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Fuji Guys Explain Fujifilm Camera Remote App and How to Fix Connection Issues (Sort of)



Fujifilm Camera Remote App

The Fuji Guys published a short video, where they talk about the Fujifilm camera remote App.

They say this video is for those, who download the App for the first time or if you are having any troubles with the App itself.

The issues can happen for example if you updated your smartphone.

In this case, the Fuji Guys recommend to delete the App as well as to delete the pairing registration in your camera menu connection settings.

Then download the Fujifilm Camera Remote App again and pair camera and smartphone again.

When you try to transfer images on your phone, the camera might ask you to start up the Fujifilm camera remote App. If the camera does not connect to the smartphone, click “Change – OK” on the camera.

Why this? Francis says:

because if you use the camera on your iPad and on your iPhone, you need to change the registration for which device is going to be using

Done that, click on “join name of your camera  wifi network” and wait for the camera and phone to connect.

In my experience this works sometimes to get things going, but not always. Sometimes I can try whatever I want, and it does not connect. Usually I fix it by getting a beer, waiting a while, and try again. Sometimes that works!

Anyway, thanks Fujifilm, we appreciate the effort in explaining the issue. But do you want to do really something cool? Well, then check out the Panasonic camera remote App and copy that one 1:1.

Lots of things make me happy in the Fuji world… the App is not one of them.

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