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Is this the first image of a prototype X-PRO2, shared by Fuji X photographer Max de Martino?


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UDPATE: THE TRUTH: It’s an April’s fool Trick. The guys behind this funny joke told me yesterday that they’d appreciate the support of FujiHumors… and I hate to be the spoilsport ;) .

X-PRO2 Leaked?

I share it as I’ve received it via twitter here… the image was shared by Max De Martino, an official Fuji X Photographer over at his website It shows a (pretty blurred) image of what could be the Fujifilm X-PRO2. We can read:

A friend of mine (we will call him Mr. Ma Ni), from Japan, sent me this stolen picture of the new Fuji X-Pro2. The quality is not good, but it looks to be a working prototype.

Some specifications he say could be true, he received from a man at Fujifilm:

  • 4k Video
  • Sensor 10% bigger than the previous one, so that you can use the “old” lenses, with a crop factor of 1.2x
  • Processor EXR IV
  • Dual Sd
  • 27 Mpx
  • Magnesium and anticorodal alloy
  • Hibryd viewfinder (as X100T, but with X-T1 dimensions)
  • LCD that twist & tilt
  • Radio TTL control of Fuji, Profoto and Nicephoto flash
  • Radio (manual) control of Nikon and Canon speedlights, with an optional adapter
  • Customizable versions they called “Sakana” with lizard, iguana and shark skin.
  • Chanel Limited Edition: shark skin white colored with black details, in a limited edition of 31 pieces, as the first Chanel boutique, in Paris, Rue Cambon 31.

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