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Adobe Lightroom Soon with 80% Faster Fujifilm X-Trans RAW Files Import


Lightroom and X-Trans

Adobe is preparing a (much needed!!) major Lightroom Classic CC performance update, and there is a very good news also for Fujifilm Lovers.

According to dpreview, the import of Fujifilm X-Trans RAW files will be dramatically improved. They write here:

When importing 130 Raw files from the Fujifilm X-T2 (7.6GB in total) and building “Standard” previews, we saw a major performance boost in LR Classic CC 7.2 on our quad-core 2015 MacBook Pro. Roughly 80%, in fact.

LR 7.1 – 4:05 (245 seconds)
LR 7.2 – 50 seconds

This update is not for those of us, who have the standalone version, which won’t get any updates anymore.

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