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“FujiLeaks” X-T1 Beta Firmware 4.0… Tracking My Crazy Dog :-) with images to download!


 photo dog tracking_zps57nv8vfn.jpg

Tracking My Dog – Shared on the FXF here

Dropbox Download Link Here

For AF-tracking with CL or CH (focus between each shot), you have to use Mechanical Shutter (MS) only. It doesn’t work with MS+ES (electronic shutter) enabled
Turn Off face detection to enable PDAF
High Performance Mode ON

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A must read in these days is definitely this FXF thread, where people from all over the world, who have installed the “Fujileaks” 4.0 FW, share their findings… which is mostly enthusiastic. Just go through it here and read by yourself.

I have FW 4.0 Beta on my X-T1, and I’m happy with the improved AF-speed (especially on slower lenses like the 35mm). It might be just a Placebo, but I feel like there is less hunting.

And what about AF-Tracking?

Sure, the new Zone AF and Wide Tracking AF are very welcome additions and definitely user-friendly features! But how well do they really work?

I have to say that I’m very happy with my own tracking tests, but personally I’ll set aside my final judgment, for 3 good reasons:

1) I have on my X-T1 some kind of BETA firmware leaked on the web. I don’t know which version it is. The final version might improve it further.
2) I’m not a PRO, and if I try to track ice-skaters, I won’t get the results a skilled photographer can get. Also, AF-Tracking is something I don’t really use normally. For the way I like to shoot, I’m mostly in AF-S or Manual Focus. So I’m not the ideal person, who can test & judge the performance of the Tracking.
3) I would like to see what you can make in different shooting conditions/subjects

That said, I can’t really complaint about the tracking. As you can see from the video I’ve shared here, the Camera has no problems to follow a subject (in this case with Zone Mode). Taking shots in CL (dropbox – my dog running) gave me a high percetage of keepers. As you can see, the AF-system lost my dog on the second shot, but locked on it again in the third shot… tracking it correctly until it run out of the frame.

Also looking at Rico’s FW4 AF Tracking test, there is hardly anything to complaint about it. Another one, who is happy with the new tracking, is FXF member Jean Mareaux (Flickr). He tested it on his dog using the 56mmF1.2 and shared this link to the downloadable images.

Initial Conclusions: :) :) :) .

As said, for the final judgment, I’ll wait the official firmware (if I can install it) and more feedback from other photographers.

AF-Tracking at Fujit youtube – with X-T10