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“It’s impressively sharp wide open”: dpreview XF23mm real world samples… and more.


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XF 23mm
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– Real world samples online at dpreview here: “Image quality is superb. It’s impressively sharp wide open across most of the frame, and the corners sharpen up quickly on stopping down. Lateral chromatic aberration is essentially non-existent, and the lens is near-perfectly optically corrected for distortion.”

– the XF 23mm at derekclarkphotography here: “the quality of this lens is just stunning and Fuji has done a fantastic job in producing a lens that is more than the sum of it’s parts. The 35mm f1.4 has always had the edge over the other X Series lenses, but the 23mm has a look that is just as special and I can’t wait to use it on a real shoot. I’m a documentary photographer and this is a lens to tell stories. You get a great perspective with an old school 35mm, just the right amount of foreground to background without a load of distortion. It’s also a lens that you can move in close and still get a great look without peoples faces getting all bent out of shape.”

henrysmithscottage XF 23mm review can be read here: “When Fujifilm released the new 23 mm f 1.4 lens; I was faced with a dilemma. I currently have a Fujifilm camera (the X100s) with exactly the same imager and focal length lens combination I that would be possible were I to purchase the newer $900 lens. […] I’m keeping this lens. […] this optic reminds me, just, how wonderful it is to shoot with a very high quality prime lens.”

– Japanese review at camera.itmedia here (translation).