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IT’S HERE! Fujifilm X-T1 Firmware 4.20 available for Download NOW!



First off, thanks a lot to an anonymous source, who gave me the hint about the time of the Firmware release. I’ve put my alarm clock at 01:55 AM MEZ thanks to your hint ;)

So here it is, the new Fujfilm X-T1 FW 4.20. It brings all the improvements tha leaked FujiUSA announcement promised.

Special note to the Video Button becoming a function button: I’ve shared this rumor already back in October, and it comes from the same source, who told us that “there is an internal fujifilm lens roadmap that includes a 8mm, a 200mm and the 33mm.

Happy Download here :)

P.S.: There is also an announcement of support for Microsoft Windows 10 (Digital camera) – Read here

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stay tuned,
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1. Using a flashgun in Bracketing/Continuous shooting

Optional flashguns can now be used for bracketing and burst photography. When using the EF-X8, which is bundled with the X-T1, the flash fires in ISO, FILM SIMULATION and WHITE BALANCE BKT modes.

2. Instant AF Setting in manual focus

Focus and exposure can now be locked when the AF-L button is used in manual focus mode. You can shoot after locking AF and AE with your thumb.

3. AF+MF operation with AF-L button

The AF-L button can be used to lock focus in AF+MF mode and you can adjust the focus more accurately using the lens’s focusing ring.

4. Focus zoom in AF+MF

The FOCUS ASSIST button can be used for focus zoom and you can fine tune focusing using the lens’s focusing ring with focus zoom activated.

5. Additional Custom Display options

Functions have been added to the DISP. CUSTOM SETTING option in the setup menu. Choose the information you want, then concentrate on shooting.
(Additional items)
Focus frame/Shooting mode/ Information background/Focus mode/Shutter type/Continuous mode/Dual IS mode/Movie mode /Blur warning

6. The Fn7 Button

The movie-record button now doubles as an Fn button (Fn7). Press and hold DISP/BACK to select what it controls.