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Because we love Kaizen: new firmware wish list!


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Kaizen, continuous improvement philosophy. Japanese for “improvement” or “change for the best”, refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering, and business management.” src-wikipedia

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Everything I know until now about the X-T1 is shared. A big question is still if it will have a dual card slot or not. As you know, the trusted Japanese source said it won’t have a twin SD-slot. Therefore, no matter what the leaked images say, I still blindly trust this source. If he can’t confirm it, I wouldn’t count with a double SD-card slot on the X-T1… but it’s the first time I hope that I’m wrong with my rumors!

I’ve shared the dual card slot rumor already a few months ago. I believe that originally Fuji really planed to implement this feature in the X-T1, the source told me about, but the company changed plans afterwards. That’s what could have happened.

The updated specs list can be found at the bottom of this post.

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The firmware wish-list by Marco Ricci

Some FR-readers asked me in the comments and via email to launch a new firmware wish list. I’ll take the one of Marco Ricci and feel free to extend this list in the comments. Who knows what may be already implemented in the X-T1!

Marco Ricci (website). Here is his list:

I am an X-Pro1 users since September 2012, so yes i was so crazy to buy it with a FW 1.0 installed, at that time my wish list for fix and improvement was a *really* long list. Now, with FW 3.10 installed, I am happy to see such a short list :)

Anyway my suggestion to improve X-Pro1 (and X-E1 and X-E2 in the same way) is here:

1) Fix the half-pressed shutter button behaviour. Actually keeping the shutter button half-pressed *after* the shooting doesn’t keep the focus locked. So you have to refocus before to shoot again (each camera I own keep the focus locked keeping the shutter button half pressed after the shoot).

2) Add a new “view mode”. I am sure a lot of photographer use OVF/EVF to compose/shoot and LCD for playback/menu setting.. so please add a “mixed” view mode enabling (without eye/proximity detection)  the viewfinder *ONLY* to compose and LCD *only* for playback/menu navigation.

3) Improve the Manual focus mode/checking focus function. When in MF using the arrow keys to move the checked focus area around in the frame it would be a lot faster than the actual method .. my canon  work like that and trust me it”s a lot faster for  checking the focus in different region or to manually “track” a moving subject..

4) Improve the bracketing limits. Really +/-1 EV it’s a joke, expand the limit at +/- 3 EV at least.

5) Improve Playback of vertical images. Now, looking a vertical photo and zooming in, only a vertical “crop” is showed, leaving a large part of the LCD black and unused.

6) Enable the trash button in playback when zoomed. It’s normal to check focus (zooming in) and trash the shot if it’s not good enough

7) For X-E2 user, please add the VIEWmode function to a Fn button

Isn’t it great? Put your wishes in a post and know that a big company listens to you and considers your feedback seriously? Try to do this with other companies ;).

Oh, and what about the ability to turn ON and OFF quickly face detection via FN button… and more colors for focus peaking? FR-reader XE2owner would like to have the ability to control the camera from the app!

Now it’s your turn to extend or change Marco’s list in the comments. I’m sure somebody in Tokyo is taking notes.

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image courtesy: Marco Ricci (website)

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[At the CES, Fuji reps took note of Chirs’ firmware wishes. What else has been discussed between Chris and Fuji can be read here.]

image courtesy:

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X-T1 rumored specs

(TS= trusted source / NeS =New Source / AS = Anonymous Source / SRP = source who was right in the past, but not yet trusted / ORS = other rumor sites)

  • announcement January 28th (TS)
  • big EVF (x77 magnification) /  (TS)
  • better EVF (2.36 million OLED, 0.005s lag) / (AS)
  • APS-C X-Trans sensor II (16MP) / (TS + AS)
  • EXR II / (TS + NeS)
  • support for the UHS-II SD-card for super-fast writing speed / (TS)
  • start up time 0,5 sec (TS)
  • Shutter time lag 0,05 sec (TS)
  • time-lapse photography function – interval timer function (TS)
  • 8fps with AF tracking / (TS)
  • weather sealed body / (TS)
  • 18-135 will be weather sealed and come in May (TS + ORS)
  • tilt screen (SRP)
  • Price: €1,200 body only (≈ $1,300) – €1,600 body and 18-55 – €1,800 body and 18-135 / (NeS)
  • SLR-type (Fujica) design / (SRP)
  • name: X-T1 / (AS)
  • WiFi / (NeS)
  • smaller than the X-E2 / (AS)
  • additional battery grip / (AS)
  • 18-55 kit lens / (AS + ORS)
  • ISO up to 51200 (NeS)
  • in stores mid-February / (AS + ORS)
  • price range between X-E and X-PRO line / (NeS + AS)
  • faster AF then X-E2 (o,o8sec) / (NeS) [maybe the source mixed up faster writing speed (UHS-II) with faster AF-speed]