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My Search for Lightness, the Switch to Fuji… & Why I love Fuji’s Big and Heavy Lenses anyway (even though I’d never buy them)


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Fujinon XF100-400
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It’s a wonderful Sunday Spring day. I’ll soon go out for with my trusty X-T1 (and my nephew) to capture the rebirth of nature, and I hope you have the same plan, too.

So I won’t take much of your time today, and, in a day without Fuji news, I’d just like to quickly share with you my personal Fuji X switch story, give you an idea for your summer holidays and tell you why I love Fuji’s Cannons like the XF50-140 and XF100-400 even though I’d never buy them.

My Search for Lightness, My Switch to Fuji… and a tip for your summer holidays

I took the decision to switch to mirrorless after hiking for a few days, alone, from Albania to Montenegro, crossing the spectacular, wild and remote Albanian Alps starting from the fascinating Koman See, crossing the rural villages of Valbona and Theth and then all the way to Gusinje (I warmly recommend you this trip).

Trust me, after several days of walk, sleeping in a tent on high passes and up to 9 hours walk a day, carrying around the heavy Canon gear didn’t really help. Then, during the sunrise on a mountain peak between Valbona and Theth, I decided that from now on I’ll travel light!

When I arrived back home I started looking at the mirrorless cameras and bought the [shoplink 44354 ebay]Olympus Pen E-P1[/shoplink]… the first of a long series of mirrorless cameras (I’ve tried also Panasonic and Sony), until I finally stumbled on the Fujifilm X-series.

Why Big and Heavy XF-Lenses are Good

For me it’s still like the very first day: mirrorless is all about compact size & weight.

But with the switch of more and more Pro and Enthusiast photographers to the X System, all with different needs, Fujifilm had to react and to offer some bigger lenses too, like the [shoplink 28447 ebay]Fuji XF 50-140mmF2.8 WR[/shoplink], [shoplink 44358 ebay]XF16-55mmF2.8[/shoplink], [shoplink 44359 ebay]XF90mmF2[/shoplink] and the latest cannon, the [shoplink 44360 ebay]XF100-400[/shoplink]… lenses I’d never buy because, for me, it defeats the whole purpose of size&weight containment, but I consider them vital and very important for Fujifilm in order to make the breakthrough in the PRO’s and Enthusiast’s world… so let them come, Fuji (like the 120mm and the rumored 200mm).


It’s all about creating a system with more choice, a system, where everyone can find the lens he needs (71 X-mount lenses so far). Sure, there are still some gaps, but Fuji will fill them.

And the truth is that, if you invest in Fuji X, size and weight will always be more contained than the comparable DSLR System.

But hey, at the end, no matter which camera & lenses you going to use today, just have fun… and feel free to share your images at the Fuji X Forum and the FR-facebook page.

have a GREAT Sunday
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