[Update] Fuji X-100: $200 price drop… offer extended until DEC 31 ’12

B&H exteded the offer on the X-100 until DEC 31′ 12 (click here). You can have this camera also with a $200 price drop at Amazon US (click here)

You can have the Fuji X-100 for $1.000 instead of $1.200 at B&H (click here to see). This special offer ends tomorrow, Nov, 3.

Take a look of the PROS and CONS and read the full, detailed review of the Fuji X-100, at dpreview (click here).


X-F1: in stock at Jessops and on eHome (through Amazon UK)

The X-F1 is in stock at Jessops (click here) for £370 and on eHome (through Amazon UK) there are just 9 bundles (camera, spare battery, 16GB SD-card) available of the BLACK version (click here) and 10 bundles of the BROWN version (click here)  for £380. eHome, a shop in Birmingham, has a very good feedback rating on Amazon UK.

You can take a look at a lot of images shot with the XF1 at photographyblog.com (click here), with images of the same subject taken from ISO 100 to ISO 12800 and much more. More images at pocket-lint (click here).



Fuji X-E1 now shipping on eBay UK and Amazon ITALY

The next countries (after Germany-but right now out of stock again) in Europe getting the X-E1 are UK and ITALY. You can find plenty of X-E1 cameras on eBay:
Black X-E1 at Cameracenter UK (Click here).
Silver X-E1 at Cameracenter UK (Click here).
Black X-E1 with 35mm at Gwcameras UK (Click here).
Silver X-E1 with 35mm at Gwcameras UK (Click here).

And in Italy you can buy it in Amazon.it (click here) (just two cameras in stock at the time of this post… so hurry). There is also just one camera here on Amazon.it (click here) for 864€ (9% discount).


One more thing: in UK Fuji launched the Student Awards 2013 (Source: ePhotozine).

Amarcord deals: Refurbished FinePix S5 and GF670

Our reader Jonathan sent us the link to a refurbished deal on cameras we don’t talk about very often.

The first deal is the two refurbished Fujifilm GF670 Rangefinder Folding Film Camera (Click here). This is a superb medium format camera and it makes me a bit proud to know that Fuji is still investing on developing film cameras. Not because I am a nostalgic men but because I I am convinced that medium format film has a “different” flair and quality that is yet unmatched by digital cameras. Just try to shot a B&W 120 roll with that camera and you will understand what I mean!

The second deal is related to the last Fuji DSLR camera, the Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro. You can find two refurbished cameras, one at Photographicstuff (Click here) and one at Supersmartelectronics (Click here). The camera has been announced back in 2006 and a lot of time passed until Fuji released another system camera, the X PRo 1.

But it’s undeniable now that Fuji’s future is the X mirrorless system and maybe even a new FF X system. There is no way back to DSLR and I don’t know how long they will make Film Cameras too.

found via Slidoo.