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Fujifilm X-Pro2 “Reset Issue” :: How to Avoid Your X-Pro2 Customs Settings to be Reset to Factory Settings!



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There have been several reports here at the Fuji X Forum, about X-shooters setting all the custom functions on their Fujifilm X-Pro2, but they went all lost and the camera reset to the factory settings later on.

The reason for this is that the internal backup battery has not enough power to keep your settings, when the Fujifilm NP-W126 battery is removed or runs out of power (or any third party battery – check out this test about the best third party batteries)

To avoid this issue please ensure to fully charge your battery and do not remove it (or make it run out of power) for the first 24 hours. This will give your X-Pro2 enough time to charge the internal battery, which will then have sufficient power to keep your settings even if the battery is removed or empty.

Also please note, as written in the X-Pro2 Owner’s Manual (which I warmly recommend to read!):

If the battery is removed for an extended period, the camera clock will be reset and the language-selection dialog will be displayed when the camera is turned on.”

If the problem still persists even after letting a charged battery in the X-Pro2 for 24 hours, then you should contact your local Fuji support.

UPDATE: First Feedback from FR-readers in the comments: “The fact is, the battery is NOT the issue. How do I know? Mine reset without removing a fully charged battery for over 18 hours, still not removing it, just switched off the camera to change a lens, and switched it back on. Again, I DID NOT REMOVE THE BATTERY. Let’s be very clear.” If this occurs also to your X-Pro2, keep up sharing in the comments… you know that Fujifilm reads this blog.

You can be sure I’ll keep an eye on it!

If you find what you consider bugs or any issue related to the X-Pro2, feel free to share it here in the comments and/or at the dedicated X-Pro2 section of the Fuji X ForumX-Pro 2 FW 1.0 Problems / Quirks.

I hope this helps every X-Pro2 Shooter to avoid the “reset-issue”… and enjoy shooting with it :-)

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