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ENDS 6PM ET: Best Pre-Upgrade Deal on Capture One 22 and Capture One 21 Supports MacOS Monterey


In less than 6 hours, at 6PM New York time, the best pre-upgrade deal on Capture One 22 will end.

This is the best pre-upgrade to Capture One 22 deal of the year as Capture One itself officially said. So don’t hope for anything better to come on Black Friday.

Ends Today at 6PM New York Time – save 28% on Capture One 22 pre-upgrades (click here) (20% discount offered by Capture One plus additional 10% with code FUJIRUMORS).
No better pre-upgrade deal is coming, not even at Black Friday. This is the best deal and it will end at 6PM New York Time today (midnight in Berlin)!

Also, Capture One has informed us that Capture One 21 supports MacOS Monterey. No need to update your Capture One, as it works on Capture One 21 (version 14.4.1).