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Fujifilm: The Good and the Bad – DPRTV


DPRTV published a video about the Good and the Bad of Fujifilm.

The Good

  • many different styles and design of cameras that appeal to different type of photographers
  • whether you like more modern or vintage, Fujifilm has it
  • lots of price points using the same sensor
  • they keep innovating their APS-C sensor lineup, now they have high resolution 40MP and stacked 26MP
  • steadily improved video features
  • X-H2/S both video optimized models but for whatever your priority is: X-H2s for less rolling shutter and slightly better dynamic range or X-H2 for absolute detail. But many features are similar between the too
  • autofocus third party options

The Bad

  • Fujifilm is now focusing on higher end, but they can grow on affordable range
  • they hoped they make more affordable XC primes like the XC35mmF2, but that still their only XC prime
  • more affordable pocket sized cameras
  • tracking continuous autofocus. Fujifilm is getting stickier, but it still lagging a little bit behind and you get more false positive with Fujifilm than with other brands. Sometimes its the lenses that can’t keep up with the tracking
  • no tap to track in video mode
  • why no native leaf shutter lens option for the GFX system? Fujifilm made leaf shutter lenses in the past for Hasselblad in the past. You can adapt those H series Hasselblad lenses (Fujifilm H mount adapter G) but you don’t have autofocus. Fuji’s argument might be that sensor readout is getting faster and eventually there will be stacked sensor or global shutter, but that’s still a long way off for medium format

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