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Gizmon Bokeh Lens Illuminator for Fujifilm X


Bokeh Lens Illuminator

The 35mm f/1.6 GIZMON Bokeh Lens Illuminator has been released for 9,680 yen [converted to $89].

A variety of 20 filters allows you to create different types of bokeh, for example in the shape of a heart or star.

The focal length of the included lens is 35mm.

It’s available for Micro Four Thirds and APS-C cameras, including Fujifilm X mount.

Down below you can read more, see the full specs and see samples and videos.

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Product name Bokeh Lens Illuminator
Manufacturing company GIZMON
Focal length Single focus f = 35mm
Aperture F1.6 to F16
Focus range 0.5m ~ ∞
set content Filter, 20 discs, lens, step-up ring, mount adapter, pouch, Japanese manual
Compatible mount Micro Four Thirds, E mount, Fujifilm X mount, EOS M mount, Nikon 1 mount * This product does not support full-size sensor cameras.
size 60mm in length X 50mm in width (it varies according to mount)
weight 140g
Warranty period 6 months

Precautions for use

  • If it is too hard to attach to the camera mount or does not rotate until it clicks into place, it may damage not only the mount but also the body and lens mechanism. Please do not attempt to force it on and contact our support. We will exchange it. Support email address:
  • Turn on “Release without lens” in the camera settings.
  • Set the shooting mode to A mode (aperture priority AE) or M mode (manual exposure).
  • Since this product is a precision optical instrument, do not subject it to strong impacts such as dropping it.
  • Do not get wet with water or other liquids.
  • Do not touch the lens directly with your hands.

You can purchase the Gizmon Bokeh Lens Illuminator for Fujifilm X at the gizmon website.

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