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FujiRumors 2019: Most Read Articles, Top & Flop Blogger Moments and… HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020!


FujiRumors 2019

Happy New Year 2020, fellow FR-readers!

You should be proud of you, as here is what you guys did in 2019 on FujiRumors:

  • 53,000 comments on FR-articles (average 145 comments a day)
  • 180,000 votes in our 46 polls

Look, they might like it or not, but with such overwhelming and crushing participation numbers, you guys force Fujifilm to reads us with greatest care, as proven multiple times such as here, here and here.

As you know, I run FujiRumors alone in my spare time from my teaching job.

So it was not always easy, but I have tried to honor your fantastic participation by delivering you in 2019:

  • about 1,000 blog posts
  • 52 rumors
  • 89,4% correct rumors (rumor check here)
  • about 4,000+ emails written in 2019
  • easily over 1,000 private chat messages written on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram Direct
  • 1,000+ replied comments in FujiRumors articles

Phew!! :)

Most Read Article

Most Read Non Rumor Article

Most Read Guest Post

Day with most Contacts

Top & Flop Blogger Moment

FLOP: You might know that my Twitter account was closed earlier this year and I lost contact with my 19,000 people strong Twitter community. It was really hard to see a community, that came together over 9 years of blogging, disappear overnight.

TOP: Well, turns out, that my biggest down lead to my biggest high, since, when all my hope had faded and some twitter bot confirmed my lifelong ban, luckily a fellow FR-reader jumped in and helped me to restore my Twitter account, giving me the biggest blogging-joy of the year. It’s just amazing, how much support I get from this community in moments of needs! You are awesome!

Most Used Gear

As a teacher, I have 2 full months of holiday in Summer. Usually I travel a lot during that period.

However, this year I had to financially recover from the expenses related to my wedding in May.

So, except for a 10 days trip in Croatia together with that annoying SonyAlphaRumors guy ;), I did not travel anywhere.

I stayed here, surrounded by my stunning mountains and my fun local traditions.

I hiked around, climbed some mountains, and as a natural consequence focused mostly on landscape photography.

At the end, the Fujinon XF10-24 and XF18-135 turned out to be my most used lenses of the year, with the 27/2.8 and 35/1.4 being the top primes. Of course mounted on my X-E3, although I did use also the X-T1.

  • read here – Top 3 Loves and Hates of Shooting Fujifilm X-T1 in 2019 compared to Fujifilm X-E3

Happy New Year 2020

So, 2020 is finally here…

Now you guys promise me to keep up having fun with your photography, and I promise you to put my best into FR also in 2020.

A wonderful, healthy and happy 2020 to everybody out there reading these lines.
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Social Media Boom

Our social media and pages have reached new heights:

And our facebook groups grew massively: