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Fujifilm Global Shutter Camera coming in 2018 (at the earliest) – SRP :: Organic Sensor, The State Of The Art!


Global Shutter

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ORGANIC SENSOR :: The State Of The Art

Almost 3 years ago, in June 2013, Fujifilm and Panasonic officially announced a new partnership. The press release said they have already developed an organic sensor capable of 88dB dynamic range. As you can read here, Fuji insiders expected “actual digital cameras to feature this sensor design within 18-24 months from now [statement of June 2013].”

So that was the original plan: Organic Sensor in 2015… but as you know, plans can change quickly…

I’ve warned you already in late 2014: don’t expect the Organic Sensor in 2015. There is a problem with too much heat being generated and too much battery drain.

And then, for the entire year 2015, we didn’t hear anything about the Organic Sensor anymore, and many (including me), started to be pessimistic.

But when all hope had faded, Panasonic relaunched the organic sensor buzz with an official press-release in early February 2016, which says that, along with Fujifilm, they are developing an Organic Sensor with astonishing 123dB dynamic range.

So not only they didn’t drop plans, but they were even able to improve it, pushing the dynamic range from 88dB to 123dB!

And Panasonic added one more tidbit: it will feature a Global Shutter!

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As you can imagine, it’s not that easy for me to gather information about the current development status. I’m cooperating with my buddy Ale from 43rumors on this, and I hope that together we can achieve a rumor-breakthrough.

However, I have just received a first feedback from a source, who was right in the past. It says that Fujifilm plans to release the first camera with global shutter in 2018 at the earliest!

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: The source just talked about the Global Shutter, and NOT explicitly about the Organic Sensor! But given the fact that Panasonic announced a Global Shutter capable Organic Sensor officially in early February, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the Organic Sensor we are waiting for. But again: the source was talking about the Global Shutter and did not mention the Organic Sensor… for now.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: Even though it comes from a reliable source, please take it with a Grain of salt! This is a very long-term rumor. And just like the first generation Organic Sensor, there can always be delays or plan changes. So I trust this source, when it says that Fujifilm “currently” has the Global Shutter set for 2018, but experience tells me that from here to 2018 many things can change. And if they change, I’ll let you know.

What is the Global Shutter? The Global Shutter will keep the virtues of the electronic shutter (no shutter sound and ultra fast shutter speed) and at the same avoid motion blur (rolling shutter effect).


Any help is appreciated. Feel free to contact me at (you can create a fake email account if you feel more comfortable). Also, there is the rumor box, where you can contact me 100% anonymously (in this case, I’d appreciate a nick-name, so that I can recognize you in future).

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