Pro2 Late 2015

Fujifilm X-PRO2 coming “late 2015“ (top trusted Japanese source)


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Forget the grain of salt this time ;).

The X-PRO2 release date enigma has come to an end. The top trusted Japanese source just replied to my email. I asked the source when the X-PRO2 is likely to come, and the source said “X-Pro2 late 2015”.

I remind you that rumors say Fuji is waiting for a brand new sensor to be ready and this is the reason for the long waiting time.

Another remider: The X-A2 and the XQ2 are coming soon. The cheaper X-T1 sometimes this year (according to a source who was right in the past). So after a pretty hefty rumor start in this week, I thought it could be a good idea to make a little overview for you all.

X-camera 2015 roadmap

Coming soon:

– Fujifilm X-A2 with second generation of XC lenses
– Fujifilm XQ2

Coming in 2015

– cheaper X-T1 alike camera

Coming late 2015

– Fujifilm X-PRO2

Fujifilm X-PRO2 rumored specs list

(TS= trusted source / NeS =New Source / AS = Anonymous Source / ASwN = anonymous source with nick-name / SRP = source who was right in the past / ORS = other rumor sites)

– APS-C sensor (TS + ASwN + AS)
– 24MP sensor (ASwN) – More than 16MP (ASwN)
– dual SD card slot
– coming late 2015 (TS + ASwN)
– tilt screen (AS)
– WiFi (AS)
– Non organic ASP-C X-Trans sensor (ORS)
– Price about 20% to 30% more expensive than the X-T1 (AS)

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  • Thank you! Now we have something!

  • Whoop Whoop!! Fingers crossed!!

  • George Christofi

    I hope is not change time again.What about XT 2?

    • Patrick

      no word about an X-T2. Just a cheaper version of the X-T could come. But rumor has still to be confirmed by trusted sources

  • DouglasGottlieb

    @Patrick Why an XA2 and not an XM2? Still no EVF?

    • Patrick

      I don’t know. The X-A1 sold better than the X-M1 I think, so maybe they simply wanted to keep the name of the more successful camera. I have no information about an EVF. I hope, though, that it will have at least an external EVF option.

  • Marc Grimm

    The same people yelling for months for an X-Pro2 will be the most disappointed people once the camera arrives. They overhyped it and probably have absurdly high expectations. You need to calm down and relax.

    • Patrick

      Expectations are high for sure. But I would wait before saying that we will be disappointed. We should judge the camera once it’s real and we really see what it is capable of.

      • Marc Grimm

        Sure thing, but from forums and fujirumors I get the impression that the X-Pro2 is expected to be a game changer. Impossible at this point, if you ask me. The X-T1 already changed the game and made the X System more profitable. At a much higher price point, the X-Pro2 is a more niche like camera. It will probably be better but won’t change the game.

        • Patrick

          Fuji knows about the high expectation (which they in part created). In fact they wanted to release the pro2 (or pro1S) earlier, but I think they never really felt like it could match the high expectation.

          But apparently now they decided to launch it in late 2015… maybe this time they really feel ready to finally deliver what they promised: the famous “major breakthrough”

          • Yves

            I hope that by “major breakthrough” they don’t mean the jump from 16mp to ~24mp…

        • I won’t expect it to be a game changer, as you call it so well. Better to be pleased with a nice surprise, than disappointed. From my point of view, as I’ve said it before, if this X-Pro2 keep the same wonderful shape/size/weight/ergonomics and will bring everything new and good from X100T and X-T1 (+latest upgrades), I consider myself more than happy. The organic sensor is still far away, like a dream.

          • I assume we are on the same page. I just want an X-Pro that nails the promises:

            1. exposure dial that can be used in M mode without the aid of another, unlabelled dial (needs third or half stops)
            2. faster flash sync speed
            3. full metal bottom plate (not plastic/metal)
            4. weather sealed if possible
            5. faster-than-2003 card write speeds
            6. quieter shutter
            7. OVF which can be used, like the X100T, to check focus in AF or MF

            There is more, but I’m tired of typing.

            Anyway, I’m with Sebastian: same X-Pro, but fully realised instead of completely half-baked. If, after Fujifilm nail its signature product, they develop other SLR-wannabes for people that wish dSLRs were as small as they were in the 1980s and 1990s, they can, but get at least make your signature product a signature product.

            By all means: don’t use Olympus or Nikon or Canon as your sounding stone. Interface: Leica, but use your expertise in electronics to overcome hurdles Leica could never understand.

            Look around and emulate or better your boring Japanese SLR brethren when you make an X-T1 follow up or the next XE camera.

          • Absolutely right! And well said. Some opinions consider that X-Pro1 was an experiment. I consider it to be an elegant innovation. An experiment, too. All my regrets were about leaving behind this Fujifilm flagship while they just kept focusing on other products. Fine with me, that they need to expand their range of products, but I don’t understand why they keep investing time, money and other resources to develop this X-A, X-M products if they intend to close this line anyway. So true about this “dSLR” wannabe concept. Let Olympus and Sony deal with it. I’d like Fuji to come back to the philosophy that shattered the world back then : X100 and X-Pro. Amazing design, unique, actually they generate this vogue about “retro-style look” because Leica was more or less the same, in terms of look, but Fuji started this revolution. When I saw X100 and XPro design, I just stopped considering other alternatives, no second guessing. Fuji all the way! I need this feeling to come back and I need this feeling to be found in the future Fujifilm products.

          • David

            Take more photos and the feeling will matter less

        • As an owner of: X-Pro 1, X-T1, and X100s, I don’t see where the X-T1 is a game changer. It has dials and some more direct controls, but is overall a less demonstrative product than the X-Pro 1 (with all its misses) was.

          It’s another wannabe SLR targetted at the SLR-wanting crowd. Yet, it muddles the interface more than its competitors without providing any performance benefits.

          X-Pro and X100 are THE Fujifilm cameras that have a chance of demonstrating not only what Fujifilm can do, but to whom they can sell and market. They are the only cameras outside of Leica that aren’t basically wannabe SLR cameras.

          • You’re right about the Fujifilm desing & concept philosophy.

          • David

            But the X-T1 is selling better, isn’t it?

          • Yes, it is, proving that it is just another dSLR wannabe. It is nothing at all different to the market. Add dials and whoopee! You get a Fuji!

            I’m not arguing what’s selling to people that really want a compact dSLR. I am not one of those people. I’m arguing from the standpoint of uniqueness, a point for which only the X-Pro and X100 merit comment.

          • David

            Well, we’re all entitled to our opinion. I think that as a business, Fuji should probably stick to selling products that more people want, rather than fewer. And as for unique? I don’t need my camera to be unique. I want my photos to be unique, and the camera to be functional (which, for me, also means smallish, weather sealed-ish, fastish). I was an early adopter, owning both the X100 and the X-Pro1, and frankly the only thing missing from the X-Pro1, for me, is wifi control, and that just hasn’t been enough to make me buy the X-T1. But if my X-Pro1 broke today I would get the X-T1 and not worry about the X-Pro2

      • I have to agree with this. The first version was such an idea product that at its release, it had already burst bubbles. The 2nd version only has to do what the first tried, and failed, to do, and it will please most, if not all of the people that really want to love the X-Pro 1.

    • Cruyff9

      People whining about new cameras constantly, will be the most disappointed of all. Many “photographers” don’t even know the potential of the camera they already own, but keep on begging for something better.

      • fuji user

        Truth is that people who complain about modern cameras should focus on their own skills as photographers. Real professionals dont stay at websites whining about their gear…they do upgrade when soething better for the job comes along, but thay already produce excellent results with their current cameras…

        • Cruyff9

          Exactly, couldn’t agree more :-)

  • CIPA figures

    Cycle times of digital cameras will become longer and longer.

    Total sales volume of the digital camera market is back to the same level as 1997.
    That is the same number of cameras as were being solde before the digital imaging revolution began.

    In the days before digital cameras it was quite common to have life-spans of over 5 years. With the current stand of technology I don’t see a problem why the lifespan of the X-T1 or X-Pro 2 can’t be 5 years.

    People have been spoiled with a new camera every 18 month or so.

    • It’s not that the technology (MP, dynamic range, lenses, etc.) isn’t enough in the X-Pro 1; it’s that the X-Pro 1 is still a largely unusable camera.

      By unusable, I mean:

      1. It is slower to operate than both AF and MF film bodies (card write, EVF lag)
      2. You cannot determine exact focus through its one unique feature: OVF
      3. Unlabelled and slow flash sync speed
      4. Half plastic, half metal bottom bracket (which can crack)
      5. Slow review time
      6. lack of weather sealing

      It is a camera labelled ‘Pro’, but build to standards my wife’s now six-year old D5000 trumps. Fujifilm haven’t the brand image to charge exorbitant prices. They have to do the best to drag mediocre margins from mediocre to good products.

      I love the idea of the X-Pro 1, but as it is slower to operate than a film camera from the 1950’s I see only an idea and not a product. The new camera MUST NEEDS correct the issues, and others above before it even addresses what I think you are pointing at: the upgrade cycle: AF speed, MP, EVF resolution, etc.

      Idea is not equal to product. I hope very much that the next ‘Pro’ will be a GREAT benchmark camera, not a hopeful dream.

      And I hope to god it drops the horrible moniker: pro.

      • David

        Unusable? Huh, I haven’t had that problem

        • You didn’t read my explanation of ‘unusable’. By all defining points, unusable is apt. I love what the X-Pro 1 purported to be, but revile its misses.

          It is the only unique non-leica interchangeable lens camera on the market.

          • David

            I said the same to someone else above, but I don’t need a unique camera. My rationale for using Fuji is that at the size and price point, the lenses are better. The cameras are good enough. The AF isn’t blazing, but it’s fast enough for everything I do (and lots of pros too). I don’t even use the OVF that frequently, but when I do, the AF is accurate enough that I’m not worried about focus. Flash sync…OK, I’ll give you that one. Bottom plate also hasn’t troubled me, but then again I don’t frequently take plates on and off. Slow review time? I’m not sure what you mean but I assume you mean the lag between capture and review. hasn’t been a problem for me. And lack of weather sealing is really, really not a problem. I don’t shoot in hurricanes or haboobs. I made that choice long ago. I do shoot in snow, light rain, and sand, and my X-Pro has thousands of captures in all of those situations, with unsealed lenses to boot, and no problems.

          • Your rational is perfectly fine. But it is also true that Olympus’s finder lenses, say, are just as good performers, and as small, or smaller.

            Which isn’t to say that you should pick up an Olympus set. It _is_ to say that if the rational for purchasing Fujifilm is basic spec/benchmarks, they are in for a rough ride; if the sell isn’t about a product’s worth in the market because it caters not only to a unique market and offers a unique way of interacting with its owner, but that it is cost effective and/or small, it takes a competitor very little energy to wipe that product out.

            Every Japanese (and now Korean) camera company now competes on price, and has for 60 years. But most of them have folded, or are in the process of folding, or are left for dead to be bought and sold at a whim.

            Why? They are selling exactly what their competitors are selling, but not doing as good a job of marketing their mundane market position as another company making the same thing but with a different sticker on it.

            If Fujifilm get into the position that they sell X Trans and nothing else — in essence, technology only — upending them will be simple.

            As to my concerns about the X-Pro 1:

            1. write and review delay – this was the last straw for me. Afterward, I purchased an X100s, which was silent, and wrote the same size files to the same card about 5x as fast, though review time with it, too, is dismal as first the camera resets its lens to infinity, then it closes the shutter, then it switches to EVF. To return to shooting mode, the camera has to go back to all the previous settings: completely ridiculous for a camera at this price point, or any interchangeable lens camera to behave exactly like a point-shoot camera.

            I hope that my comments are read as coming from a critical eye, not a troll. The X-Pro 1 and X100 are the only unique (read: attract long-term, specific shooters) cameras outside of Leica on the non-modular market.

            But succumbing to short-sighted mass market lures will probably sink them. Fujifilm are composed of engineers that _want_ to tackle problems in a unique way. They want their shooters to be Fujifilm shooters. But the more they define their products by mass market terms and cater to the baited switcher, the more they stand to fail.

            Which is why I wish the X-Pro 1 had been released when it truly was ready, when it could write to and read from cards at normal speeds, when exact AF targets could be confirmed via the OVF, when its body construction was thought through to include proper fasteners, metal seams, etc.

            A close shot, but too far to make a real mark beyond wishful memory.

            BTW: I wrote impressions of the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 and A7r base plates after a single use with a Benro Arca Swiss foot:

  • Carlos Lacroze

    So, the XQ2 it is, and there won’t be any X70 or whatever between the X30 and the X100T? Any hint on an X40 or a X100T alike with a fixed zoom lens then?

    • Patrick

      no, the X70 was rumor of 2013, and definitely in their plans. They dismissed plans later on… and apparently still have no plans to make it.

      I have no information about another fixed lens camera.

      • Carlos

        Thanks, Patrick. A huge dissapointment.

        I need the X-perience, but would have liked a better sensor/lens combination for the X30, in the path of the X100T, or something more aligned to the LX100 or RX100III, BUT FUJI.

  • Tomáš Tuček

    Don´t hurry Fuji, time enough to buy the 16/1.4 and make some new money for the X-Pro2.

  • I find the XQ2 more interesting than the X-Pro2. I guess I’m weird. :p I’m interested in whether Fujifilm has some new form of small sensor to surprise us with.

    • Segments are good. I think a lot of people bought into the Fujifilm engine thinking they didn’t like SLRs. Then, when they used faux-rangefinder cameras, they realised they wanted an SLR.

      The XT and XE series are there for those people. And they do a reasonable job.

      • The Faux-Rangefinder as you call it is what created the attraction. I am more than happy with the shape/design/size/weight/ergonomics of my X-Pro1. It’s just the performance that is waaaay behind our days. And I don’t long for a SLR shaped camera.

        • DouglasGottlieb


        • And for those, longing for the SLR format shape, isn’t this a beautiful source of inspiration for the next X-T2?

          • Yogi

            That’s a gorgeous piece of kit.

    • If you already got a X-T1, then indeed, no rush for X-Pro2!
      And you seem to hold a X100s on your picture… so even less rush!!

  • So… Less than a year till another whine wave, this time for the lack of almighty organic sensor and absence of a magic button that supposedly turns mediocre shooter into Oscar Barnack award winner. Brace for impact!

    • Most of the people around here don’t think a better camera will make a better photographer, but your point is so true. Just people.. expecting things that exists in Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, etc. And hopes for a better tool as long as we are in 2015.

    • Welarbia Munkizunkel

      And so many months for the freaks to go batshit crazy with impossible features, only to be disappointed when the real thing emerges. I want the X-Pro2 to be bulletproof, make me taller, and come complete with an espresso dispenser. If my demands are not met, I will have a temper tantrum like any responsible four year old. Waaaaaa!

    • DouglasGottlieb

      As a shooter with plenty of headroom to grow, I’d like to offer on behalf of other amateurs everywhere that our armchair product managing is not so much whining as providing constructive feedback.

      And while all current cameras may exceed my ability to extract every bit of performance out of them, I still like to see all technology improve.

      Do you own a computer? Do you want a faster, better, smaller, sexier one? Are you getting everything you can get out of it?

      Or your car? Would you want more horsepower and more MPG, better controls, new style? :)

      • As of right now, I sit deep in a beanbag with Macbook Air on my lap, iPad Air (outfitted with Otterbox) to my left on the floor. A Macbook Pro are busy rendering jpegs near my left leg. Life is good, I don’t need any sexier computers, thank you :)

        I totally understand and share the desire for “better, faster, stronger” hardware. I would’ve loved if Fuji released XP1s with just a few hardware improvements (X-Sync dial position, 3 stops of expocorrection, etc). And I’d definitely enjoy XP2, no matter what set of new features (and gripes) it will bring to the table.

        My comment was more addressed to the very special fan group that I call “Fuji whiners”. Some of them are actually Sony users with severe case of buyers remorse, others are probably trying to justify not buying their object of desire… Anyhow, all these people do is booing pretty much any new camera, lens or accessory that comes to market. I won’t call it a feedback. Feedback is good, whining is destructive.

        • Indeed!

        • DouglasGottlieb

          Agreed. Trolls gotta troll. Nothing constructive there. Funny sometimes. Keep rendering out those I WANT TO BELIEVE posters. I want one.

  • Temptation is simply irresistible. Patrick, you should hang it on your wall :)

    • Patrick

      LOL! amazing… will make a big print as soon as I’m at home. Just let me finish lunch at my favorite restaurant first ;)

      • DouglasGottlieb

        The restaurant is pretty cool, but I still think having a MOUNTAIN named after the camera company is even cooler! ;)

        • Meaning of Fuji: “dweller near the river where wisteria grows”

          • DouglasGottlieb


          • Patrick

            nice one… at the beginning it was too complicated for my English skills. had to look for “dweller and “wisteria” in the dictionary… I learn a lot here on Fujirumors ;)

          • Japanese people are so creative and their expressions are so poetic. I’d like to see some poetry in Fujifilm products (backed-up by some top performance). It’s about time.

    • DouglasGottlieb


  • DouglasGottlieb

    Something definitely went amiss with the XPro roadmap.

    Something big slipped. Or isn’t happening.

    In retrospect, an XPro1s and XPro1t would have been very welcomed. It still would be, really. Everything about that camera seems about right. Just give it all of Fuji’s latest and greatest tech and it would be a winner.

    But pushing it back another year seems like a recipe for disappointment. Expectations (mine included) will be for something revolutionary, not evolutionary.

    Kaizen is about evolutionary, frequent iteration. And every Fuji X camera has benefited from that approach except for the flagship.

    Why? Someone please tip off @Fujirumor:disqus with some inside info!

    • Roy

      Didn’t the X-Pro1 also get its share of Kaizen firmware updates?

      • DouglasGottlieb

        Yes, definitely on the software side. Good point. I should have specified HARDWARE. They’ve certainly given it great software support. But that only can go so far.

      • Roy, when X-T1, already a spaceship, gets (let’s say) 27 upgrades and X-Pro1 gets only ONE… you call that fair kaizen?

        • Roy

          No, I don’t. But the X-Pro1 didn’t get only one upgrade, did it?

          • Of course, but I was talking about this latest Major Update Campaign, when every other model got a lot of things and X-Pro1 got the AF+MF Mode. Of course, it’s old and the hardware will not permit the other upgrades from the newer models, but X-Pro1 was the Flagship. At least some other things could be improved, but they were too busy to make X-T1 even more powerful – no more time and money to put ESP and Cruise Control in a VW GOLF 1st generation. And I understand that, but I just can’t shake that disappointment feeling.

    • You are confusing Kaizen with consumerism.

    • Yes, they could easily have made a X-Pro1s with the 16Mpx sensor, dual SD slot and a few improvements.
      Today I saw the X-Pro1 still on sale at a major camera store in Osaka… priced 120,000 JPY and I wondered who would put that money when you can get the X-T1 for about the same price…

      • They just keep this price because once, X-Pro1 was the Fujifilm flagship, even if it’s the slowest and weakest. I just don’t know if I should keep my X-Pro1 or sell it.

        • Convert it to infrared. HVF should be incredibly handy for infrared photography.

          • My budget is very tight. Romanian paychecks are… incredibly small. Maybe when I’ll move out to a better place, I’ll just enter into a world of normality. I need a camera to do not just infrared photography, but all kind of photography (excepting wildlife and sports).

          • Romanian paychecks. Romanian. Sorry, I just loled a little. Do you have any idea how Romanian paychecks look compared to Belorussian? That’s right, I live in a friggin’ Belarus! %)

            Romanian paychecks. A week of camping around Sibiu, and you’re stocked on stock photography (pun intended) for years. Same in a vicinity of Sulina, and your stock income just doubled. Should I even mention Brasov, especially off-season?!…

            If you do photography for a living, you may want to have something special that separates you from the crowd. In a world of cookie cutter Romanian photographers, an infrared might be just that little extra that people need to book you instead of the other guy. Just sayin’.

          • It’s something to seriously think about. I always follow and appreciate your comments. And learn from them. Fujirumors is a nice place to be. :)

          • DouglasGottlieb

            It is much warmer this week in Belarus than it is in New York. And don’t get me started on the rent ;)

          • Never liked NY, so I won’t even offer to trade places. Let’s trade paychecks instead! =)

          • DouglasGottlieb

            I’ll buy you a beer next time you’re in New York. You can buy me one next time I’m in Russia!

          • That last part probably ain’t happening anytime soon, but I may hold you on that beer promise: for whatever wicked reason, I shoot a wedding in NY every 3 or 4 years. Never advertised for NY market. Ever.

          • Agree, I am from there… Just need to work abroad to pay for my cameras, no time to visit Sibiu or Brasov now.

        • sidtw

          Hey, I am in NY, too, right now! Nice weather. Cold, dry, sunny. Love it.

    • Yogi

      Your response is exactly what I was thinking. What happened?

      We had two XT-1s within a year. 3 X100s since 2011. An XE1 and an XE2. I was a very early adopter of the X Pro 1 and feel a bit ashamed.

      I own the X100s (and owned the x100), an X-Pro 1 and the 10-24, 23, 35, 56, and 55-200 lenses. On hearing the news on the “X Pro 2” release date today I did the unthinkable and sold the Xpro 1 and my lenses and bought the Sony Alpha 7 II. My impression is that Fuji made the business decision to focus on the mid range cameras (BTW, I think the XT-1 is gorgeous) to the detriment of their early “pro” offering. To consider the XPro 1 the flagship is nonsense, it’s now a third generation camera that – while still feels great in the hand – is an outdated dinosaur.

      • sidtw

        Outdated? But it still captures awesome pictures. The reasons why I bought this camera are still valid. What really matters is picture quality. Gimmicks are secondary.

        • Yogi

          OK, I don’t consider a sensor from 2011 a gimmick, but we all have our own opinions.

      • DouglasGottlieb

        The A7ii tempts me too. I’d even consider using it will an M adapter and just shooting legacy glass. But it could not be my only system. What lenses did you get/are you going to get? And how’s the shutter sound? That seemed like a deal breaker for event and street photography (two things I like to shoot). Is it quiet? Any electronic shutter option?

  • Things got hot around here. If Fujifilm is reading this awesome blog, well… Patrick, it’s time for a pool. What we’d like to find in this new X-Pro2. After you finish your meal in that lovely restaurant.

    • DouglasGottlieb

      XPro2 Today:

      * Weather sealing
      * Dual cards
      * Better burst, faster cache clearing
      * Better autofocus
      * Better hybrid VF
      * 24 megapixels, same low noise performance
      * Classic chrome :)

      XPro2 in a Year:

      * All of the above, plus a revolutionary new sensor

      • A very decent and doable list. I will vote for it! :)

        • DouglasGottlieb

          I fear that we’ll get the top portion in a year, but not the bottom. :) And it will be a great camera. But a strange wait.

        • I just don’t have the strength to concentrate to my work at the office. I am literally glued to this page.

      • * Friggin’ rear sync!

    • Patrick

      “time for a pool”? Oh how I’d love that!! … but if you’re asking for a poll, well, you put the suggestions, and I’ll make the poll… in the pool ;)

      • Douglas made a list I will vote for. Some other improvements :

        * Exposure Compensation will work anytime, with +/-3 EV steps.
        * Better battery life with a more realistic battery level indicator.
        * EVF of X-T1 performance.
        * OVF of X100T performance.
        * 24 MP with same low light noise performance or less MP and better performance.
        * PDAF of course
        * Lens Modulation

        Just a few aspects that complete the previous list.

        • DouglasGottlieb

          I’d also add some obvious things:

          * WiFi
          * Faster flash sync
          * Wireless flash system support
          * Silent shutter (electronic)
          * Higher maximum shutter speed
          * Lower native ISO
          * Instax support
          * Tilting, touch LCD (controversial, but I’d like it)

          • Everything X-T1 and X100T can do. And something more! Is this the new Fujifilm flagship, or what?

          • Lumen

            An internal RAW to TIFF converter.

          • Lumen

            Fuji shouldn’t pack ‘Sillypigs’ anymore, instead they should develop themselves a real external FUJI RAW converter.

          • David

            no, please, do not develop their own raw converter. I want easier workflow. Pick one of the majors (Adobe, CaptureOne etc) and make the conversion the best possible.

        • Lumen

          Nice, also add sensor-ibis.

        • David

          I would really like to see the histogram and blinkies in the preview image

      • David

        Oops, meant to put this here. I would really like to see a histogram and the blinkies (not sure of the technical name, but where it shows over and underexposed areas) in the preview image. Most cameras, including my wife’s 6 year old compact, have this.

        • DouglasGottlieb

          “Zebra stripes”

  • Luca

    Well, if Fuji will not allow X-Pro2 to focus at least -2EV and reach AF performace at Sony A6000 level (at least), than I do not not see it in my bag for payed work but rather for hobby. I would also prefer a bit smaller body for APS-C – XPro1 is pretty big. And remember Sony is releasing high end APS-C (A7000) with improved AF PDAF and new 24MP sensor + new lenses in first part of this year, and this year a new Pro FF (A9), probably also new A7sII and A7R, X-Pro2 will be on the maket next year, seems too late, unless XPro2 will offer something really special to compate with others. For 2016 year 24MP APS-C, PDAF, -/+3 exposure compensation, WiFi, and ilting LCD, does not sound “special”.

    • They are all hitech, but suck when talking about lenses.

    • Seriously? You’re comparing Fuji with Sony E-mount bodies? I’m not sure about other working pros, but I would never consider Sony for stills. Fuji has a unique proposition for two reasons (more for the x100t).
      1) unique, beautiful colours. I’ve been a RAW shooter all my career, yet I find myself using JPEGs now with Fuji’s amazing colours. I’m in love with Classic Chrome, but PROVIA is also nice, and RAF files work nicely with my NEFs.

      2) Lenses. Fuji lenses are magic, they have poetry, even that tiny thing sitting in front of the x100t. Sony E-Mount lenses (now neglected for the FE push) are far more inconsistent both in pricing and quality.

      Fuji’s market is more niche, SONY is more consumer oriented. You’ll notice more NEX bodies in general (still a minority compared to Canikon) – but among working pros or serious amateurs? You can bet the opposite is true. Generally, those people who believe lenses are more important than bodies and numbers on a paper. I’m in that group ;)

      • tiredOfCsaba

        bla bla bla – the same garbage over and over

        • Hubabuba

          The truth hurts – Your comment shows it.

        • Good!

      • fujiowns

        Yeah X100 lens has poetry. It makes you a pro photographer. Sony? No way it can be used for pro shooting because the lenses are so boring, Zeiss is losing magic because it designs lenses for Sony bodies! Those amateur oriented bodies! Can’t believe that…RX1 is the worst compact ever made. You see that bulky head in from of the RX1? And the price! Sony knows nothing about giving a pro price tag for their cameras.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    If comment count is an indicator of customer interest, maybe Fuji will notice how many comments this XPro thread has generated in just one morning (even if you exclude all of mine) :)

    • That’s already evening in Europe :)

      • DouglasGottlieb

        Oops. My American is showing. And what’s worse, one with a Steinberg-esque view of the world (native New Yorker) on top of that. Apologies to the rest of the planet for the gaff.

        • Never apologize for being American or even americentric. This is just as silly as apologizing for being anthropocentric. No matter how cosmopolitan our self perception is, in fact we all are something-centric :)

          • DouglasGottlieb

            I’m happy to be an American. Even if we don’t sound as smart as the British.

    • Patrick

      find the difference ;)

      • DouglasGottlieb

        The difference is even more obvious now :)


    If the rumor is true and a7000 is going to be a rangefinder style camera for $699 I wonder for how long will Fuji keep selling x100t as such high price.

    • As long as it does that no other recent APS-C camera does on the planet. Sync like a medium format, hybrid viewfinder technology, the wonderful film simulation modes (having shot RAWs all my professional careers, now I find trusting CC for the kind of events I shoot, and end up using JPEGs 99% of the time. SONY’s jpegs are nothing to write home about. And lets not forget direct instax print, the best remote control app, and a host of other nifty things.

      You can’t serious compare the X100T to a6/7000 style Sony bodies. Different audience. More pro oriented, especially strobist, street, travel or event shooters, those who like the poetry of Fuji’s colours. I shot a huge event over the weekend, big media presence, dual wielding the Nikon d800 (with a 85mm prime) and the x100t, and 80% of the shots come from the latter, most straight from the camera, just some minor cropping in LR.

      Most importantly, Fuji’s lenses are in a whole different ballpark. This tiny thing on the X100T is just amazing, especially in backlit/flare induicing situations, the rendering is poetry. But this is generally true of Fuji XF lenses.

    • David

      what lens would a potential a7000 buyer plan to attach to the a7000 that gives it the same form factor as the X100T? And that’s just one thing. They really are different markets.

      • SEQLAR

        I was thinking about putting an MF voigtlander on it and if not that then Sony E 20mm F2.8 is another option. I wouldn’t be using this camera for portraits but rather shoot at f8 and f11 on the streets.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    How about this for a poll:

    Which XPro would you prefer:

    * one with the latest and greatest Fuji tech TODAY
    * one with new, mystery features at the end of 2015
    * the current one, now that the price has dropped -or- I still love my XPro1
    * I’m waiting for the one with the organic sensor that may or may not arrive in 2-3 years
    * I’m going FF or MF and am outta here

    @Fujirumor:disqus @sebastianboatca:disqus @trentontalbot:disqus

    • I feel no rush, but when XP2 hits the market I’ll most likely retire my current backup body (XE2) for an infrared conversion or use as a drone camera, and my current main body (XT1) will become a backup. As simple as that.

    • David

      *Definitely not option 1. No need.
      *Probably option 2
      *I am in camp three, but again, option 2
      *No, because in 2-3 years Sony and Samsung will have created the Vulcan mind meld chip
      *No. Back and bank account are too weak

      • Just current tech wouldn’t be a good reason an X-Pro2. For me, not much is missing, and is probably doable within a reasonable time frame. Some AF improvements, flash improvements (remote TTL, better sync speed, rear curtain sync), 24 megapixels with slightly improved SNR (to keep noise in check). I’d buy a camera with those, but I understand why people would expect more the longer the launch is delayed.

        I would expect Fuji to be able to launch a camera with the above in the first half of the year. For longer wait (end of 2015?) I would expect some nice surprise in Fuji’s bag in addition to those features. Nothing fancy like a vulcan mind meld, just maybe good video (Fuji claims on focusing in video problems), or significant AF improvements could come along.

        • DouglasGottlieb

          It seems like the camera you are describing could have been released by now, or in short time, and would not need another year of development, had that been the original road map.

          • David

            I am wondering whether or not Sony is the chokepoint. Fuji is essentially taking Sony sensors and tweaking them right? What if Sony isn’t selling its sensors? Olympus is apparently about to release an E-M5 II with the same sensor as the E-M5, and Oly has a quasi “partnership” with Sony. If this is the case, it might mean that either Fuji has had to wait for the 24mp sensor, or they are developing their own.

          • Everyone is trying to develop their own sensors – every single mirrorless player, just look at the recent patent applications for example. Organic sensors, nano sensors, graphene sensors, you name it. But with the current tech – yeah, Sony seems to be the choke point.

          • Not necessarily. I know Fuji’s working on flash, but it’s not there yet, and previously I assumed a new flash system should materialize alongside the X-Pro2. I’d assume if they had better AF right now, it would have come with the recently released X100T.

            I think these improvements are within the realm of possibility within 6 months, waiting longer people would expect more.

    • Patrick

      I’d go for the second.

      I’ll keep it in mind for a future poll ;)

    • Tough question. I still have my Nikon system, just waiting on a few things. But since I got the x100t, I’m in heaven. Love that little thing so much. Just shot a major show with the d800 + 85mm and the x100t. 80% of images shipped are from the x100t. I used a slightly tweaked Classic Chrome profile, shooting RAW+JPEG, and I was shocked at the quality of the latter. Apart from cropping, I didn’t need any editing for most of them. Just used them as is (many times the RAWs would have needed more tweaking).

      I loved this show, knew many of the artists performing (I shoot artits most of the time), and they love the photos. I guess it’s clear where I’m heading with this – I wish I had the x-t1+56mm in my other hand. What I’m waiting for is
      1) better sync speed (hence the x100t as my choice of entry into the Fuji world).
      2) TTL if possible. Mostly I use manual, but I have some wacky projects that require TTL for off-camera flash. REAR CURTAIN SYNC for the same project.
      3) I’ve been shooting a 36 megapixel camera for 2 years now, and still impressed with the sharpness of the x100t. Still, 24 would be nice.

      The long wait for the X-Pro2 does tax my patience a bit, I must admit. I would take an X-Pro2 now only with the above features present: better sync speed, TTL, Rear Curtain Sync, 24 megapixels, same X-Trans technology is fine, if SNR is improved a bit. Otherwise, I’d rather wait.

    • 2 with some more surprises.

    • Caerolle

      I dont even understand the appeal of the X-Pro at all, so I would say none of them. I love the OVF in my dSLR, but the limited one in a rangefinder? Yuck.

      The last one, I guess. I already went FF, but because I gave up on Fuji ever giving me a system with what I need, and moved on, not because I really wanted a larger sensor.~

      • hmmm

        Funny that you say you have moved on yet here you are still following news about fuji. Probably you were just curious with what’s all the hoopla but in reality dslr is more your inclination as demost rated in your post. Nothing wrong with that but I I see no relevance to your response as it doesn’t add anything to the discussion other than you declaring you like dslrs.

        • Caerolle

          Yes, I still follow Fuji very closely. I like what they do with their lenses, optically, better than any of the other mirrorless systems, and I prefer APS-C. I am hoping at some point they make something with an X-T1-type body, but with modern controls. And they need another rev or two on some other things. Plus, a macro. One hole for me they are supposedly filling with a 16. So, to me, Fuji has the most promise of eventually being what I want. That is why I follow them. The reason I am reading an X-Pro thread is that I truly am interested in understanding what in the world is appealing about it. I think it is something that you just get, or you don’t…

  • Turlututu

    I wonder if existing lenses AF performance could improve with new body of is at the maximum with X-T1. Any idea ? (35mm and 56mm especially)

    • Patrick

      AF speed depends on:
      1) sensor
      2) algorithm
      3) lens

      ad 1) a new sensor with wider phase detection area could improve AF speed on any lens
      ad 2) a new firmware could improve AF on any lens
      ad 3) no way to improve the 35 and 56 here.

      • Turlututu

        Thanks Patrick. any idea if 35 / 56 AF motors could be limiting factor ?

        • Patrick

          At a certain point it could be a limiting factor. But I believe that new sensor tech and firmware can still improve the performance of those lenses.

      • You forgot:

        4) Motor;
        5) Amount of power supplied to that motor.

        • Patrick

          oh, with lens I actually meant the constuction of the lens, so also the motor. But I did not consider #5

          • Then you’ll have to also consider:

            6) Weight of the optical block that has to be moved in order to focus :)

        • Processor/s.

          • That loosely fits in #2… but yeah, the CPU is important.

          • MJr

            If cpu fits in 2) then surely your 4), 5), and 6) all fit in 3), literally. ^.^

          • On a serious note, we should be considering 2 different processors: one in the lens itself (controller that commands AF motor what to do) and the camera’s processor. AF and “fly by wire” MF speeds depend on both chips. How much on each one, we probably never gonna know, but (look ma, no hands!) MF lag is substantially bigger with 35/1.4 mounted on X-E1 when compared to the same lens mounted on an X-T1. That most likely means that the rotation signal are processed in camera, and only then sent back to the lens.

  • Adam Spenver

    24MP on a APC sensor means their small individual pixels, the current 16MP ones equate to 36MP on a full frame. The incredable Low Light and Dynamic range of the A7s, DF, D4s would only equal about 8MP on a APC sized base. I’d be happy to drop a little 12 or 14 large pixels, if it gives me better low light, better low light focusing (A7s can focus in the dark) and more dynamic range. (note I don’t like the Sony JPegs or plastic feel, look of body and prefer OVF also).

    What I do want – Faster AF, Sports fast, I use a Leica M9 (I love the CCD sensor look too much to give it up) and M3 (my Dad bought this when I was born),to take picturers of things that arn’t moving.

    High End Video – as above my other cameras don’t shot video, so I want this to be the do everything else camera, but with OVF, familar RF look and feel and ability to use Leica glass.

    HSS flash.

    Weather sealing.

    Supplied with different Fuji designed, influenced RAW converter.

    No unexpected user interface oversights.

    No enginerring oversights, i.e. battery door, light leek.

    And as a more radical idea, a hybrid sensor, Full frame that only activates the centre 14/16MP when APS-C lenses are attached, but engages (via menu) Full
    frame when a Full frame lens is attached. For now that means lenses via adapter, most M lenses are Manual Focus and therefore fit the small form ethos. I’d then like Fuji to develop 3 or 4 Full frame very high end lenses, where Professionals have the option to splurge on their specialised focal length. And enable a hybrid system, APCS telephoto’s small form, high quality APCS for all requirements and FF for those who need it or want to use their M glass. I see this as a differentiator that would give Fuji a chance against the ever improving Sony’s A7II, A9.

  • DiBo

    We need to understand that shareholders only care about money and growth, not models in the Fuji imaging division. We all assume that a player like Fuji this kind of decision as part of a global strategy. However, I can only adhere to the skepticism some seem to express (if of course these rumors fully reflect the truth). In fact, the technological progress for the X-series bodies seem to have come to a complete standstill – waiting for something new (very new?) but still one year away. By then, the 16MP is a very, very old sensor, with a really not up to data performance (most of all in ISO-performance and true resolution, important for f.i. landscape photographers). This looks frightening to me – see what competition is doing . I’m also not so convinced that Fuji can really deliver something better in camera-technology than what the FF-brothers do now (yet it might look better, which is also a commercial factor). The conclusion I tend to make is that something major in that roadmap for 2015 must be hidden to us. Most of all I fear that terrible cutting knife of the Fuji-management – like it worked for a quite a few (good) ranges before, ‘if the return is not good enough, just kill it instead’. Pricing down models and lenses all the time and an increased focus on a more low-cost segment with the X-A2/XQ2 might be one signal, already, that these yet promising X-series don’t bring enough money to keep the system floating.

    • DouglasGottlieb

      M43 is in the same boat. Fuji and M43 have plenty of room to innovate on features, build quality, ergonomics and style, but are “stuck” at 16 megapixels. Nearly everyone is beholden to Sony’s sensor division. This would be a good time for Canon to make a mirrorless play, but of course, they won’t. Or can’t. And Sony doesn’t seem to understand that many people buy systems (and want native glass), not just bodies with lots of features.

      • When I had my Canon 60D and 4 lenses, I really hoped for Canon to do something nice on the mirrorless side. Nothing. Some years after that, still nothing. Guess they rely on Sony sensors and maybe more tech from Sony, or they just don’t care, yet.

      • At least Sony dropped their schtick with memory stick.

        • DouglasGottlieb

          And the proprietary hot shoe. Progress?

          • They inherited that hotshoe from Minolta, and I actually liked it better than ISO one… for everything except compatibility, of course.

          • DouglasGottlieb

            Other than that, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?

          • “A sub? It sank.”

      • Arnold Newman

        For all their money and technical prowess, Canon can’t seem to design a modern sensor that is competitive with what Sony is doing.

        I wish I understood what is so technically challenging about putting an X-Trans color array on top of any current sensor. Clearly Sony has moved on from the 16MP sensor for their own bodies. If you believe the rumors Fuji wants to offer more megapixels too. So why is it taking so long so get it done?

        I always felt like Canon offered the very minimum amount of innovation possible that would tempt users to upgrade—far less than they were capable of—but I never worried that the pace of innovation was limited by financial or technical resources (sensors aside). With Fuji my concern is that the limitation is financial and, maybe, technical.

        • DouglasGottlieb

          Canon seems to feel that they are untouchable, so are ignoring mirrorless. Their market share may be superior, today but one day they’ll wake up and wonder why new customers and enthusiasts are not buying Canon cameras. By then, it may be too late for them. They’re too big to fail and vanish, but could become another Microsoft.

      • Raz

        It’s not Sony’s fault, it’s physics as much as anything. There’s only so small you can make pixels and get a worthwhile increase in resolution vs. increased noise. Not to mention the demands it places on the optics in front of it.

        • DouglasGottlieb

          On the contrary: it is the fault of anyone who is dependent for allowing themselves to be dependent on Sony for such critical parts. Sony’s sensors, however, seem to be the very best. What ***IS*** Sony’s fault is the way they are not rolling out native lenses for E and FE cameras fast enough, and for the confusion they inflicted on their A mount customers.

          • Raz

            Sony is a consumer electronics company through and through, they don’t see cameras as functional tools for creatives, but rather like toasters and microwaves. Every few months there’s a new design and a few new features to try and keep the brand looking fresh and relevant. It’s a pretty sad state of affairs and why they’re going down the tube slowly but surely.

          • Markthetog

            As Sony seems to be THE player in sensor supply it is a little disingenuous to suggest that the other manufacturers could just start up their own fabs and kick Sony’s butt. If it were that easy we would see everyone with their own sensor recipe. Maybe Samsung is the next big player here?

          • DouglasGottlieb

            Samsung could be the one to watch. Or maybe like Sony, they’re too big and unfocused to get such a small niche “right.”

    • If anything, Fuji IS not pricing down any bodies or lenses. Just look at what SONY is doing to see what pricing down means.

      I do hope for some technological improvements (better AF, 24mpx for X-Pro2, flash improvements) – but the most important part of the ecosystem, the lenses, are there. There is no way in hell I’d consider Sony for anything but video for this reason alone (and there are many others).

    • Raz

      Realistically beyond pure marketing hype, there isn’t that much more head room for APS-C beyond 16 megapixels. 24 is likely the practical limit, after that your lenses aren’t going to be resolving any more detail and you’re just decreasing your signal to noise ratio. I’m sure the minute Sony sensors are available that offer a tangible increase in sensitivity or dynamic range Fuji will leap on them, but they’re not playing in the already dead megapixel marketing war thankfully.

  • Michael

    What this means is 2016, And they are totally in shock about Sony A7II and its FF 5axis ios. Fuji in fact, has nothing major planned then for 2015 it seems.

    • We are definitely doomed. Let’s quit photography and find a real job!

    • Raz

      Yes I’m sure they’re completely surprised that Sony is churning out a new camera body every month. That’s completely out of character for them.

    • DiBo

      See my post below – I share the same concern. It’s not only Sony (I’m not even so affraid for the A7II, but the A9 could easily become the mainstream pick for many professionals). The rumors are increasing by the day that in 2015 also Nikon & Canon will also enter the MILC arena with more credible products than they have now. And don’t underestimate the growing credibility of that ‘side’ market, Ricoh, Sigma (also looking into FF…Foveon!) and Samsung (APS/C, 28MP, an excellent sensor btw). Not sure what the future for the X-series will be after a complete technological standstill in body-design – for a full two years at the end of 2015. Please Fuji, take care.

  • Mark Harrington

    Good news! I for one am prepared to wait, but I think Fuji will lose a few people between now and q4 2015 who aren’t truly at one with the X-pro experience and can’t wait to buy new gear…

    • bestiq?

      Have to trust?? Sorry I like Fuji but at this point I don’t trust. They told us no organic coz it’s far from ready and no FF coz top IQ is not what they aim at. No fixed lens FF x200, no organic sensor, no nothing but beautiful retro body. So beautiful that many fans still claim to wait another year for an APSC 24M.

      • Mark Harrington

        I take your point, but I can’t for the life of me imagine where Fuji have said they don’t aim for top IQ. To my mind, it’s what Fuji X is all about. I just find it difficult to berate them as a company for a product which isn’t out yet and nobody knows anything about!

  • Clint

    Wow…end of 2015…really??? So, basically what this means is by the end of the year Fuji will have an X-Pro2 priced somewhere near $1600 (likely more). By then I can buy a used A7II for probably no more than $1300…not to mention the rumored Sony A9 that is coming.

    I love my old X-Pro1 and Fuji lenses are awesome…but that A7II is looking better every day.

    • Cruyff9

      Will Sony finally put out some more fast glass in 2015? 55 1.8… And what more? Something more interesting than constant F4 lenses, perhaps?

      • Clint

        Sony just announced a 35mm 1.4 that is supposed to be out this year…that said, there are a tonne of Leica/Zeiss/Voigtlander lenses that will work with an adapter…not to mention Canikon etc etc.

        • Cruyff9

          The need to work hard on their lineup, but at least 35 1.4 is a start. It probably comes with a hefty price tag, most suitable for working professionals.

          • Markthetog

            And size and weight that will make everyone whine yet again.

          • Cruyff9

            Yes, the whining will continue…

          • Clint

            I doubt that an A7II with the 35mm 1.4 will be any smaller than my X-Pro1 with the 23mm….and the Sony would most likely have better image quality AND shallower DOF (if you’re into that sort of thing).

          • Clint

            Sorry, meant to say doubt the Sony would be ‘any bigger than the Fuji’.

      • Kevin

        I truly believe that Sony’s top priority is creating new cameras to showcase their sensor tech so Nikon, Olympus, Fuji and Apple (do others use their sensors?) continue to buy them. They have that magnificent 36mp FF sensor used in the D810 and A7R, the 12mp FF sensor in the A7S, the 24mp sensor with IBIS in the A7ii, and of course their 24mp APS-C sensors with a bazillion on-chip phase detect pixels.

        That’s why I went with Fuji.

      • Sony chose to create a nice body and make it compatible with a lot of legacy glass. They even implemented IBIS…
        That way they don’t have to bother about glass!

        Most of the photo blogs I follow where Sony shooters post pictures, they are all using third party glass (canikon, leica, whatever).

        Fuji, as a glass specialist, has a different approach: great lenses line-up and a bit slower body line.

    • Raz

      So go buy one, you don’t have to exclusively use one camera system you know…

      • Clint

        …because I’m not made of money and don’t need to own a Fuji AND the Sony. That said, I do still own a Canon 5D2 so maybe that will go on the block.

        • Raz

          Well have you looked at the price of Sony lenses? Because that is a system where you need to be made of money if you want to move beyond the kit zoom.

          • Clint

            Who said anything about Sony lenses?? I could buy a Zeiss 50mm ZM Planar right now used on Ebay for $700….or numerous other 50mm lenses from Canikon/Pentax whomever for even cheaper…all which work perfectly with the proper FOV. The only Sony lens I find remotely interesting is the nely announced 35mm 1.4, which no doubt will be expensive.

      • DiBo

        Some people just have GAS in the most terrible way. Owning two modular camera systems in a decent way is extremely expensive and keeping on both tracks require a major investment of time to gain experience too (…also on the software-side). I really had a reason to do so (DSLR+MILC) but I’m still suffering to keep on that struggle. Quite a few of us jumped on these MILC systems way too early believing we could end up with it as a ‘one size fits all’ kind of solution. Well no. And if when we don’t take care – some of us will end up with even more systems. The bad thing is – if I really had to drop one system today – it would unfortunately still be Fuji – since the balance between the merits and the technical and many workflow issues is not fully there where I wanted it to be.

    • Sony packs a lot of performance. They are huge innovators and I respect them. Once I consider buying a Sony mirrorless camera. I wish they had more lenses, better lenses. Sony can be a recipe for success, but there is one thing where Sony fails, big time : design, feel, soul. Fuji has them all!

  • d

    If so, I am sure they are waiting for something special, like new sensor tech. I just want to know what it will be like, so I can get comfort over buying new lenses.

  • Clint

    I wonder why the wait….if Fuji rolls out an X-Pro2 with ‘just’ the Sony 24mp sensor from the A6000 and the improvements already seen in the XT1…then why don’t they just do it now? Maybe there is something big coming….either way I’m holding onto my X-Pro1 until I find out and then it will be a choice between the A7ii or the new X-Pro2.

  • STJN

    I’m hoping for an X-pro2 with exchangeable digital back and accompanying sensor road map (switching between standard 16 or 24MP sensor, 10MP high ISO, monochrom sensor, 28MP low ISO or square 24x24mm portrait format sensor).

    • Raz

      Interesting idea but it’ll never happen – each ‘back’ would cost as much as a new camera, the lens mount is not the expensive bit. It would be nice if they released say a 12 megapixel model for low light use though.

      • Serge S Frolov

        True, but they should do either x100 or XPro special Monochrome edition, for everyone that dreams of Leica Monochrome but can’t afford it.

  • James

    If it is for revolutionary new sensor tech, then it’ll be worth the wait. I don’t really care about more megapixels so much as better dynamic range and colour fidelity. If they get that and the ergonomics spot on, with great AF and ERF it’ll be a killer camera.

    I still wouldn’t be surprised if they surprised everyone with something completely unexpected like a FF X-Pro 2 and some tasty lenses. Think about it – the lens lineup for the current APS-C range is almost complete with great glass, so they could have another focus.

    It would compete directly with Sony, and attract probably every digital Leica user in the world – must be tempting for Fuji…

    • Mark Harrington

      No FF – they’ve been pretty adamant on that one! Besides, why split their R&D streams when they struggle to keep some people happy with just APS-C? Otherwise, as with the A7ii, we’ll all be holding DSLR-sized cameras/lenses and lose one of the main benefits of the mirrorless system!

      • bulkyzooms

        But compare the 1655 + xt1 with a7ii + 2470, the size is almost the same. Recent xf lens are unlike the first 3 at all. Xpro1 is also quite big, if size really matters that much, Fuji should at least give us XE3. Sadly there is no news on it.
        One of the reasons why Fuji doesn’t want to make FF could be for them it’s too difficult to control the body size.

        • Markthetog

          Fuji could make smaller bodies but it is working on the classic model which was designed to be small but useful in hand. I have a Panasonic GX-7 and while it is anise camera and I love the images, it is too small for me. As for the lenses, physics and the market demands for “build quality” work against small lenses.

          • Mark Harrington

            Yes, I think the X-p1 is the ideal size, as I use it as described above. If the next model starts to creep into DSLR size then I will need to seriously think about a different camera and there’s a lot of quality out there to choose from. Mind you, I’d more than likely buy an X100t…

        • Mark Harrington

          I agree. I use my X-p1 as a prime only system though, so it remains the ideal size for me. 50-140 is tempting of course, but it wouldn’t be my primary lens.

          Anything bigger and I’ll start to wonder what I ditched my Nikon gear for!

    • Raz

      Full frame X-Pro 2 isn’t happening, I wish people would drop this dead horse already. People forget that Fuji’s camera business isn’t very big, not very profitable and can probably barely sustain one line of ILC cameras, let alone two!

    • alba63

      The organic sensor won’t (very likely) not be ready for serial release by the end of the year, so they will take what’s available by then, as they do not build their own sensors anymore (as in the days of the super CCD).

      I have little doubt it will be the 24MP cmos that is right now in the a6000. If they manage to work it in the way that they get the Fuji colors out of it, fine for me. High ISO may be or not be better than with their current sensor, it is enough for me, I rarely go over ISO1000.

  • G_J

    A 16-80mm f/4 lens sure would be nice to mate with an X-PRO2

    • Luzid

      Please with OIS and WR for a X-T kit too.

      • It’s heresy if you shoot it with anything but a prime. ;)

        • Luzid

          true for x-pro, but not for x-t
          I need something WR

    • Raz

      Why do you want a big slow zoom lens for a camera who’s main benefit over everything else in the Fuji line up is the OVF – which would be mostly rendered useless by such a lens? Get an X-T1 or X-E2 and be happy.

  • christopher zydek

    if this is true….I will wait for it instead of buying a 2nd X-T1 body ( unless they come out with another X-T1 with dual card slot) my “arsenal” would be X-E1, X100s, X-T1….and X-pro2

  • donhorne

    Nice to see such interest in the X-Pro2. I, like most of you are eagerly waiting an updated body. For all its quirks I still love my X-Pro1, so much so that I just sold my XT-1 because for my work, nine out of ten times I reach for the X-Pro1. With the hand & thumb grip, it just feels great in my hand and since switching to digital in ’03 I have to say this has been my most enjoyable non-film camera. For now I think I’m just going to pick up a used X-Pro1 body and put the other money towards more lenses.

    My wishlist is a bit smaller than most. I’d like a solid body build, faster write speeds, X100t hybrid viewfinder and enhanced split image features in manual mode. A cherry on top is custom function to have a “classic” camera mode that turns off the EVF and anything except essential camera functions for extended battery life. Hopefully a new flash system has been introduced by this time and the camera with have better flash controls & synch.

    • Michael Greer

      I’m with you Don. I enthusiastically purchased the X-T1 immediately it was released and have acquired a few serious prime lenses. And I love it. But what’s the camera I intuitively reach for when I go out the door? Again and again, it’s the X-Pro1. After 60 years of being around photography, there’s something about its form factor that uniquely “connects” me to my art. Sure, I’d like to its responsiveness to be “up there” with the X-T1. I want the much improved EVF option of the X100T (but Fuji: don’t ever, never dispose of its OVF). I want whatever new grunt can be achieved from a new sensor. But for the meantime, I’m as happy as a pig in poop.

      • donhorne

        I’m in total agreement Michael. The OVF & rangefinder style are what makes the X-Pro1 my go to camera.

        • d

          I feel the same way. There is no other camera that makes me want to shoot more than the X-Pro 1.

          • The only other digital camera I had an ‘aha’ moment with was the M9. It is the same size as the X-Pro 1, built to better standards, but is worse in ISO and has a horrible rear screen.

            But the experience is so pure in function. So simple to control, such elegant focusing system. The M240 is too heavy and takes too long to boot up.

            Unfortunately, digital has, in many ways, ruined the simplicity and elegance of the shooting experience. Personally, I wish Fujifilm would focus on simple interfaces targeting specific users with a specific camera model rather than trying to catch everyone.

            But I agree: the X-Pro 1 is the first and only all-new digital camera that made me want to shoot.

    • Sounds like a wonderful wish list. Count me in.

    • Sounds realistic and your wishlist shows it’s made by a true passionate.

    • Jim Gamblin

      Good list.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    I believe that the XPro2 was to have had the organic sensor and when that hit unexpected issues, there was no fall back. That’s why it is so late and why we did not see an XPro1t. But that’s purely my own speculation.

    • Raz

      The organic sensor is a long term experiment in sensor design, these things take years to develop and perfect. It’s not related to the X-Pro delay. The simple reality is that camera never sold that well for Fuji so it got put on the back burner, but it’s too much of a prestige model to discontinue.

      • DouglasGottlieb

        The X100 and XPro are what reinvigorated the photo division and captured the hearts and minds of their fan base. I don’t believe that the XPro was put on the “back burner.” And the organic sensor has been in the works for years. Last year’s joint press release from Fuji and Panasonic made it sound like a product was near. I believe that would have been the new XPro and a great M43 version from Panasonic.

        • Raz

          The X100 did for sure, but if the X-Pro was selling like hot cakes there would have been an S version by now with the X-trans 2 sensor in it. The X100 has been updated twice since launch time. The X-Pro not so much.

          • DouglasGottlieb

            Which brings us full circle. :) I believe that Fuji had big plans for the XPro, but were waiting for a major leap (that would come with the organic sensor) so did not do an S or T version. In retrospect, that seems like a mistake, but not an indication of lack of commitment to the model. But that’s also just my own speculation. As you speculate that the neglect is due to disappointing sales and the end of the model. But if you’re correct, why bother to update it ever? Why not just do a new model?

          • Raz

            Like I said it’s a prestige model. Discontinuing the ‘Pro’ model would be like an admission of failure for a camera system mainly targeting enthusiast and pro users. I think a new model could sell well, the X-T1 was the ice breaker Fuji needed plus they have a great range of glass now, including the pro oriented zooms.

          • Alba63

            “Pro” is completely over- used and has lost it’s value if there ever was one. Every second piece of Software or app has a so- called pro version, which doesn’t mean anything. As for the X-Pro1, I cannot identify one thing in thatccamera that makes it a pro camera in the sense that this normally implies. Even the X-T1, a much (!) more advanced camera, is more enthusiast than pro. Pro means a big choice of lenses, pro support like a network of dealers who also hold the stuff for loan, the camera itself has to be fast, reactive (fuji AF still too slow), pro flash system, and some other things. Already the buttons of the XT1 are way too small to be ready for pro use. Just like the sensor that is too small for most pro’s expectations.
            FUJI can certainly exist very well without the “pro” tag, but they should deliver if they say pro, not just pretend.

          • Peter

            The Pro in the name is likely due to Leica having trademarked the single-digit X names, so they couldn’t name the cameras X100 – X10 – X1 but had to find a different solution for the top of the line model.

          • purpleacky

            Yes, I agree, a true pro camera, above the X-T1, would have 1/8000 stutter, 1/250 sync, twin batteries and memory cards, better AF etc. I think such a camera would be very popular as the first pro MILC.

          • peterortphoto

            umm, none of the current ‘pro’ DSLRs have dual battery slots. Does this mean the Nikon D4s or the Canon 1Dx are not pro?

          • Mark Harrington

            You’re right, but I’m sure there are a lot of pro’s who use the system who would disagree with this. I had this discussion with someone today – like the words ‘literally’ ‘unbelievable’ and ‘January Sales’, it’s modern overuse has negated any impact it should have.

            It seems a good starting point for the system though and gives an indication of the design ethos. Maybe they should be more realistic and call the next one the X-mega1… ;)

          • purpleacky

            But those lenses are much better suited to an XT style camera than an Xpro. Maybe the X-T1 is in effect the X-Pro2. It seems to me, that all things being equal, and EVF based DSLR style camera with ISO dial will cost less to produce, and be more popular, than a rangefinder style HVF based camera with no ISO dial.

          • I think some of the people waiting for the X-Pro2 are willing to accept an EVF of X-T1’s performance, accept the lack of OVF if the retro rangefinder style body remains.

          • Markthetog

            So far the organic sensor is a paper with performance claims. Until we see results that we can use it is just vaporware.

          • d

            That is true. However, it shows how stupid they are, as the failure in sales with the X-Pro 1 was entirely their fault – there were too many issues with it for the first year to year and a half. If they had designed it well from the start, it would have sold far more units. They had better realize that soon…

          • Didiergm

            and how many more customer did they get with gradual “kaizen” improvements ?


        I understand there a a few issues that have to be dealt with. Some of the most important are the huge amount of electrical energy an organic sensor will consume and a great deal of heat it dissipates. Not to mention there are no algorithms and CPUs ready to deal in an efficient manner with an organic sensor, yet!

  • Mardock

    It all depends on what is meant by a “brand new sensor”. Brand new sensor could mean the latest version of Sony’s 24mp wafer with Fuji’s latest X-Trans magic added … or it could mean a brand new sensor architecture altogether. Hyperbole is a tricky thing.

    My guess is it’s probably the former, as it sounds from recent reports as though the organic sensor is years away … if it pans out at all. Although a “conventional” 24mp sensor with the same high ISO/low noise performance of the current X-Trans sensor would be no small achievement in itself (and something like that is probably what we’ll get).

    • Markthetog

      I agree. For some reason people seem to forget that the fabrication of a bespoke sensor is beyond the capability of ALL the manufacturers except Sony, Canon and Panasonic, thought he latter seems to be quiet on the larger sensor front. As for the organic sensor, a close reading of the specs promises an improvement but the real question is will that be a visible difference that justifies the fabrication commitment.

      • alba63

        I read in 2 forums that Panasonic sold their sensor manufacturing sites end of 2013.

    • purpleacky

      Apparently the sensor on the Sony a6000 has better phase detect built in, that would be very beneficial.

  • Kevin

    I hope Fuji really knocks this out of the park. Weather sealed, IBIS tech from Sony, and better performer than the X-T1. But sexy as their cams are, they need to need to make the cameras feel more ‘mechanical’. Their cameras look like the gems from the 70’s, but they should also feel more like them. My dad’s Nikon FM has this wonderful mechanical feeling to it that’s just missing from the X-T1

  • Steve

    I’d rather they add internal anti-shake and a weather-resistant body. Those are the two things that could get me to upgrade from my X-T1 that I dearly love and have 5 Fujinon lenses for.

  • Herve

    What I would love to see in the X-pro2 is as follow (compared to X-pro1):
    – better af
    – better ovf/evf with higher frame rate
    – higher flash sync and modern wireless flash system
    – electronic shutter that scans the whole sensor at once, allowing its use with fast moving objects and flash
    – a normalized buttons distribution from now on, eg as found on the X100T
    – improved low iso performance
    – double cards slots

    And possibly:
    – ibis
    – weather sealing
    – increased pixels count

  • TomDiTom

    What about NO LCD on the back ? The past years with the x100s i used the LCD about 5-10%. All Info i need is in the EVF/OVF.

    Perhaps the cam will be a little bit cheaper, smarter, smaller.

    Is this a way to think about ?

    • Serge S Frolov

      Ohh, that would be a great, make the camera 5mm thinner and bit lighter, but doubt it would be cheaper. But if they make it with monochrome lowlight sensor, in which case, TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

      • I think the size and shape of X-Pro1 = just perfect. At least for men for large hands. I understand that smaller and lighter sounds good, but why sacrifice better ergonomics with a point-and-shoot style body! It’s X-Pro2, for God’s sake, the new flagship. Smaller and lighter = X-E2, X100T.

        • d

          I agree. The X-Pro 1 is the perfect size for me. My wife uses the X-E1 and I find it too figity.

          • True. X-Pro1 is a real camera with a real photographer feel. We all used DSLR in the past and now we find X-Pro1 too big and heavy? Nonsense. Why don’t we just stick to smartphones, they are really pocketable and really light?!?!

          • TomDiTom

            ok, perhaps i´ve forgotten something important. in fact i´m afraid of a tilt/shift lcd on a new pro2 (if it is so). that will make the cam bigger (yes, i found the size of pro1 perfect). and thats the reason thinking about the LCD. Do you need it ? And when yes, in which situation or how much. Do you make Photos over the LCD ?

          • It’s the not the tilting LCD I dislike, it’s the re-arranging of buttons that makes little sense. If buttons have to be re-arranged so that camera B is no longer button-compatible with camera A, the engineers have ruined it.

            Move the LCD to the right. Keep the button layout the same. The X-Pro 1 is light for its size, as is the X-T1. An added tilting screen won’t change that, or thickness much. But, it could introduce yet again, another incompatible button layout.

            Which is further proof that Fujifilm have not thought out the system.

          • GoodPhotos

            The X-T1 has a flip out LCD and is considerably smaller than the X-Pro1. Fuji could easily make the Pro2 even smaller and still incorporate a flip out LCD.

        • Serge S Frolov

          True, I wouldn’t want that to be the Xpro2 flagship, Xpro2 has to have everything, but a special monochrome edition of some sort would be nice, X100 or Xpro striped to essentials, draped in premium leather.
          As for larger hands, I agree as well, Xpro1 is great. Xt1 or Xe2 just dont well the same.

    • Turlututu

      Special edition without LCD : OK !
      Every X-pro2 without LCL : no way !

  • Turlututu

    IBIS ! IBIS ! IBIS ! My Minolta 200mm handheld make me sick !

    • Jonasbg

      2nd that. IBIS!! I truly think that IBIS would be the only game changer that Fuji could bring to the table at this point now that Sony has an amazing A7 line-up at almost the same pricerange as Fuji X-T1.

      No need for whiners about the missing OIS in 16-50mm anymore :-P

      • Serge S Frolov

        And should Fuji blindly do everything Sony does? Sony has alot of things wrong with A7 line up. And if you want Sony, go get Sony, I can shoot my 135 and 200 and 300mm lenses handheld just fine, just as I did on film before any OIS and IBIS.

        • Turlututu

          Same here, but :
          – you need to use higher shutter speed with non-moving subjects…
          – videos still shaking
          – EVF is less comfortable than OVF with those focal lengths…

          I agree Sony are not perfect and that’s why I own Fuji gear, but I will love Fuji to follow Sony on some aspects (IBIS, video quality…).
          I think part of the magic of mirrorless system ‘magic’ is the ability to use old lenses, and IBIS really helps (even if it didn’t exist when those lenses were produced…).

          Don’t you ?

          • Serge S Frolov

            Improvements are always welcomed, but chasing after Sony will never give Fuji advantage. I doubt Fuji will ever be a great video tool, and I honestly don’t want it to be. EVF is good as it is, especially if they take the XT1 EVF for XPro2 HVF. I so rarely shoot static subject with long lens, that I always need higher shutter speed anyway, and the times I do landscapes I use tripod anyway,
            Fuji needs to amplify what is good and unique about them, not be what Olympus and Sony were last year.

          • Turlututu

            In my opinion, Fuji strengths :
            – ERGONOMY : except minor errors, X-T1 is nearly perfect for people who like analogic ergonomy (d-pad feeling)
            – JPG ENGINE : pretty nice as it is now, some new film simulation could be added but it’s not a necessity…
            – LENSES : other subject.

            Fuji weaknesses against other mirrorless manufacturers :
            – AF : X-T1 is better, but could be improve (especially tracking)
            – Video : I don’t ask for internal 4K recording but a better full-HD video quality (less aliasing and moire) would complement the firmware-added manual controls.
            – IBIS : old lenses, but also primes and 16-55 zoom would benefit from it
            – lenses from third party manufacturers (except Zeiss which are quite expensive and Rokinon/Samyang which are only MF).
            – (?) price of body (?)

            This is my opinion, but working only on Fuji strenghts (except lenses) can’t improve dramatically the new X-mount flagship whereas working on Fuji’s weakness could lead to the best camera of 2015 / 2016 / whatever.

        • Jonasbg

          Well that escelated quickly! o.0 Great that you can shoot your tele lenses handheld. I’m from the north hemisphere, so its rather dark here, but I’m able to shoot fine images with my 55mm at 1/30th. I would need IBIS for small videos of my family though, I’m not that steady. IBIS is the only thing I’m truly missing on my X-T1.

    • DrunkenRant

      I’d put money on the X-Pro2 having IBIS due to the delay out to “late 2015”. The A7II is forcing Fuji’s hand. While I don’t believe they need to go to FF to compete, they will need to do IBIS, especially with people loving to use legacy glass on the Fuji’s.

      On an unrelated note, I’m finding that I have to block Ebay on my home computer to prevent me from buying a 135/105 f2 DC.

  • Chris

    I like my X-Pro1 as it is and will stay with it, even when the X-Pro2 will come out.
    There’s just one thing I’d like to see (maybe it could be added via firmware?):
    I’d like to see the shutter beeing closed when I turn the camera off, so the sensor I protected from dust while changing lenses. This feature could be deactivated in the menu when the sensor needs to be cleaned though.

    • Serge S Frolov

      Shutter would not help as much as you think it would. But FujiX cameras have built in sensor cleaning, and you can select in the menu when you want it, before or after you turn it on or off,

      • Turlututu

        Talking about auto sensor cleaning, is there some downside to use it ? (sensor wear…)

        • Serge S Frolov

          I dont think so, been using it for 2 years and so far nothing, plus it does not shake the sensor, it vibrates protective screen layer over the sensor.

          • Turlututu

            No problem on my X-E1 too, but only use it occasionnally.
            Thanks, I will use it always now !

  • peterortphoto

    If only the X-Pro 2 had the following things, it would make me such a better photographer!!!!

    1. Shutter speeds
    2. Aperture
    3. ISO

    oh….. wait.

    • argh.

      4. Ability to lock focus before the subject leaves the room.


  • EJPB

    A difficult question, ‘do I still believe in Fuji’? Beyond all the confusing news we get about the upcoming releases, for almost 3 years now (I own a very, very early copy) the X-Pro1 confronted me with its weird and unreliable AF-behavior, low light shutter lag, flash & battery issues, frequent lock-up problems, a very mediocre overall build quality causing work loss & repairs and – predominantly a very disturbed and non-conventional RAW-conversion workflow. This changed me from being an early enthousiast loving the concept in any sense into – indeed – a complainer. Couldn’t Fuji really do better as from day1? Nevertheless, I’ve done great work with the X-Pro1 – some experienced photography-friends called this camera the ‘magical box’ – but it did also nearly damage my name and fame with some very poorly documented low light events. So frequently, the damned thing really bugged me with the most impossible quirks. Here we are 2015 and still no real X-Pro2-release on the radar only a guess it will be once again somewhere in the future. Well, really, I use my Nikon DSLR gear for the serious work more than ever and indeed considered to sell all the (way too expensive, sorry that’s my feeling) Fuji-equipment more than once. But love is something strange and I admit: Fuji has discovered a niche of performing compacts with near-DSLR IQ but unfortunately but failed to embrace it with enough technical competence. Like I read somewhere, every Fuji until now remains too much a computer while it should provide the feeling of f.i. a mechanical Nikon F. Be some kind of ‘technological M’. If I have to make a list of what the X-Pro2 needs, it’s quite simple… make the ‘pro’ logo finally become a reality, Fujifilm, also in the damned feeling this thing gives while you’re in the middle of a mission that may not go wrong. This camera needs a lot of quality improvement to become a 100% reliable player, has to deliver truly a better IQ, DR and ISO-behavior than top notch 35mm cameras, offer the same Leica M built quality. Give it for God’s sake a normal Bayer sensor like any other camera out there (unless a Sigma ;-) ). Even in a low-pass less design based on a more modern version of this 16MP we would get a completely different picture, sharper, showing a lot more detail in greens, no wax skins, no softness we don’t need. And please don’t go experimenting with a crappy Fuji variation of that 5-axis IS but make it have a blazing fast, confident AF that performs even in the darkest darkness. That’s my 2c, for that I’m prepared to put some money in a sock, the coming months.

    • EJPB

      Oh yes, Fuji, that sock… well, only if your sales rep signs with its own blood a final release date prior to the last Q of 2015 and provides on top of that a fair discount to all the first-wave X-Pro1-owners that came close to a complete disorder in their mental stability. ;-)

      • Heehoo Haha

        We should all be worried that 5 idiots recommended your first comment, and nobody the second one.

        Get the **** out and shoot you p****s

  • anon_down_under

    It’s being released in October.

  • DrAdv

    Low light performance must be a top priority.

  • Carl

    APS-C? Is it not full frame?

  • nicola foulkes

    You add 20% on the price of Fuji X-T1 for Fuji x pro2 that is taking Uk price in line with Nikon D750 full frame. Wow alot of money!

  • M2_forever

    NO full-frame?!… Fujifilm miss completely the point, what a deception.

  • Ayatollyahso

    “Full frame”means all new lenses. apsc is fine. I challenge you to find real world issues to apsc not b.s. specs and forum arguments where it actually makes a difference between a happy client and a disgruntled client.”you didn’t use Full frame!”. Riiiiiight…

  • Tim Holman

    You don’t need full-frame. Just finished 7 years with a D700 and a D600 and now working with two fabulous XE-2 bodies! APS-C delivers outstanding quality, and I get better results with my Fujis than I did with over 30 years of Nikon SLR/DSLR equipment. I’m picky about my results…landscapes, weddings, street and stills…and honestly, there is no need in my world for full-frame. It’s mostly hype.

  • Generations Of Love

    I recently purchased a four months old PRO1 and I love it. I can’t believe that you can have a camera this nice for only 375,00 euro. It’s the right camera for me. I sold my E2 after buying the PRO1. The PRO2 might tempt me. I hope the price will be reasonable (probably not), that it will be faster and that the image quality is the same or better.

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