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New FieldMade Rear & Front Lens Indicator Sticker Lables


FieldMade has launched new Rear and Front lens indicateor stickers for Fujifilm X and GFX lenses.

You save 10% using the code FUJIRUMORS10.

They also offer stickers for selected Tamron X mount lenses and selected Sigma X mount lenses.

Field Made Co Unveils Next-Generation Lens Indicator Labels – Crafted in Our Workshop, Made in North America

After a year of relentless prototyping, navigating a steep learning curve, and tackling challenges head-on, Field Made Co is thrilled to launch our next-generation Lens Indicator Labels.

**What’s New:**
These labels aren’t just labels; they’re a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality. We’ve taken things up a notch. Our Next-Generation Lens Indicator Labels are now meticulously handmade right here in our workshop, using premium materials sourced exclusively from North America.

**Introducing Front Cap Indicator Labels:**
We’ve been listening to our fellow photographers and filmmakers and heard your needs loud and clear. That’s why we are proud to introduce Front Cap Indicator Labels alongside our classic rear cap indicators. These are designed to make your gear even more accessible and organized.

**Filter Size Included:**
But that’s not all. We understand that precision matters. That’s why our new labels now include the filter size, enabling photographers and filmmakers to find the right filter easily.

**New Rear & Front Lens Indicator Packs**
Field Made Co lens indicator packs are now available for rear or front caps and as a bundle.
New packs are now available for Canon RF & EF, Nikon Z & FX, Sony FE, Fujifilm XF & GF.

**New Individual Lens Indicators**
New individual indicators are now available for Canon RF & EF, Nikon Z & FX, Sony FE, Fujifilm XF & GF, and Tamron.