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Kaizen: more colours for Focus Peaking in future + Telephoto primes will come + 23mm in October


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Yesterday, at the Canadian Fuji event, the company gave more informations about the future firmware strategy and new lenses.

Fuji will carry on to improve its products via firmware update. This won’t be the last major firmware update, and all the X-cameras will be constantly improved.

Here is what the upcoming firmware will bring! But what can we expect in future?


  • Download the firmware on July 23rd and you’ll get focus peaking…  In future (not with this update) we can also expect different colours.
  • Fuji listened to us and is working on the long expected minimum shutter speed in Auto ISO, so there is hope it will come in future firmware updates!


  • New tele photo primes will come.
  • The 23mm f/1.4 will be released in October, the 10-24mm in December and the 56mm f/1.2 in January 2014… ALL with aperture ring!

btw, I’m wondering if there is any company before Fujifilm that has uploaded the Focus Peak Highlight on a camera through a firmware update. Do you know one? [FR-readers told me in the comments that Pentax and Sony enabled Focus Peaking via firmware too]

Anyway, Fuji is listening to us and will continue to follow the Kaizen path. That’s great! So all these wish lists on Fujirumors about firmware improvements were not for nothing. Thumbs up for Fuji’s Kaizen-spirit!

So just keep it up guys! What’s next? Face detection could be a useful feature, as a FR-reader suggested in the comments.

Thanks a lot to an anonymous FR reader who shared with me via rumor box this news (original article at can be read here or read his dpreview forum post here.)

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have a great day!