan is increased by keeping them up-to-date so they can be sold for a longer period (more profits for Fujifilm since a slower update-cycle means less investments).

  • john

    ya, i support the idea that Fuji further improve the following for future firmware updates:- 1) face detection 2) more Film Simulation (i.e. Fuji Pro 400H, etc) 3) “Spot Metering” linked to focus point 4) Live view “what u see is what u get” in manual mode.

  • Anders Kjærsgaard

    There is a lot of headroom to improve the HDR features. Thats the reason I would choose a dslr or the nex system.

    • shadowc

      What about HDR? I thought it is not bad at all, according to the review from Dpreview.

  • I have to say, spot metering linked to AF point, and being able to swap the metering/DOF scales are about the only two things that I have a burning desire for. More colors for the focus peaking would probably helpful though… I used to use red on my Nex 5 (before I sold it to help pay for my X Pro 1) :)

    • Yes….spot metering linked to the AF point is an awesome feature that I used all the time on my Canon 1DS2.

      • Indeed. I also use it almost all the time on my Nikon D3s :) It is a feature I sorely miss…

  • Do

    Would Fuji release an update that can turn my X100s body into black ;d?

  • Rob P

    I love Fuji!

  • Aleste

    Why doesn’t Fuji make a 18-35mm f1.8 with aperture ring? It would sell like crazy!! I’ll be the first in line with cash in hand!!

  • Carl

    Great to see electronic manufacturers embracing software development and improving existing products. Software is the very embodiment of the Kaizen-spirit over the last 40 or so years and has been sorely missing from many electronics products. This approach has enabled Fuji to release a camera that focuses very slowly but supply fixes to existing companies.

    Who will follow? And will charging be introduced?

    Big Android/iOS updates have generally been free but Windows/OS X updates have had a charge attached.

    All that aside, great news for fuji X-camera customers.

  • David

    Hopefully they’ll release a new lens road map soon with these new telephoto lenses and the updated release schedule. Any big Fuji events upcoming where they would be likely to do such a thing?

  • jcharo

    Does focus peaking work with leica lenes? I am looking to add an X-E1 to my bag.

  • Chris

    So what we are supposed to pat fuji on the back for releasing an unfinished and clearly untested camera onto the market and missing many features and then taking an additional year to slowly add them in, wow.

    So you charge your customers a high price early on and use them as Beta testing guinea pigs and then think all is good because you are now promoting some more Jap B.s manufacturing mantras like kazien, get real. The AF and manual focus early on was absolutely useless, although I give them credit they have improved it.

    Love thr xpro1 but finding its limitations beyond frustrating now, the auto ISO should’ve been corrected ages ago, the fact that I’m stuck with NO straightforward way to tether or have an intervalometer is a total joke for a camera like this, the person who said “lets use a mechanical shutter release on a modern cameras” should be fired for such stupidity.

    And finally a decent video mode on a great sensor that is totally crippled and useless as I can’t actually control exposure manually.

    • Jim

      Im really dumbfounded by comments like these! They are following a philosophy of improving products, but could have decided to just implement them in “new”camera’s, just look at what canon did with the almost identical 700d/650d. It’s not about releasing an unfinished product! Fuji decided to improve products to extend the life of existing products. I would have been perfectly happy with the current xpro1/xe1 but they decided to improve it even more. What’s wrong with that?

      • Chris

        You and I must have very different views on improving, I see fuji as on the fly adding features and correcting mistakes that should’ve been sorted before it was released and not a year later.

        It feels like they rushed it out the door and sold the public a half finished prototype to begin with, firmware 3.0 is what the camera should’ve been when it first came out!!

        • With the current time-to-market pressure, they had no other choice. Most of the companies follow the path of providing small evolutionary upgrades in new products (perhaps with a relatively low initial price). Fuji tried to do something different, come up with a different strategy than others, which I find truly remarkable.
          They released products as early as possible (just like the competition) with certain unique features and also features that were performing worse than the competition. And instead of releasing new products and charging for them (see the example with Canon above), they aim to fix the weakness in their released product line (to bring it up / closer to the level of the competition). As a manger (and marketer) to follow this strategy, you have to have a good faith in your engineers. You have to have a certain company culture to support the allocation of engineering resources for this parth… The fact that Fuji decided to follow this strategy is one of the evidences that the X system is truly designed as a platform in mind.
          In short, Fuji does something remarkable, something different than others in our rushing world. I hope they can keep up the good support and will succeed in their mission.

          • Chris

            So because of the market pressures and their own internal issues the market who purchases the products end up being alpha/beta testers.

            Does remarkable and faith in their engineers extend to the stupid decisions to limit the “pro” model to a mechanical shutter release with NO ability to implement any sort of intervalometer (without elaborate and expensive contraptions) yet they were able to implement it on their “cheaper” models.

            Everyone here is praising Fuji like they are doing something new and magical, if I recall Canon were actively supporting the 5D mk2 for a long time after it was released, they were also able to add something as simple as manual video controls to, something Fuji hasn’t quite figured out yet.

          • Chris

            So because of the market pressures and their own internal issues the market who purchases the products end up being alpha/beta testers.

            Does remarkable and faith in their engineers extend to the stupid decisions to limit the “pro” model to a mechanical shutter release with NO ability to implement any sort of intervalometer (without elaborate and expensive contraptions) yet they were able to implement it on their “cheaper” models.

            Everyone here is praising Fuji like they are doing something new and magical, if I recall Canon were actively supporting the 5D mk2 for a long time after it was released, they were also able to add something as simple as manual video controls to, something Fuji hasn’t quite figured out yet.

          • Chris

            So because of the market pressures and their own internal issues the market who purchases the products end up being alpha/beta testers.

            Does remarkable and faith in their engineers extend to the stupid decisions to limit the “pro” model to a mechanical shutter release with NO ability to implement any sort of intervalometer (without elaborate and expensive contraptions) yet they were able to implement it on their “cheaper” models.

            Everyone here is praising Fuji like they are doing something new and magical, if I recall Canon were actively supporting the 5D mk2 for a long time after it was released, they were also able to add something as simple as manual video controls to, something Fuji hasn’t quite figured out yet.

    • Bemused

      Out of interest, why did you buy the camera if it’s practically useless to you? Did you not do research before you bought it?

      • Chris

        You would think that a camera that calls itself “pro” would have some ability to have electronic shutter remote control of some sort.

        Completely counts out any ability to do controlled time lapses

      • Chris

        So because of the market pressures and their own internal issues the market who purchases the products end up being alpha/beta testers.

        Does remarkable and faith in their engineers extend to the stupid decisions to limit the “pro” model to a mechanical shutter release with NO ability to implement any sort of intervalometer (without elaborate and expensive contraptions) yet they were able to implement it on their “cheaper” models.

        Everyone here is praising Fuji like they are doing something new and magical, if I recall Canon were actively supporting the 5D mk2 for a long time after it was released, they were also able to add something as simple as manual video controls to, something Fuji hasn’t quite figured out yet.

        • Bemused

          Still doesn’t explain why you bought one without fully researching its capabilities and limitations yet. Learn to use the internet. There are several very detailed sites like DPR, photozone etc that tell you all these capabilities before you buy anything.

          • Chris

            Simple, FF image quality in a leica style package with excellent quality lenses and high build quality.

            On the physical end I have no qualms with the camera, it’s the software/firmware end where it has been a major letdown.

            The nex-6 comes close in terms offering certain missing features like manual video controls but lacks the quality of native lenses, build quality and ergonomics.

    • Jerry

      No firmware ever could be perfect. Windows has its Service Pack 2. Macs have their regular updates. Cameras need updates to catch up with the advancing demands of photographers. Fuji did not make you a beta firmware tester. You made your own decision by paying Fuji for that.

      • Chris

        Actually you’re right, next time I buy a car and the brakes fail due to engineers rushing it out to meet the market timing it’s my fault because I paid to be the car companies crash test dummy effectively.

  • “…all the X-cameras will be constantly improved”… Guess that doesn’t include the X10. No new firmware update after 2.0 to that camera. Or am I missing something?

    Guess focus peaking makes a lot of photographers working with “still” objects happy. My X-E1 will not get a bit better on moving objects,or? As a street photographer tool my X-E1 benefits from size, but will never beat my Canon 7D on speed and respons. What’s missing in the Fuji strategy to make the X-E1 be as alert as the 7D?

  • Julien

    Since I upgraded the FW, I have a hot pixel on my xe1! I am afraid the upgrade messed up with the pixel mapping. It is quite annoying.

  • That’s an interesting practice, in fact – announcing new features in the next firmware and setting the date in advance.

    I suddenly realized that I’m waiting for July 23rd like a kid is waiting for Christmas :)

  • Chris

    I think it’s just poor on Fuji’s part, screams that they did limited testing prior to releasing the camera into the public and really Firmware 3.00 should’ve really been Firmware 1.00 when it was released.

    All this firmware changing crap whilst it is good on the company for continuing to support it’s product does breed a culture of laziness where products can be rushed out, the market used as the beta testers and then firmware updates rolled out as the complaints roll in.

    I’m not praising Fuji much and they don’t really deserve it for doing what they should’ve already had done a year ago.

    • Jim

      I understand really do respect your opinion and thought. But please take in account that Fujifilm is a relative newcomer to the mirrorless market and the mirrorless camera market still hasn’t matured.

      The Fuji X cameras were hardly broken or faulty when they came out. Instead of just updating firmware to only address software problems, they decided to add features and improvements. Just think of iOS getting free upgrades, I believe people wouldn’t have minded to just stay on an older version, but instead apple give you the possibility to add new features to improve the product you bought. The original iPhone also had a lot of issues when it was first introduced. It wasnt a rushed product though it already was in development for 3 years prior of release. Only after adding the appstore it became the revolutionary product we know today.

      You are making your point in hindsight. I believe the X100s is the first of the new generation X-series, that are camera’s built well on release. I’m expecting a lot from the X-pro2/X-e2 camera’s!

      • Jim

        Hardly broken? not sure what camera you were using but the X Pro and the X100 both had a NUMBER of firmware issues upon release, glaringly the AF & MF issues on the Xpro 1 made it mostly unusable for many.

        If that’s not a fault then I don’t know what is?

  • Jorge

    Where/when is the 10-24 coming? I see there is a “pre-order” on line but I want to pre-order here, preferably through the US Amazon…

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