Save 25% on Adobe Creative Cloud and Capture One 20, Why FujiRumors is Happy with Capture One, but even More with Fujifilm ;)

Starting from now until July 17 only, you can save 25% on the entire Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

Looks like Adobe’s answer to a Capture One deal previously launched, that allows you to save 25% on all Capture One 20 versions by using coupon code “TAKE25OFF“.

As you might know, I did switch from Lightroom to Capture One a while back.

I love Capture One’s powerful advanced color editing tool, the X-Trans files rendering, the ability to work on layers, and also little things, such as Capture One automatically recognizes which film simulation I used and automatically applies it to my RAW files at import.

Sure, switching required a learning curve, but there is so much tailored content on youtube that helps you out with that, that it all happened much faster than I would have thought.

For example, check out the advanced color editing tool explained by Phase One (watch video below from 19:44… just click, starts at the right point). It’s something I like to use to fine tune colors (if needed). Moreover, I find it very practical that I can click a color on my image, select and fine tune the color range, and then with 1 simple click create a new layer out of my selected color range, which then I can edit to taste.

With all that said, the best thing ever is simply owning a Fujifilm camera, as that is the best way to shorten your editing time ;).

For example, I recently shared on my IG an image of the picturesque town of Cortona, in Tuscany. I did set my X-T4 on Classic Negative, and later in post all I had to do was to import the file on Capture One, which automatically applied the correct film simulation on the RAW file. I just quickly recovered the highlights to bring back the clouds, and that was it.

Thanks Fujifilm for those wonderful colors and film simulations! I love all the time you save me over and over and over again ;).

Viltrox Mid-Year Promotion: Save up to 15% on Fujifilm X Mount Lenses, Smart AF Adapters, LED Lights and More

Viltrox has just launched their mid-year promotions, where you can save up to 15% on almost everything they offer.

The deal is only running at the Viltroxstore here, and not at BHphoto & Co.

Included in the deal is also a 10% discount the new Viltrox 85mm f/1.8 MK II.

Here are the various categories:

Ends Tomorrow: $195 off on the entire TOPAZ bundle with This Coupon Code

Until July 7, you save big on the full Topaz Utility Bundle (save $195 off using code “FUJIRUMOR“) and Topaz Creator Bundle (save $152  using code “FUJIRUMOR“).

Topaz also announced a new update for Gigapixel AI. And by using our code “FUJIRUMOR” you pay $65 instead of $99. “This update includes a model improvement for better results, a new single-image preview view, new zoom options, and the new “man-made” mode to better enhance the details in cityscapes, typography, and other images with clear outlines and sharp edges.”

How to Save 47% on Capture One 20 Upgrades – ENDS TODAY at 6 PM New York Time

FR-reader Marc is a Capture One 11 for Fujifilm owner and he was looking to upgrade to the latest version of Capture One 20.

But given the upgrade price of $109 he always hesitated.

Then he noticed the Capture One Super Deal, that ends today.

He wrote me, that instead of upgrading for $109, he just bought the full Capture One 20 Fujifilm perpetual license for $58! This means he saved 47% compared to making a regular upgrade.

Here is what you have to do:

  • click on the following pages (depending on which version you want): Capture One 20 Fujifilm or Sony or Nikon
  • buy the perpetual license of Capture One 20 of your choice
  • insert code “JR6B-BNTW-ISI1-6WUL
  • insert the email of your existing Capture One account (no need to create a new account) and pay

As you can see from the screenshot below, Marc now simply owns both software as perpetual license.

That’s a sweet deal, too… and it ends today!

But when today?

Well, as a EU based company, usually Capture One refers to the EU time, which means that midnight here is 6PM New York time, so if you are interested, you better do it before 6PM New York time, to make sure you’ll get the deal.

If you do not own own Capture One, and buy it for the first time, then the savings are as high as 55% or 50%, depending on the code. Here is the overview:

Luminar 4

And there is also this special 4th of July deal (runs worldwide): You pay $57 only for Luminar 4 using our code “FUJI” at checkout.


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July 4th Deals: Epic FUJIFILM & PEAK DESIGN Bundle Sales and More Deals

The 4th of July deals are up and running at many stores.

Special note goes Fujifilm & Peak Design “epic bundle sale“, where you can take advantage of the current Fujifilm deals plus get Peak Design accessories for a small price on top of it (including the Peak Design Travel Tripod, which I own myself and served me very well during my online teaching and finally also on my first hikes in the Dolomites).

The full list of Fujifilm/PeakDesign deal can be found at Adorama here. It ends July 5th.

But you can find 4th of July deals also at other big stores. You can access the dedicated pages by clicking the banners down below.