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Message to Anonymous Source who Just Shared a Rumor with Me


To Readers: A few hours ago I received a message from an anonymous source. It came to me via rumor box, so I have no idea, who it is and how to contact it. My only way to contact the source is via FujiRumors. I hope you don’t mind, but making a public post is the only way to reach out to the source.


Thanks a lot for sharing the rumor with me.

Now, I’d love to ask you a few more questions, and also to tell you something, but for obvious reasons I can’t do it publicly via FujiRumors.

If you want to have a more direct and confidential talk, here is what you could eventually do:

  • contact me via private message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • contact me via email (you can use a fake email if you want, but after 11+ years of rumor-blogging, I can guarantee you that you’ll remain 100% anonymous also if you’d decide to use your regular email)

If you decide to contact me, you can be sure that you’ll remain 100% anonymous.

If you decide not to contact me, feel free to keep using the rumor box if you want to share anything more. But if you want you can give yourself a nickname, so I can identify you thanks to it.

If you decide not to contact me via personal message and not to use a nickname, absolutely no problem. Feel free to keep using the rumor box 100% anonymously in case you want to share further information.

If we won’t be able to talk confidentially in private, for any eventual further communication with you I will share updates to this very same article.

Thanks again,