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Last Week to Save 32% on Topaz Photo AI and Fujifilm GFX Deals Continue


Topaz Photo AI

Topaz announced the brand new Topaz Photo AI APP (Click here to read all details). Use the coupon code “GETPHOTOAI” to save 32% on your order (launch discount + coupon code deal)! The deal runs until the 7th of October only.

Topaz Photo AI merges the incredibly efficient DeNoise AI, Gigapixel AI and Sharpen AI into one single software for a massive usability improvement! And in addition to that, Topaz Photo AI also offers new features like the full Autopilot mode.

For all details about Topaz Photo AI check out their dedicated page here.

GFX Deals

Cashback Deals

Purchase a GFX50SII body or GFX50SII body with lens kit, with up to three eligible Fujinon GF lenses and save up to $1,800. To submit your claim click here.

One lens will give you $300 discount, two lenses will give you $900 discount and three lenses will give you $1800 discount. We have shared some sample offers at the very bottom of this article (but you can make your own combinations).


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Officially Recommended Cards by Fujifilm

CFexpress Type B Cards

Out of all the CFexpress cards mentioned above, these are the cards without any compromise in performance at all:

For more details check out this article.


Power Banks officially recommended by Fujifilm

Sample GFX Offers (but you can make your Own Combinations)