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It Get’s Even Better: Current Capture One Pro 12 User can Save 30% on Capture One Pro 20 Upgrade


Capture One is offering a 20% discount to all existing Capture One Pro 12 customers, who pre-order Capture One Pro 20.

And to make the good news even better, I have been informed by FR-readers that our exclusive 10% discount code (OCT-AF-P89) works in addition to the 20% discount! The reader wrote:

I got email from capture one to upgrade from 12 to 20, with 20% discount. What is best currently your 10% code works as well reducing even further. So for example I bought upgrade to PRO (previously had only fuji paid version) and it cost me 107£ with all discounts. While currently upgrade only to 12 pro would cost me 170£.

Now, the 20% + 10% deal combo is nothing Capture One officially told me, but it works, as you can see from the screenshot below.

Keep in mind that our exclusive 10% discount code OCT-AF-P89 expires on October 31, so only until then you save 30%. After that, you’ll save “only” 20%.

save 30% thanks to upgrade deal + coupon code