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I AM BACK on TWITTER – Now Let’s Rock the Rumor Show Again and Thanks for Your Help


I owe you an update.

As you know, I have been suspended from Twitter. I filed an appeal, but a random Twitter-bot confirmed my lifelong ban.

And yet…

With the help of a person (big thanks, you know who I mean!!), I was able to restore the account.

Of course Twitter apologized.

Of course Twitter said I never did anything to game the system.

Of course Twitter admitted their error.

And of course they told me what the cause of the ban was. But I won’t go into this now. I have no time to lose.

Here on FR we are elevated, we fly above and see beyond… and we like it to work hard for you guys!

So I have no time to lose, because I will now come back with full rumor power again, motivated like never before!

There will be RUMORS!

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