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Kaizen Again? Fuji X-T1 will get another Firmware update this year! (AS) – Which New Features would you like to get?


 photo FW 5_zpsrmoiwkpz.jpg

According to an anonymous source (thanks!) the Fujifilm X-T1 Kaizen love is not over. In fact, Fujifilm plans to release another Firmware update this year (probably called “Firmware 5”).

Which new features will it bring? This is still unknown, but I hope some kind source can help me out with this soon. In the meantime, you can start dreaming in the comments and in this FXF thread.

To this source: Thanks a lot…. and about the other tidbit you shared, I need a bit of time to check it. If you want, you can contact me via email (fujirumor [at ] gmail [dot] com) to discuss about it (you can create a fake email account, if you want). But even if you use your personal email, I can guarantee you’ll remain 100% anonymous.

If you like the rumor, then feel free to share it on your website (and put a link back to FR)… and if you think it’s just the usual BS (as every rumor I share), just ignore it. Nobody forces you to continuously copy&paste and discuss my BS rumors on your websites (mostly without any link back to FR).

Ok, now I hope I can confirm the rumor ASAP… and any help is appreciated, thanks.
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