First Fuji X PRO 1 ISO test! (X PRO designer talks with Techradar)

Good Morning! Time to catch up with the latest weekend news around Fuji.There is finally a first ISO test at the until know to me very unkown website (Click here). There are many image samples ot analyze and even a Fuji X PRO 1 versus Nikon D700 comparison (Click here). Its difficult to judge the image quality for now but here is a crop to see the difference (CLick on image to enlarge):

The Fuji image looks sharper but this also could depend from the lens quality. More testing is needed!

More Fuji related news:
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First image of the new Fuji X lens roadmap

Image source: Photographyblog

Fuji released the official lens roadmap for 2012-2013. This roadmap isn’t definitive and aperture of the lenses have still not be defined. And three lenses are still missing on that roadmap (Fuji said there will be nine new lenses in total). Yesterday a Fuji “lady” from the Fuji booth said the 14mm lens would have a f/1.4 aperture. I am almost sure she made a mistake. If Fuji would REALLY made it f/1.4 I would be damn surprised. The fasted wide angle lens I know is the Leica 21mm f/1.4 and it costs around…$7000!


Fuji X PRO 1 price is indeed cheaper than expected (Confirmation vie Fuji UK)

While the initial price for the X-PRO-1 body was rumored to be around 1.200-1400 pounds in UK (Source: AP) there is indeed a small surprise! The pricing is lower according to the Fuji UK manager that has been interviewed by Whatdigitalcamera (watch the last part of the video on top). It’s around 1.000 pounds for the body only and 400 pounds for the lenses. Yesterday Expansys UK was accepting pre orders for the X PRO 1 with 35mm lens at around 1.400 pounds but it was just a mistake :(

P.S:: The camera will be in Stock by March.