LEAKED: First Official Images of the Fujifilm X-E2s :: Specs? It’s all about the Firmware!


s black

Ok, this is the X-E2s… an X-E2 with an “s”marking and with a slightly different hand grip. And the hand grip might be already the only “hardware-improvement” compared to the X-E2 (still 16MP X-TransII sensor and EXR II Processor, no tilt screen)

The improvements are Firmware based, like the Electronic shutter, New AF-system and Classic Chrome (CC already available alsoin X-E2. X-E2s will not have new X-Pro2 Acros film simulation).

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s silver

The original X-E2

  • sillythings

    If this comes to past, fuji has string me and other xe2 customers along for a better part of a year. Fuji will permanently lose me as a customer. I will not give my business to a company with no honor and integrity.

    • Vernon Szalacha

      I started to get the same feeling with my X100S. I don’t think there was a reason (other than money) to withhold that Classic Chrome emulation. One of the reasons I went with Fuji in the first place was because of the updates that the X100 and X-Pro1 were getting. But I guess that cloud has cleared and I see them just like any other camera company.
      If the X-Pro2 isn’t all that I think it will be, I think the A7II is a nice choice.

      • Chris

        That updating thing is an illusion. They make you think Fuji is busy innovating new stuff while other companies are sitting there doing nothing. But all they did is working hard filling up the gaps between other mature models and some other companies are already there.

        All I see from this post is a consequence of bragging about “wonderful and continuous firmware updates to existing models” for an entire year.

        But on the good side, Fuji is doing the right thing in making a good camera. All it needs now is a cmos that’s about average performance among recent products from other companies. I am just worried about the price hitting a new peak along with it.

        • Vernon Szalacha

          Well-said. I think a lot of people are looking at their X-T1 they bought this year and saying it’s (almost) the same as the X-Pro1. Of course firmware and processor changes do make a difference but I’m pretty impressed by the technologies Sony has added in it’s cameras like IBIS. For someone who can’t immediately afford to spend a lot on lenses, that means the ability to shoot in low-light without having to bump ISO and that adapting will give them that 1:1 focal length (rather than 1.5x crop).
          I’ve also heard that dynamic range is “better” on the A7II than X-T1.

          I guess we’ll have to see what the X-Pro2 brings. I really hope they’ve been holding out for good reason.

      • dali

        I own the x100s too. Same feelings here. For me it’s not a classic chrome, but el shutter and customisable Q menu would be the things to have it… Just buy a new camera Fuji says.. ;p

      • im not against sony but atleast fuji keeps the x line feel like you bought a new camera. a7 hardly do any updates and af is still slow like fujis. better video yes against fuji. better than panasonic. no. i have a7 first version and yet havent got any firmware update. thats why my camera is offerup for sale. if your interested buying mine well go sony! =)

        • Vernon Szalacha

          The thing I actually like most (right now) about the A7II(compared to the X-T1) is the PDAF, IBIS(when you don’t want to shoot at a higher ISO), and when/if I adapt vintage lenses (due to saving money), the focal length is already fine. Rather than it being 1.5x crop. But I don’t think I’ll be starting with an ILC until mid-2016 so I have plenty of time to think.

          • i like the higher iso use from my x line. all are still good. prints are awesome. looking like film prints. not afraid using 6400 on my x.

          • Vernon Szalacha

            I don’t really mind it either. For me, 3200 is the max but there are occasions where I want to play with the dynamic range of shot and as the ISO increases, the dynamic range goes down. So in that regard, having the ability to shoot at lower ISOs and play with dyn. ran., due to IBIS, is nice.

    • Realist

      Fuji (and Olympus) are one of the best companies for providing updates and new features via firmware. At some point you need to pull up your big girl panties and realize that you’re using older gear and you may need to blow the dust off your wallet and replace/upgrade.

      • Mardock

        Or invest in some photography training, which will do far more to improve your images than another 8mp.


      So wait, no Honor nor Integrity?

      Theyve given us numerous updates, Lenses, new cameras and they have no honor

      I dont like the new camera either, but you’re coming off as a hater. What, you expect Another update? Fujifilm doesn’t owe you anything. In fact, you should be grateful!

    • Franko

      Fujifilm is probably one the the best companys when it comes to listen to the customers and actually change things their way.
      The year 2015 Fuji fixed one of the major issues with Autofocus. FW 4 for X-T1 and X-t10 and the new xf35 f2 is an awesome combination. 2014 Fuji were the Mirrorless with the slowest AF. In one year they managed to change that and they want the X-E Series to be part of their evolution.
      If you dont like it, dont buy it. I wouldnt either, if i had the x-e2 .. for everyone else, this camera is awesome.

    • Tamoume

      Lol. What about nikon, who make D600, then D610, also D800, then D800E, and then D810, or D7100, then D7200 wich is just a D7100 with an (little) upgrade of AF and Wifi ? Where is honor here ? Ricoh GR, then Ricoh GRii (wifi add). Canon : same fight. Fuji cant upgrade X-e2, they fail. FIRST TIME. OMAGAD ! I GO NIKON ! Here we go…

    • Mardock


      OMG an entire year!!! How do you manage to get good images without a better sensor?

      Perhaps Fuji shouldn’t build cameras for CUSTOMERS with no honor and integrity? Just a thought.

  • Gr

    They would have been better off just skipping this and gave a minor firmware upgrade.

  • BWinkle J. Moose

    The should have called it the X-E2^1/2

  • JohnnyFavorite

    now i am very curious how fuji will manage the long promised firmware update of xe-2 and if they will continue to sell x-e2 and x-e2s or are they replacing the x-e2 with x-e2s

    • Chomiq

      Well some stores still offer X-E1, and we still have X-Pro1’s that have serial numbers that suggest that they were manufactured in 2015.

  • Fc Aon

    i need flip screen

  • the_gator

    So this is just an X-E1 mark111.

  • maybe better flash coverage? maybe better ttl mode? maybe better evf and lcd resolution? maybe better af because of the 100-400mm lense? maybe better video mode with added aperture control? maybe the same battery but better life span? we dont know but im just glad that they will keep my x-e2 alive. and not spend more money for a new camera but new lenses. =)

  • art

    waiting for x70 info, hoping apsc and 28mm actual focal lenght

  • Carl

    As I said before, this is probably just a minor upgrade to software to keep the X-E line relevant for now as the Pro2 and (possibly) X-T2 will get the bigger generational upgrade. Current X-E2 models will also probably receive a firmware update at the same time to make it the same as the E2s.

  • Lumen

    I think this is the last new X-E camera. There will be no X-E3.
    The successor of X-E2s will be the X-PRO20 . Just a thought.

    • lch.three

      That kinda makes sense from a naming perspective. Hopefully this X-E3 /X-PRO20 will include Weather Sealing, along with all future Fujinon lenses. That would be progress!

  • Fly Moon

    What turned me off from Fuji is when I bought my X-T1. I was one of the first people and the direction keypad was not right. I called them and complained but they refused to admit it or fix it. Though they actually fixed the following production patch.

    I am not surprised. Since then I bought a Nikon D5500 and I am super happy. I still have my X-T1 but it should be going on eBay soon along with the lenses

    • JoeFunny30

      Which lenses?

      • Fly Moon

        I have 18-55mm, 35mm1.4, 10-24mm and 27mm

  • Franko

    i think the X-E series is very good looking. I had the X-E2 some weeks ago in my hands and i really likes it. It is well balanced. I almost though about switching from my X-T to the X-E, because i liked the EVF on the side instead of the middle a bit better. And the image quality is probably the same.
    I didn’t change because of the slower AF and better Viewfinder on the X-T cameras.
    This camera is probably the solution. is closes the disadvantages from the X-E2 to the X-T1 / X-T10 I will wait for the X-Pro2 and decide on base of the price and the sensor.
    Also Fuji let the Fanboys (us) know that there is no X-E3 camera coming in the next few years. But wanted to match the X-E series with their newest technology to hold up with the X-T and X-Pro Series. This is very important and i like it!
    Of course some will be disappointed. I Also would like to see an X-E3. With the new XPro Sensor. But Fuji probably didnt want it to compete against the X-Pro and also the price would be too high. That would disappoint more X-E2 fans.

    So Fuji had 3 ways to go:
    1. dont do anything for the X-E series for 1-2 years. Series would slowly die
    2. come with an slightly improved X-E2, keep price low. But keeps the X-E series competitive for Fuji beginners.
    3. come with an X-E3, like a XPro2, only EVF, price almost like the X-Pro2

    This is the best Fuji could do. If i had no Fuji and wanted to join in with a low budget, I woud wait for the X-E2s

    • Chomiq

      Honestly, going with X-E2s now is a bad move for Fuji. They’re basically re-releasing the same camera with only minor firmware changes and will probably price it extra just for that fact. It won’t hold up against X-Pro2 and X-T2 with the same exact lower resolution sensor used in cameras from 2 years ago.

      Releasing X-E3, with improved sensor and hardware, along with X-T2 would be a good move. Leave some time gap between release of X-Pro2 and future cameras just to see how market will react.

      Take note of X-E2 launch, it came along with X-T1 and it didn’t affect X-T1’s sales at all. And its price wasn’t too high. People that wanted more manual controls, better evf, weather sealing, etc went for X-T1. Those that wanted same sensor performance with cheaper body went for X-E2.

      • Franko

        The X-Pro series and the X-E Series are closer together than the X-E and X-T. Releasing the X-E3 and XPro2 at the same time would have direct impact.
        I think the few updates on the body are the main points for most users. I dont know why they cant put FW 4 on the X-E2..
        i need to know which hardware updates the camera gets.. the viewfinder from the X-T1 would be awesome. the viewfinder from the X-E2 is one of the aspects, that tended me to the X-T series.
        I wont defend Fuji. If the FW4 would be possible on the X-E2, the complete X-E2s is pointless. the mix of hardware and firmware could make it ok to release it in my opinion.
        i like to see more FN buttons .. my only disappointment so far is the missing frontwheel.
        lets be curious.. maybe fuji still have a surpise for us on that.. :/

    • BWinkle J. Moose

      Reasonable – it’s all about marketing – however the xe1 came out pretty quickly after the xpro1. Given all their focus on the T series, though, I’m skeptical the xe2s will sell well enough – esp. given how poorly it competes feature wise with the competition. If it’s not a ‘pro’ camera, then it’s competing with Sony et al., and the way reviews are done, it loses badly.

  • roos

    Worse case: x-e2 users won’t get their longed for firmware upgrade. Doesn’t really sound like fuji, but possible.

    Best case: Fuji realised the firmware upgrade is good enough to signify a new model name. Like with the xt1 graphite, old customers get the full upgrade as well.

  • wincros

    This is actually good marketing. Has anyone seen a series of reviews of the X-T1 with all its firmware updates? No. All you have are the comparisons when the X-T1 first came out and its focusing was not so great. Firmware is not nothing. Because this has a new model designation it will get reviewed and get compared and it will goose up sales. It will also give Fuji at least a year’s breathing room before they bring out the X-E3. When the first generation of XF cameras came out they could dribble out because there was no model history. Fuji is under a lot of pressure now to update all the current models to new generation specs. They are a small camera company.

    • BatataKara

      I for once, remember seeing revisited reviews after firmware updates.
      quite sure I’ve seen those for Fuji cameras too.
      It’s quite usual.

  • Adam Bucci

    what is with the frickin’ watermarks obscuring the details of the product image? it seems really petty to watermark an image just so the site’s owner can claim he was first and others stole the image – wheres the proof of that? wasn’t the ‘original unaltered xpro2 image supposed to be posted so we could see how clever the site owner was when he posted the image he claims others stole? all i see missing is the fujinon lens logo. and if this site was exclusive to the xpro2 images, why is the image of the top plate of the xpro2 so blurry? is it actually an xpro2 or a composite – if you can get sharp images of the front and back, why not the top?

    anyhow, enough with the watermarks, let us see the ‘leaks’ as they’re meant to be seen and stop this ‘i was first with this and they copied me’ nonsense, because at the end of the day it means nothing.

    end of off topic rant, i now return you to the subject at hand.
    its curious how there are no clear out the inventory sales of the xe2 like there are of the xpro1. what actual proof is there that this xe2s actually exists beyond a couple of easily created images? especially when there is no clear distinction between the cameras unlike the x100 and x100s which are as different as an apple and an orange. why would fuji suddenly change its branding on camera with the addition of the s with the model name and not in the lower corner as with the x100s and t?

    and i seriously cannot see fuji spending money on a new camera that offers nothing new hardware wise besides a new grip.


      Would you look at this…. NOW it’s whining about WATERMARKS!!!


      Patrick, since everyone is complaining, I never liked the Fuji Rumors logo… Sarc.

    • Patrick

      the orginal unaltered X-Pro2 image was posted a few hours later. You might have missed that. Hint: compare the 35mmF2 lens in the 2 images ;)


    Y’know, I was going to complain of lack of tilt screen, but after reading the whiny comments below, I chilled.

    My Gosh, y’all are coming off as being ungrateful. Fujifilm doesn’t own anybody anything. Sure, it’s not a major upgrade, but y’all go about as if nobody else does such a thing.

    It begs the question, do y’all really own Fujifilm cameras? -Or are y’all part of the Sony Propaganda machine? Sony is good for spewing negativity on a rivals product. See Microsoft or Toshiba.

    And again, if you do own a X camera, you should be grateful getting One update. Fujifilm owes you nothing.

    • Mardock

      Exactly. And Sony cameras are consumer appliances. Great sensors, lousy ergonomics, horrible menu interfaces, and a poor selection of native lenses, many of which have subpar optical performance (especially compared to the far superior Fujinon glass, the best of which holds up favorably to current Leica lenses).

  • “Slightly different hand grip” on this “official” image? It looks identical to the X-E2. I purchased the Fuji MHG-XE Metal Hand Grip for my X-E2. It made all the difference in the world in grip functionality and tripod use.

    • Patrick

      added the X-E2 image. Easier to see the difference now

      • Rediscover Film

        I note the line across the front on the top half of the camera looks different than the X-E1/2. Obviously just a styling thing, but it is another hardware difference I can see. I’m hoping they fix the buttons on the back to match the X-Pro2. Having the Q button not near thumb was a terrible fail on the X-E2. I personally feel the Q button was more important than separating the AF-L and AE-L buttons. The X-Pro1 and X-E1 have better button layout than the X-E2. But the X-Pro2 solves the dilemma. Hoping that comes to X-E2S.

  • I highly doubt they would release this without any hardware changes – that would be a terrible decision. Who knows.

    That said, whether or not Fuji’s decision to stick with APS-C rather than Google full frame for the X-Pro 2 was a good decision will finally be known in a few weeks. If it has the organic sensor, with exceptional dynamic range, it will likely be a good decision. If not, it really depends on what sensor they will be using, as it is evident from this forum that if they use the sensor from the a6000, they will be criticized harshly for it. If so, they should have went full frame with the sensor from the A7r ii, and set it apart from the other X-Series cameras.

    • Mardock

      It’s not going to be an organic sensor. This we already know.

      And don’t expect it to be the A6000 sensor, either. What you’re probably going to see is the A7rII sensor tech, scaled down into a 24mp APS-C sensor. In other words, a brand-new APS-C sensor (I would guess the most advanced one yet released to market thus far).

      Frankly, a bump to 24mp combined with increased DR and another useful stop of high ISO would be a solid advance, particularly if it comes in a more responsive body that adds all the features of the X-T1 combined with many other new key features.

      I don’t have a problem with this. It might not be a revolutionary upgrade, but it will be a massive evolutionary upgrade.

      • I would be happy with a scaled down version of the A7rii sensor. We will see in a few weeks.

  • ravi

    I dont know why people are whining it as a terrible decision…fuji cant release XE3 with a sensor equal to xpro2 at the same time[ … remember XE1 was launched 10 months after XPRO1.. ] because..people may opt for XE3 than xpro2 considering XE3 would be cheaper…
    And with release of XT 10 … people are buying it more than XE2..because price for bodies is 799$ for both cameras…and people are opting for XT 10 more than XE2 which is old camera..hence they arerefreshing the line of XE2 which can match or perform even better than XT10..
    hence they will gauge the reception of XE series and think whether to continue with XE series or not.. I feel its a very nice and strategic move probably S in XE series signifies strategy :)

    • Rediscover Film

      The X-E2S will likely also be more premium and made in Japan. X-T10 is made in Thailand.

  • Pablo

    I like the grip, it’s kinda sexy.

  • Gilboa

    This is what I was afraid of! And here it is in the flesh…an X-E2 with nothing more than a firmware upgrade. Now I’m pretty sure there is no FW 4.0 for X-E2 customers like myself in the pipeline…disappointing.

  • I guess I’m the optimist here, but, I think Fuji will release an X-E2 firmware update to match the X-E2s shortly after introduction of the new version. If not, I’m still quite happy with my X-E2. I probably use it more than my X-T1. It just feels better in my hand.

    • Gilboa

      I hope your right about the X-E2 FW upgrade, but I’m still doubtful.

  • Curator

    Engraving the letter s is the biggest hardware change. What a kaizen. Happy new year btw

  • brian

    Thanks for sharing, Patrick!

    It will be interesting to see pictures of the back side of the camera, to see if there are any changes to the buttons/controls.

  • lch.three

    Perhaps there will be this X-E2s with current 16 Megapixel sensor, Processor, and “Firmware 4.0” with improved AF.

    Later, an X-E2t with the same generation sensor as the X-PRO2, and an improved and larger EVF.

    After the X-PRO3 generation comes out, we might see an X-E3 with 3rd generation sensor, and the X-E series numbering will then get normalized with the X-PRO, and X-T lines.

    Just a thought.

  • Franko

    they didnt name the x100s x200, just because of the new sensor and better AF performance.. so they wouldnt do it on the X-E2s, if it had the new sensor.
    and when theres a new sensor, but without any other improvements, they couldnt name is X-E3, because that would be still too little, they would name it X-E2t and you guys would complain again..
    So what Fuji does is, they wait to get as many improvements to the camera at once, as possible to name the next model X-E3 without any complains..
    so please stop complaining..

  • sillythings

    In the comments, there is a very important point missed by the few folks who believe Fuji doesn’t owe its XE2 customers anything.

    The promise of Kaizen and new firmwares updates is an integral part of the whole camera package that Fuji sells. This is in official and unoffical fuji communications and various rumors. Fuji knew full well firmware upgrade is part of the Fuji value proposition to its potential customers. They milked their Kaizen marketing speak at every opportunity!

    A part of the reason I chose xe2, like many others, is because of the promise of new firmware updates. Going in, I knew the xe2 focus performance is not great but a new firmware is on the way to enhance it. With today’s leak, all those who brought their xe2 since early this year basically will get no firmware and no Kaizen.

    From the beginning Fuji could have easily treated their customers with honesty and respect. They could have easily spell out the terms of Kaizen (e.g. how long, how many upgrades, etc.). Instead they just made empty marketing promises.

    This is the classic bait and switch. This is illegal.

    Those few commentators that claim Fuji owes its customer nothing are cavalier and are ignorant of right from wrong. A few commentators also argued other camera brands don’t do firmware updates and that justifies fuji’s action today. No! Two wrongs don’t make a right!

    • Adam Spencer

      I agree with you that people don’t but the cameras upon there release performance, and especially up till now cameras have been released with below par performance compared with similar priced alternatives. Going forward I expect as Fuji learn, their new releases will be closer to finished articles and there will be less need for FW updates. I do however believe that a FW release is iminent for the XE2 that will mimic the XE2s where possible. So I think Fuji will honour their commitment.

    • Rediscover Film

      Illegal? Haha, that is rich. Get over it and buy an X-T1. It is a better camera.

    • Mardock

      “From the beginning Fuji could have easily treated their customers with honesty and respect.”

      What makes you think the X-E2 won’t get a firmware update that effectively turns it into an X-E2s?

      Get ready to eat your self-entitled words.

  • Brian M. Freer

    I personally love my x-e2. But I’ve always known that once the x-pro2 came out that that would be the camera I’d upgrade to.

    I don’t see a problem with Fuji updating the software and ergonomics of the s version though. The current 16mp sensor has plenty of dynamic range and resolution for most needs. It may look like only the grip has changed, but we still haven’t seen the back of the camera yet. I think I will wait and see before I jump to any conclusions on what this new model means. It is probably targeting new Fuji users more than asking current x-e2 owners to upgrade.

    • Chris

      With current sensor, I end up using bracketing a lot more. I definitely won’t mind it to be better.

  • Tv

    This camera is not designed for us, i.e. Fuji enthusiasts who have already bought into the Fuji system. It is an entry level camera for new Fuji users on a budget. Most of us will upgrade to the xpro2, xt2 or xe3 (if it ever comes out).

    • Brian M. Freer

      I don’t think I’d characterize this an entry level camera. I’m a professional and I bought it because of the form factor. Most entry level buyers are more interested in cameras with PASM mode dials which I personally find unnecessary being a manual mode shooter. I’ve used it on paid commercial shoots as well as my personal art projects. Clients have loved the results.

  • SonyRnD

    Directly from vetted sources inside fuji hq: Fuji is clearing inventory with rebranded products, ceases production of x line of products. Sony destroys yet another competitor. A-mount is next!

    • Winston

      Sony already has a track record for creating then ending lots of formats, whether still used or not. Fortunately, the most important ones still survive.

    • Highly doubt it. If Fuji were to release an X-Series camera with the sensor from the A7rii, releasing it with a set of fast primes at launch, a lot of people would prefer a Fuji. I thought about getting an A7rii, but can not get over the poor design (never have liked the design of any Sony) and the native lenses are too inconsistant in quality; and the Batis lenses are ugly and too big. Though they have
      there faults and I know the X-trans colour filter (much like Bayer filters, but perhaps more so) is not optimal, I still prefer Fuji cameras.

      If the sensor in the X-Pro 2 turns out to be very good in terms of resolution and dynamic range, their decision to stick with APS-C will be fine. While i would love a full frame X-Series camera, the difference in image quality isn’t that significant – aside from shallower depth of field and differences in perspective, when i look at photos taken with the A7rii on Flickr or 500px I find it difficult to see much of a difference.

  • Tim J. Chong

    It’s been interesting to see hear both sides of the controversy before the official announcement. Shouldn’t we we just wait and see what plays out before making conclusions?

    • What’s the fun in that?

    • Shawn S

      Yeah it amuses me too… unpriced hypothetical product is too expensive and doesn’t do enough so I’m buying a Sony/Canikon. I’m keen to see what I will get though, and whether anything compelling does end up in the XE2s.

  • Winston

    While I’ll wait and see what the XE2s will bring and hope that the old XE2 won’t get shoved aside like the X100s, there could be real technical (hardware) reasons preventing new firmware on the old model, like insufficient RAM/flash. If that happens, thousands of XE2 cameras sitting in stores will turn into hard to sell old stock (unless the price drops). The XPro1 will follow a similar fate while the XE1 and X100s have been through the same.

    Unless my XE2 breaks I won’t be replacing it. I still have an XE1 as a backup and that’s enough Fuji cameras for me.

    • Shawn S

      I’m assuming that there is a bit of a flash memory limit, which would be a good reason to go down this path. One last huzzah for the XE2 with some of the features added, and a whole bunch of new stuff in the XE2s to bring it up to all of the XT1 features. I’m very keen to see what bonus functions I get on the XE2!

  • Ryan

    And now you know the XE-2 will not get updated

    • Didiergm

      I am sorry but you don’t KNOW that, you just hazard a guess; Like all of us here. and your guess is as good/bad as mine: Now I think that the X2 FW upgrade is fully on tracks but the X-E3 is either delayed or cancelled

    • Turlututu

      X-T1 firmware got updated with the exact same specs than Graphite X-T1 (which one could have been a X-T1s)

      • Ryan

        That was 8 months after it was announced. Not 2 years.

  • dhs4006

    Just hope I can get a firmware upgrade for my X-E2…
    I really want the electronic shutter…

  • Jano

    If this is a way to garner some press I can absolutely understand the decision. Fuji might have realised that a “new” camera will get more coverage than a FW update. Maybe they also changed the button layout to match the other current bodies. And who knows what’s coming as new FW features! Might even include the new flash features the X-T1 is supposed to get. This, electronic shutter and the new AF system are easily what would have taken CaNikon three hardware generations to add…

    I just really hope the X-E2 gets most of those features too. If not I see many people getting very angry as Fuji has all but officially announced the update.

  • Seb v. Preussen

    like you wrote above: “The improvements are Firmware based, like the Electronic shutter, New AF-system and Classic Chrome (but No Acros).”
    Classic Chrome is always in X-E2 since latest firmware. I hope they will bring the firmware update for X-E2 in mid january they talked about for a half year now. Otherwise its a facepalm for existing users. :/

  • David Aspinall

    What a winging moaning lot we photographers are?
    Fuji is probably the best company going for FM upgrades and support, no company is perfect and yes sadly they are not there to further photography or help photographers but to make money.
    Consumerism makes us quickly forget how good the X100, Xe1 and X1 pro were and are, within 6 months to a year of the X2 pro rumors will start about the X3pro and everyone will lust after it’s capabilities to make coffee whilst taking 50 Mp images.
    I use 8 year old FFs daily X100s,XE1 and 2 plus X1 pro and the quality from all of them is amazing when correctly processed.
    Built in redundancy of Digital cameras is my greatest gripe, in film days I used a 40 year old Leica alongside a digital Leica and oh yes sorry Leica but the Fujis are better.
    Enjoy the day before it is taken away and instead of using what you have to make great images you have spent the day lusting after what you feel MIGHT make a better image.
    Happy new year

    • prankhet

      holy s*** they can make coffee now? excuse me while i toss my x100s in the trash

      • Shawn S

        That better be in the next firmware update or I’m buying a Sony alphacoffeeespresso!!!

    • nzswedespeed

      In new to Fuji xtrans – how do you find the best way to process them? Cheers

      • David Aspinall

        Everyone you speak to will have their own preferences re software and you can spend a lot of money testing and trying.
        A lot of people swear by irident but because I have worked with Adobe since Photoshop 1 and Lightroom one they are my preferential software with Lightroom being the workhorse.
        There are many great plug ins which can give you different looks and effects and I do use Alien Skin Exposure and Nik ( now Google) silver effex, HDR but all sparingly.
        The beauty of Lightroom is there is a large community out there with lots of free pre sets.
        Many photographers put in a great deal of work building pre sets to give particular looks etc. there are a lot for Fuji files and they are all free.
        I regularly produce A 2 prints from Fuji which look superb.

    • dang dupale

      i absolutely agree, thougg i must confess im also guilty of thus but im lucky i have not so much to support my lust for newer cameras…

  • roos

    So, what is really missing from the x-e2 firmware that is present in x-t1 and x-t10?

    – instax printer support
    – remapping of some buttons
    – moving af-point without pushing down first
    – latest af software
    – electronic shutter
    – ofcourse the withdrawn 4.2 mf control and bracketing tweeks

    – I dont remember, did they fix so that the center weighted/spot meetering follows the focus point?

    Did i miss anything important?

    • Winston

      If I remember correctly the XT1 change logs were huge compared to the XE2 updates at the same time. Off memory there was also:

      -Thinner gridlines
      -P mode allowing really slow (seconds) shutter speeds
      -Ability to select any shutter speed with the shutter dial in T position
      -Manual movie mode plus additional frame rates

    • LeFred

      Not from the X-T1, but from the X-E1 :
      – automatic minimum shutter speed based on focal length
      – dedicated display modes for shooting, playback and menu

      • Christopher G. Hughes

        I’ve been complaining about the lack of dedicated shooting/playback modes for the back LCD AGES. My comments even made it to Fuji America, where they couldn’t seem to figure out what the problem is. When a “fix” was issued it didn’t fix anything.

        The XE1(2)(s) needs a way to use the EVF only for shooting operations, but allow MENU operations to still take place on the LCD.

        Fingers still crossed.

        • Peter

          Oh yes, definitely. That’s one of the most frustrating quirks of my X100 as well. Especially with that flimsy control wheel, having to operate the back of the camera with the eye glued to the viewfinder is absolutely stupid.

        • Bob


    • Jano

      And one of the most important: exposure compensation working in manual mode. So annoying…

  • job

    Any chance of some photos of the rear/top of the camera? I know the photo of the front technically counts as a leak, but in reality (other than the fact the grip has a slightly different bit of rubber on it) the “leak” itself is absolutely worthless in terms of bringing new information to the table!

    A rear photo/top with button layout, etc might give some indication of if this really is truly just a FW update or if there are some more in-depth changes to justify the addition of the S in the name.

  • WorkonSunday

    im still abit miffed by the fact that they launch XE2 so soon after XE1, especially telling everyone how XE1 nickname is the sexy 1. should have made XE1s instead of XE2 to start with…..

  • BatataKara

    Is it possible that Fuji will release only a sticker saying X-E2s along with a firmware upgrade for the X-E2?

  • fujiX

    Tethered shooting is what I want.

  • lxcellent

    The proportions are better with the 2S. Looks more balanced across the face.

  • EJPB

    Strange, strange, how Fujifilm is managing their ranges & R&D. The only point where it makes sense that the X-Pro2 would receive a ‘better’ sensor is that it will be the new top range model. I’m having a strange feeling, like a sudden pain in the stomach. Because I hope the REAL BAD news isn’t that after three years waiting the X-Pro2 would come with the same… old 16MP sensor? Are we sure there is that more advanced 24MP in the pipeline? A more advanced ‘next gen’ concept? Or was it just some X-T1 FW tailoring work into the old X-Pro1? As I expressed a few times – a lot of very good Fujifilm ideas died in the past because Fuji’s R&D could not really keep up with the technology level / competition in the market – I hope that Fujifilm’s management has learned from these range-killing failures.

  • Mickey

    There was nothing wrong with the original sensor from the XP1 its a beautiful sensor. No need to change, just need pro speed processing and focusing speed…blazing speed

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