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Fuji Guys Introduce Fujifilm X-T3 firmware 4.00 and Unveiling the Hidden Features of the New AF system


The Fuji Guys have now published a short video, where they go over the improvements and new features introduced to the Fujifilm X-T3 via the latest 4.00 firmware update.

You can see the video above (and more videos below).

Luckily they do mention briefly the Sony alike “real time tracking”, which nobody talked about until I shared my own X-T4 report here on FujiRumors.

And yet, they do not really cover it comprehensively.

The AF system of the X-T4 (and now also of the X-T3) can do much more, such as automatically switch between face and subject tracking. You can also chose to ignore faces even when face detection is enabled and switch from face to subject tracking to your taste very simply.

If you want to know how it goes and how you should set up your camera for that, make sure to read our dedicated X-T4 AF options article here.

Now, FujiRumors is not a professional review site (I am a professional primary school teacher ;)). I simply have no time to write reviews. But it’s weird that none of those, who established themselves as pro-reviewers and make a living out of it, ever mentioned this feature, which is basically close to Sony real time tracking, which the very same reviewers praised endlessly.

I am not saying Fuji’s real time tracking works as good as Sony’s. That’s something reviewers should compare and figure out. But at least a mention to Fuji’s new AF system would be a nice thing.

Anyway, I did report about it and you can learn more about it here and see my mom, my wife and my good old trust dog playing the model for me (with my mom being clearly not amused by that :))

With all that said, down below you can find the Fuji Guys above and more videos below.

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