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Mitakon SPEEDMASTER 135mm F1.4 for Fujifilm GFX Announced


Mitakon just annonuced the Fujifilm G-mount version of the Zyoptics Speedmaster 135mm F1.4 (originally designed for full frame). It will cost ¥ 330,000 (around $2,900). This lens comes in addition to the G-mount 85mm F1.2 and 65mm F1.4 that were announced earlier this year here.

Mitakon Speedmaster lenses for Fujifilm can be found at BHphoto and Adorama.

Speedmaster 135mm F1.4 specs:

Focal length: 135 mm (converted to 35 mm format)
Focus: MF (manual focus)
Aperture: F1.4 – F16
Lens configuration: 11 groups in 5 groups (3 ultra-large aperture ED lenses)
Diaphragm blade: 11 sheets
Shortest shooting distance: 1.6 m
Full length: 160 mm
Diameter: Φ 111 mm
Filter diameter: 105 mm
Mass: 3000 g
Maximum shooting magnification: 0.1 m
Lens Mount: Canon EF, Nikon F, Pentax K, Sony E, Sony A, Fujifilm G, Leica T

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