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CHINESE X GEAR: Meike launches Fuji TTL Flash & 2 Vertical Battery Grips for the X-T1 + Kaxinda 35mmF1.7 Lens


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The Chinese photography accessories brand MEIKE, famous for battery grips, is going to release a TTL capable flash for Fujifilm cameras (the MK320 F Speedlite) and 2 Battery Grips for X-T1.


It can be pre-ordered from Chinese e-commerce site Taobao for RMB 420 ($67). From the Flash product page (in English):

High GN: 32
Manual Flash (S1/S2 mode)
Adjustable Tilt & Swivel Head
LCD Lattice screen
LED-Assistive preview focus
Metal hot shoe
Support synchronization of front and rear curtains
Memory function

I can’t find anything about HSS. Here is a video (not Fuji version) of this flash.


There are 2 grips, the MK-XT1 Pro and the MK-XT1. There is no English version of the product description, but the FujiRumors reader, who passed me the news (thanks!) said that:

– The MK-XT1 Pro comes with a IR remote with an effective range of 100m.
– Can set delay time (selfie timer?)
– Can set exposure time, time between pictures and number of pics. I guess it mean full intervalometer features.
– Both are weather-sealed, but I am not sure if the NO remote version just does not come with a remote or is simply incompatible.
– 480 RMB ($76) is the SRP (suggested retail price) for the remote version. SRP of NO remote version unknown.


And here is a Chinese manual Fuji lens: 33 1.6 (there is also a 35 1.7 MKII and 50 2.4) from Kaxinda. The lenses are available for a good price at Alibaba here and here.

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