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Fuji officially registered a new camera line name “X-H” – *** UPDATED ***


Letsgodigital spotted a new European trademark application from Fuji. Brevalex (the company from Holland that files trademarks for Fuji) registered a new “Fuji X-H” camera line. And that’s what they write about this new line:

“Digital cameras; lenses for digital cameras; digital camera flashes; cases adapted for digital cameras; straps for digital cameras; image sensors for digital cameras.”

*** UPDATE *** : FR-reader imagei noted in the comments:

Looks like they filed a whole lot of EUIPO trade mark applications: X-S, X-E, X-H, X-Z, X-T, X-A, X-M and X-Pro, all of them with the same application date: 2017-08-18.

To see for yourself put ‘FUJIFILM CORPORATION’ as the applicant name and sort by application date in descending order.

It’s more likely they’re back-filling the legal details with the EUIPO rather than preparing for a new camera line (or three).