Fuji’s double kit offer to come? (X-E1 + 18-55 + 55-200)

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Do you remember the crazy X-superkit deals here? You missed them? Don’t worry. I’ve the feeling that we could enjoy them again in future ;). This time the 2 lenses in offer should be the¬†[shoplink 10279]XF 18-55mm[/shoplink] and XF 55-200mm. So, if you plan to switch to the Fuji X-series, this could be an interesting deal: buy both XF-zoom lenses and you’ll grab the X-E1 for a¬†significantly reduced price.

I don’t know the price and when the zoom lenses kit deal will exactly be launched, but I’m looking forward to it. Lemme see if I can tell you more about it soon.


Zeiss lenses to be announced on May 7th.

SAR reports that Zeiss will announce their new Prime lenses for Sony NEX and Fuji X system on Tuesday, May 7th. The final price is still unknown although many expect it to be somewhere between $1,000 and $1,200. The first two lenses to ship in June will be the 12mm f/2.8 and the 32mm f/1.8 lens. The 50mm f/2.8 macro will ship in late 2013. All lenses have electronic Aperture and Autofocus control.

Rumor Update: 2/3 inch sensor not for X-entry level camera (X-S2 according to an anonymous source)

digicame-info wrote me an email. They told me that the 2/3 inch X-TRANS sensor camera is not the X-entry level camera rumored before, but another product [UPDATE: 2/3 inch sensor mirrorless camera].

Now, this let’s me think about a rumor I’ve received a few days ago, anonymously via rumor box. A single line: “X-S2 with x20 tech over 1 month“. Just this, nothing more. I wanted to check it, before I post it, but now, with digicame-info saying that a new camera with a 2/3 inch sensor is about to be released this summer, I thought it’s time to post it… let’s put the pieces of this rumor puzzle together.

I hope I can bring some order in these rumor days soon. But, the good news is, that there are still some more Fuji-cameras to come next.

Have a good start in this new week

Tiny 2/3 inch sensor for the large X-mount. A waste of space?

[UPDATE]: Please read the updated post here.

Latest rumors floating around the web do say that Fuji will release a 2/3 inch sensor and X-mount entry level camera in July. While it seems pretty sure that a entry level camera is coming I am not sure that the 2/3 inch sensor digicame-info rumor is correct. But if it is then I don’t get it why a super small 2/3 inch sensor should be used within the much larger X-mount. As you see from the image on top there is an incredible “waste of space”. I would rather make a new mount for that to reduce the mount and the overall camera size.

As I said, we talk about rumors and not about facts. But I want to hear from you guys if there is something I am missing here…


A new source confirms: new X-body entry level camera announced in July (body+lens for $550)

A FR-reader had a talk with a Fuji rep. During this conversation the Fuji rep said that there will be a body and lens combination out in July running around $550. And what was supposed to remain confidential, is now shared with all of you :). [not with 2/3 sensor]

Now we have 2 new sources talking about a cheaper X-series camera to be announced this summer. I do not have news from trusted sources until now but I’ll post immediatly an update, if they can confirm (or find out more) the announcement of a new body and lens as told me by the new source.

btw, thanks dear readers for sharing rumors with Fujirumors. Keep it up! You can do it anonymously via rumor box, but please mark your message with an invented name so that I can recognize you in future. That will help me to recognize trusted sources.

[Update]: also photorumors says here that the new X-camera will cost $550 (same source I suppose).


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