Fuji 35mm f/1.4 tested at SLRgear and Photoheadonline.

The 35mm lens got tested by SLRgear and Photoheadonline. Both highly recommend this lens:

SLRgear (Click here) tested the Fuji 35mm f/1.4 X lens: “Very good performance, even when used wide open, and excellent performance when stopped down just a little. If you’re an X-Pro 1 user, this lens definitely deserves a place in your bag.

Photoheadonline (Click here) compared the lens with the Zeiss 35mm f/2.0 lens: “The Fujinon however, is made so well that it is the winner of this test. It gets a High Value to Cost Ratio for its performance at a wide open aperture, as well as price, weight, compactness, and versatility. The Fujinon 35mm edges out the Zeiss 35mm lens in each of those categories, but by just a little.

New X PRO 1 tests at Camerguide, Cameralabs and Digitalrev (Kai video)

Digitalrev (Click here) posted that short Xpro1 vs OM-D E-M5 vs NEX7 comparison video I embedded here on top. Kai (the reviewer) pretty much loves the Fuji :)

Cameralabs posted the full X PRO 1 review: “you could say the X-Pro1 takes digital photography back to the basics. It concentrates on doing the important stuff really well – the foremost being excellent image quality – adds some truly innovative features and ignores the rest. For serious photographers that’s a very attractive philosophy and one that will win the X-Pro1 a lot of admirers.

X PRO 1 versus NEX-7 ISO comparison at Camerguide.

Fuji X PRO 1 and 60mm lens reviews!

Good Morning guys! Here is a short roundup of the latest X camera and lens reviews. Enjoy the reading!

X PRO 1 versus Canon 5DmarkII at CameraGuide (Click here).
A Russian camera review at Fujifilmpro.livejournal (Click here).
Pitures of a Demonstration taken by our friend John in Ottawa (Click here).
You can win a X PRO 1 by partecipating the Focus Numerique contest (Click here).
Fuji 18mm and 60mm lenses – More X-Pro 1 musings at Soundimagesplus (Click here).
Demosaicing the Fuji X-Pro1 and its X-Trans CMOS sensor at Chromasoft (Click here).

First image samples with the wide angle converter (and preorders)

Fuji (Click here) posted the first image samples taken with the new 0.8 converter. You can preorder the converter at Adorama in silver (Click here) and in black (Click here).

Marc sent me this: “Just though you may like to see the quick video I just put together for my friend over at the MyX100 blog on tumblr ( http://myx100.tumblr.com/ ). In the video I talk about a technique of using the moire and aliasing present in the EVF as a kind of focus peaking, greatly simplifying manual focusing with either the Fujinon lenses or third party lenses.