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Answering Top 6 Questions/Issues about Upgrading to Capture One 22


I am receiving lots of emails asking basically all the same questions regarding the huge pre-upgrade discount on Capture One 22.

So here is a post to adress the questions/issues… and if I get this question in future, I will simply link to this article:

1) Will there be a better deal in future, maybe during Black Friday?

Nope. This is what Capture One wrote me: “This will be the best opportunity to upgrade to Capture One 22, we will not have a bigger discount”.

So upgrade now here to grab the best deal

2) I’ve paid for the pre-upgrade, and suddenly my current Capture One version (21 or earlier) stopped working!

After purchasing the pre-upgrade offer for Capture One 22, the customer’s previous license key will be deactivated, and they will receive a new license key. The next time the Capture One software is opened, the customer will need to enter their new license key in order to continue having access to their current version of Capture One. When Capture One 22 is released in December 2021, the customer will need to download the new version and enter the same key they received when purchasing the pre-upgrade offer.

3) I am on Capture One 12 or older, paid for the pre-upgrade to Capture One 22, but don’t have access to Capture One 21

The previous promotion was not so big like this one, but it gave you access to Capture One 21 (with free upgrade to Capture One 22). This promotion, though, allows you to save more money on Capture One 22, but you have no access to Capture One 21. You will have to stick with your current version until Capture One 22 is out sometimes in December.

4) When is the offer ending?

The offer will end November 9 EOD CET time. But keep in mind it’s European time, so depending on your time zone, it could be early to very early morning of November 9 (in USA) or late night (in Asia).

5) Capture One 22 will bring HDR merging and Panorama Stiching. But will there be more?

Capture One 22 will also include many under-the-hood improvements and optimizations with more features to come during 2022.

6) Will the Capture One for iPad version coming 2022 be included in this upgrade?

Nope, it will be launched separately from Capture One 22.

The Deal

The deal is the following: Save 20% on Capture One 22 pre-upgrades and additional 10% by using coupon code “FUJIRUMORS” (also the old code “AMBFR” still works if you want).