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For Whom is the Fujifilm X-H1? Kevin Mullins Needs to Talk :: Worth Upgrading from Fujifilm X-T2?


Fujifilm X-H1

UPDATE: Allow me quick follow up to the previous article: I confirm that Fujiflm has changed the front plate design of the X mount. If you don’t trust me, you can go to dpreview and see how the X-T2 can have two different mount designs, older are more angled, newer more round. This has not been made casually by Fujifilm, but there is a reason behind that. Most likely it is related to mitiage grid artifacts, as we reported here.

Kevin Mullins

The epic Fujifilm X-H1 live blogging is now officially closed, but you can check back to see a comprehensive list of first look reviews, samples and videos after 2 nights and 3 days of non stop coverage.

What we are trying to do now, is to enter more in specific to some of your questions, and focus on certain topics.

In our “All About IBIS” article yesterday, we made an in depth technical and practical analysis of IBIS.

Today we try to adress another question that I get also via email: for whom is the Fujifilm X-H1?

I was planing an article about it, but today wedding photographer Kevin Mullins published a youtube video where he answers this question.

And since I not only agree with him, but he also says it in a much better English than me, make sure to check out his video here.

In short:

  • The Fujifilm X-H1 is aimed at videomakers (where there is still room for improvement, though), sport and wildlife photographers
  • It’s for photographers who use big lenses, want a big grip, a solid body
  • For people who want extra functionality and don’t need small cameras
  • The X-H1 is all about power
  • The X-H1 is not really for wedding and street photographers. No reason to move to X-H1 from something like X-Pro2, X-T2, X-E3 etc., which are better for that
  • The X-H1 is another option in the Fujifilm line, and not an upgrade to the X-T2, so it makes sense to call it X-H1
  • If he buys the X-H1, then it’s for his videos work especially on the youtube channel. But not for weddings
  • It would be great if the autofocus and shutter system if the X-H1 would be rolled into the X-T and X-Pro line of cameras

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He also says:

  • He invested into the X system because of smaller size, and size is still an important factor for him
  • X-H1 has amazing video tech, internal F-log, Eterna Cinema film simulation, indipended custom settings for stills and video, touch screen and of course IBIS
  • sensitive shutter button, takes time to get used to, but those who shoot very quickly in sports or also weddings they will love it
  • sadly no articulating screen, and for video makers that would have been awsome
  • no audio connection in body. You must buy the vertical grip to monitor your audio

Down below, a video of The Photography Team that discusses the questions… X-T2 or X-H1?

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