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Fujifilm Autofocus Developers talk X-H2S firmware 3.00 and Future Firmware Updates


Fujifilm’s X-H2S product planers and Autofocus developers meet in the latest X-Lab episode to talk about the improvements Fujifilm made with firmware 3.00 on the X-H2S.

Now, it’s again available only in Japanese so we have to rely on the automatic YouTube translation tool, which is far from ideal.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to do that. I went through this at 6:30 AM while drinking my coffee and I will sum it up for you below.

But if any Japanese speaking reader would like suggest corrections/additions to my summary, feel free to do so by writing me at or drop it down below in the comments.


  • Deep Learning is continuously trained to detect adverse conditions such as car or people facing sideways and small subjects
  • even after release, it’s about continue to put in feedback into the deep learning algorithm
  • when subject tracking was initially launched, Fujifilm picked up on customer feedback and improved the AF tracking such for example in backlight situation or when subject is sideways
  • small subject detection improved
  • drone and insects detection added
  • there were complaints about the camera not being able to track subjects that move quickly through the frame, so they improved moving subject tracking
  • the level of demand from users has risen
  • fixing short lag/freeze issue on EVF before and after half pressing shutter button. Initially Fujifilm was not really concerned about this small issue, but when talking to photographers they saw that this was an important issue to fix, as it simplifies framing to have always a smooth image in the EVF
  • they want to continue to bring firmware updates to X-H2S so that everybody can use it more comfortably
  • they want to add more subject detections in future
  • they’ve found more things on X-H2S that they want to improve in with future firwmare updates
  • autofocus is the key part of the X-H2S so they will keep doing their best to improve that further on the X-H2S

You can see the full video below.