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Fujifilm XP-1 Concept, Firmware Ideas and More – FR-readers Wish Corner


FR-Readers Wish Corner

Here is a roundup of wishes and concepts I have received via email… so to say a “FR-readers wish corner”.

  • see here – Fujifilm X-H2 Mockup – Ideas to Set it Apart from Fujifilm X-T4

Maybe some idea among it, you might like.

Also, this is your chance to drop your own wish in the comments… you know Fujifilm reads us :)

WISH 1 – Fujifilm TX-1

In 1998 Fujifilm manufactured the TX-1 as a joint project with Hasselblad, who marketed the camera under the name XPan. The camera is a 35mm analogue rangefinder with interchangeable lens system. What makes this camera special is that it can shoot panorama, a 1:3 aspect ratio.

Now in 2019 the camera is still special and very popular under camera enthusiast, the go up to $3000,- on the secondhand market. For street photography, if I can afford it, this would be my dream camera. Buying a camera like this secondhand is not easy, which got me thinking: what if Fujifilm made a digital version of the TX-1 / XPan. I know the GFX camera’s have a panorama crop, but that’s not the same.

What would a digital version of the Fujifilm TX-1 look like:

  • The controls are already pretty similar to the Xpro camera, but the ISO dial will stay on the front. For the TX-2 / XPan 2 they removed it which not everyone liked.
  • One the back there will be a lilt touchscreen, just like the XT-3.
  • For the lens the same 45mm prime lens, fixt like the X100 with add-ons, or not.
  • The lens will have a manual focus clutch, like the 16mm f1.4.
  • The body will have a interchangeable body grip, like the XT100.
  • The sensor would be difficult for the aspect ratio, either two APS-C sensors side-by-side or a anamorphic system.
  • And the name will be Fujifilm XP-1, so we can’t confuse it with the existing XT-1.

So what do you think? This off course is my own concept of a digital version of the TX-1, but do you think Fujifilm should make a digital version?

Should Fujifilm make a digital XT-1 / XPan camera? I would love to know the opinion of the community.


I’d love it if you pointed to the new “LIVE TIME” feature of the OM-D E-M1 MarkII — this is a VERY helpful innovation for long exposure photography, and it immediately jumps to the top of my most-wanted features on my Fuji gear (X-H1 / X-T3). Great feature-specific review. The also-new “LIVE COMPOSITE” feature covered at the bottom of that page is not nearly as useful in this regard…


  1. Leveling/keystone … I have often wondered why I spend so much time editing to level the image, correct keystone, etc…. it would literally save hours and hours throughout the year if the camera could write the leveling data into the meta-data so programs like capture one or lightroom, others could take that automatically and apply the straightening/keystone corrections if you clicked that option?… something like that haha
  2. There is so much confusion in the industry about weather/water sealing etc…. adapting the “IP” standard would be oh so beneficial …. And probably save quite a few cameras too based on what I see in the facebook groups.
  3. This one might be a stretch but instead of going higher with the megapixel count on the x-series I’d like to see a 16 bit color file it would just help out and I believe it would complement the beautiful fuji colors and look we all love.
  4. This is for an accessory…. Ok so I live in a climate that … well it’s freezing and snowy in the winter. Fuji’s phone app is still pretty much terrible to be honest and this would skip the app making…. Since the cams have Bluetooth now I would like a bluetooth thumb controller that I could rest in my palm and control the basic settings with my thumb as well as take the photo or video…. Something that I could fit into my mittens! Haha many photographers including myself have probably pushed it a little too much with cold weather exposure on our hands and really the different photo gloves are just so clunky and many of us just end up giving up and taking our gloves off. A mitten friendly thumb controller is where it’s at haha


My one main request that i really really need fuji to add is better manual focus throw options. The throw on my favorite Fuji lenses without the linear scale is just way to far. Way to many rotations to go through the focal range. I know there is a non linear option but that doesn’t work for video. What I think they should have is degrees for linear like 90 – 360 ect similar to what the new Panasonic s1 does. At lease on the lenses that don’t have the scale which isn’t many.  For some fuji lenses it takes multiple full rotations to go through the focal range and that can be rough for video.


I am a proud XT-20 owner. I wanted to reach out with a suggestion for a feature that Fujifilm might be easily implemented with a firmware update, either for current cameras or future models: the ability to limit the range of the autofocus. In a sports setting, or for vloggers, it would prevent the camera from accidentally focusing on the background. It is better explained by dpreview here.

NOTE: the Fujifilm X-Pro3 has this feature


Could FujiRumors amplify a software problem that has long affected dual card X-series cameras? Perhaps, if Fujifilm hears it loud enough, they will fix the problem via a firmware update. I hope so.

When shooting JPEG + RAW, saving JPEGs to one card and RAWs to another actually impairs the usability of dual-card Fujifilm cameras. It has always been so and it is a shame. Flexibility to save JPEGs to “Card Slot 1” and RAWs to “Card Slot 2” is needed.


1. Dual card X-series cameras always write RAWs to “Card Slot 1” and JPEGs to “Card Slot 2” when “Set Up/Save Data Set-Up/Card Slot Setting (Still Image)” is set to “RAW / JPEG”

2. Dual card X-series cameras always read from “Card Slot 1” when the “Review” button is pressed. Although it is possible to then manually change the review to “Card Slot 2”, it is cumbersome to do so, and not permanent.

3. Only JPEGs can be enlarged to check eye focus (etc) after the “Review” button is pressed. RAW thumbnails cannot be enlarged enough to check eye focus.

If users save JPEG and RAW images to separate cards, they cannot enlarge their images after the “Review” button is pressed. This means that eye focus etc can’t be double checked during Review.

Saving JPEG and RAW images to separate cards is possible and, often, desirable from a user point of view, but doing impairs the usability of the dual-card Fujifilm cameras. Fujifilm X-Tx present implementation is uncharacteristically poor and illogical. It is a major and, in my view, unnecessary gotcha.

The well known (and only) work around to get sufficient enlarge-ability during Review (when shooting in the JPEG + RAW mode) is to set the “Set Up/Save Data Set-Up/Card Slot Setting (Still Image)” to BACKUP. It works, but results in JPEG and RAW files being interleaved on a single card. Not every user of a dual-card slot camera wants JPEG and RAW images interleaved on a single card. Instead, there is a lot to be said for having the option of separating RAW and JPEG files. Afterall,that is why the option is in the menu of Fujifilm dual-card slot cameras. Too bad that the option’s implementation is seriously flawed.

New firmware should either:
1) Save RAW files to “Card Slot 2” and JPEG files to “Card Slot” 1
2) Allow users to permanently chose which card slot to initially read from when pressing the “Review” button.

This firmware issue is a particular problem for new users of X-series dual-card slot cameras. Many can’t figure why their images can’t be magnified very much during Review and become disappointed with their camera. Of course, the issue has nothing to do with the camera. It is a just a bug that continues to live from one camera iteration to the next for some unknown reason.

The X-T2 ranks as one of my favorite cameras that I have ever used. I appreciate Kaizen and hope that it can be used to fix the illogical, but obscure issue that I’m highlighting here. It sounds nerdy and is hard to explain, but fixing the issue would help many users, and help them a lot.

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