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Black Friday Reloaded: Save Big on X Hot Shoe Covers, Officially Recommended UHS-II SD-Cards and Much More


Many stores pulled the trigger already yesterday, and today even more deals can be found online.

Dedicated Black Friday Pages

Black Friday Sales

Latest Additions

Official Fujifilm Recommended UHS-II SD-Cards (Various Savings)

Customized “X” Hot Shoe Cover (save 40%)

X Hot Shoe Cover for USA

X Hot Shoe Cover for EUROPE:

Software & Learning Material Deals

Storage deals (SD cards and hard disks):

Third Party AF Deals

Godox, Viltrox, CFExpress Type B and More

Pergear is offering lots of deals at gear they sell via Amazon.

They also offer deals on their dedicated Pergear store website. If you purchase from their store directly, the CFexpress card savings are 15%.

Mixed Deals

Other Lenses

The New Stuff

Official Fujifilm X/GFX Deals for USA, CA, Europe