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Meike MK420-F TTL Flash for Fujifilm, One Minute Lighting Setup, 10 Lighting Tips for Portraits – Flash Roundup


Meike MK420F

Back in 2015, we already reported about the Meike MK320F flash for Fujifilm. But that’s not the only flash Meike offers for Fujifilm.

There is one, that so far passed unnoticed, but not to the eyes of FR-reader Peter here, who told us about the Meike MK420 TTL flash for Fujifilm, that has actually been released back June 2017, but since nobody reported about it, let’s catch up now here on FujiRumors. Peter writes:

The Mk420 is a much larger flash than the Mk320. Whereas the Mk320 is a specialized flash with a really small form factor, compromising on power, zoom and swivel in favor of size and weight (it looks a bit like just the flash head part of a speedlite without the body), the Mk420 looks more like a traditional flash. If the measurements on the internet are correct, the size is somewhere between the Godox TT350F and the Yongnuo YN560 series.”

Here are the main specs of the Meike MK420-F via AmazonUS:

  • High GN:42 (ISO100 ,105mm)
  • Flash mode: TTL M S1 S2
  • Equipped with longlife lithium battery:one-key operation to install or unstall; Battery flashes:300-2500 times
  • Vertical Rotation Angle: -7-90 degrees; Horizontal Rotation Angle: 0-180 degrees
  • LED-Assistive preview focus;Memory function;Temperature detection automatically

You can purchas the Meike MK420F for Fujifilm at AmazonUS, AmazonDE, AmazonUK

Flash Roundup

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