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Fujifilm Firmware Updates – The Day After! New Hidden Features? :: Bugs Reports? :: X-T2 Autofocus Twices as Fast?


Fujifilm X Raw Studio First Look at Lightroom Blog youtube

The Day After

I usually recommend 3 things, when it comes to firmware updates:

  1. Always update, even if you think you don’t need the update, because often firmware updates hide improvements or bug fixes that are not reported officially.
  2. BUT… if you need the camera for a paid job, do NOT update immediatly. In fact, very rarely, new FW udpates can introduce bugs. Therefore, wait a few days, check back on, and if you read no bug reports, go ahead and update
  3. Every time Fujifilm updates a camera, I get about a dozen of emails of people having issues with the update. I always send them this Firmware update tips article, and it always fixes their problems :). So make sure to read it.

So, today, the day after Fujifilm’s firmware updates, it’s time to collect all feedback about possible bugs and new hidden features that Fujifilm might have introduced.

For the start, make sure to read the new X-T2, X-T20, GFX and X-RAW STUDIO features guides, all shared in this FujiRumors article.

Done that?

Good, then I’ll make the start, sharing some feedback we got here on FujiRumors and in our facebook page.

BUG, Really?

FUJFIILM GFX: Reported by Thai P. at out GFX facebook here: “In the new feature EVF + LCD display we could not use the touchscreen to zoom in. Sigh” But it’s not clear if that’s a real issue, or maybe something to change in the “image preview” settings. The community is testing. Some say it works flawlessly. So maybe just a false alarm. GFX shooters, feel free to let us know in the comments.

FUJIFILM X-T20: Reported by Grumpyrocker here: “The X-T20 now has a “Boost” symbol on the screen if high performance mode is enabled. But there’s no way of turning this off in the screen setup menu.”

Hidden Feature, Really?

Magnus shares here: “There’s one that seems to be undocumented. If you enable flashing highlights in your display settings, you get a bonus when using a Manual Focus lens with focus peaking: the focus peaking now flashes! I tried this on a sunrise photo walkabout this morning and it works brilliantly. Made it so much easier to nail my focus quickly.” Video demonstration here on facebook.

Salihin Salim, though, says here: “I believe the focus peaking only flashes when the focused part is overexposed. On darker parts or when I purposely underexpose the photo, the focus peaking doesn’t flash anymore.”

X-T2 AF Twice as Fast, Really?

  • Focus tracking of smaller objects seems to work much better if you look at this ZedProMedia youtube video, where he compares the old Vs. new X-T2 FW
  • First reports on FujiRumors by Joseph here: “Wow, I honestly wasn’t expecting that much of a difference in AF-C performance. AF no longer pulsates when AF-C is engaged, that was my biggest issue on the previous firmware. Edit: It still does, just not nearly as much.”


Justintime says here: “So Fuji say firmware adds:”If you press the function button allocated to the histogram, RGB histogram and highlight warning (High brightness portion will blink.) are displayed.” Noticed in Set up: screen set up: disp custom settings there is now a selection for “live view highlight alert. get blinkies without pressing function button (or assigning rgb histagram to a function button) and without rgb histagram filling half viewfinder. this feature is not in 2.10 and not documented as far as I can see

What else?

Questions? Something you noticed? Tips? Feel free to share with the community your feedback :)