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BUILT FOR BOKEH: New XF lens with super-smooth bokeh coming? (new source)


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Please don’t mix up DOF with bokeh. This rumor is not about a super fast lens with a crazy shallow DOF (like the IBELUX 40mm f/0.85 – see my review here), but it’s about a lens that produces extremely pleasing bokeh.


A new source told me that Fuji is working on a dual aperture lens, similar to the Sony/Minolta’s STF (Smooth Transition Focus). The Sony/Minolta is a 135mm prime with 2 sets of aperture blades and specialized optics (apodization filter) to …

… well, I’ll let you google the technical stuff by yourself. Let’s get to the heart of the matter: this lens will make the out of focus areas super-smooth and pleasing… a lens, basically, built for bokeh!

But which lens will it be? The 90mm f/2 in the roadmap? Or will there be a new lens still not listed in the roadmap? Or maybe an update of an already existing XF lens? These are all plausible options, but still without an answer… anyone out there who knows the answer? Then feel free to contact me, also 100% anonymously via rumor box (and in this case you can use a nick-name if you want, so that I can eventually recognize you in future).


Please take it with a grain of salt… but… if true, my friends, the ultimate bokeh lens is coming!

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P.S.: Feel free to share this rumor wherever you want… just make the little courtesy to quote the original source ;-) .