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DPR Fujifilm X-S10 Review: “Really Solid Value for Money, Easy to Recommend but Needs AF Tracking Improvement”


DPReview has published their Fujifilm X-S10 review and gives it a silver award with an 86% overall score.

Here are their conclusions and what they liked and not.

What DPR likes

  • Lovely image quality
  • Excellent grip, comfortable handling
  • Strong video feature set
  • Effective in-body stabilization
  • Compact size, good build quality
  • Can use USB-C port for headphones with included dongle
  • Improved control/input in Auto modes
  • USB charging

What DPR does not like

  • Autofocus tracking performance lags behind the competition
  • Viewfinder is a bit small
  • More custom buttons would be nice
  • No separate charger included
  • So-so battery life
  • Auto ISO could be more flexible

Some excerpts from the conclusions:

Handling is a particular strong suit. The mode dial and triple customizable control dials make the X-S10 an easy camera to quickly manipulate settings with. We do wish there was another customizable button or two, but the touchscreen (with customizable ‘swipes’) and AF joystick are welcome.

[…] With 26MP of resolution (plus an effective in-body stabilizer to help you get the most out of that resolution), a pleasing and tuneable JPEG engine, and a broad lineup of high-quality lenses, the X-S10 churns out really fantastic images. Video features are also strong, with detailed 4K capture, Log recording and the option for using an external mic and headphones.

[…] While single autofocus and using a single point or zone in continuous autofocus work well, the X-S10’s subject tracking is simply behind the competition at this point. Other than autofocus, we find that the viewfinder is on the small side and we wish the Auto ISO settings were more flexible.

[…] But really, the Fujifilm X-S10 is an easy camera to recommend for photographers of all kinds.

You can read the full review at DPReview here.

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