XF 55-200 first look by Tony Bridge


 photo 55-200_zps37a2af21.png

image courtesy: Tony Bridge (Fujifilm X-E1, Fujinon 55-200mm)

It’s autumn in New Zeland, and Tony Bridge went with his pre-production 55-200 to his favorite place to take some pictures in the dawn. Read the in field test of Tony Bridge at his website here. I’ll post just a short extract:

“Fitted to either an X-Pro 1 or X-E1, it sits nicely in the hand and balances well, and the fit and finish is Fuji-superb […] The stabilisation really works, and I found myself able to handhold at 1/50 second in damp and unpleasant circumstances. […] The scene I photographed is rich in micro-detail, including power pylons, farmhouses, trees of various species and fine lines from intense agriculture. They are guaranteed to test any lens, and I wondered if the lens would deliver what I was the asking of it. It did. […] the lens is sharp right out to the corners, and contains a remarkable sense of three-dimensionality. The files required little or no sharpening, and micro-detail requires little or no extra work. If anything the lens is a little too sharp, and I found myself applying softening in places to create a greater sense of distance-reality. Colouration too seems a little on the cool side, but it is particularly responsive to reds and yellows. […] I was more interested in how the lens would cope in the field, how it would resolve detail, its flare and contrast characteristics, and above all whether it had that indefinable X factor, that sense of character and colour and light and space which marks a truly great lens. It has all of them. In spades.”

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  • Very encouraging report. However, the full articles reads that you used f/11. I would expect f/8 to be closer to the sweet spot not f/11. Also, comments/test wide open at both ends would be very useful. Anyway, thanks for the post and stopped way down it looks like I would expect. I just done understand any comment that says ‘a little too sharp’ :)

  • Wow, what an epic vapid fluff piece. The average quality of content on the Internet just dropped several points. I wonder if this guy also sells $500 stereo knobs on his days off. Or perhaps it was just outsourced to “Malawi or Kyrgistan” :-p

    I’m sure the lens will be fine (and I will be buying it), but, this is some really cheesy crap writing going on here with no meaningful information and zero backing with evidence for any of the minor details that are communicated.

    That said, it’s pretty much par for the course with pre-production lenses. If you’re not allowed to show the performance, then why write anything at all? I’ll tell you why they do it: So they will get the next pre-production lens as well.

  • So the sharpness is just as good as “the worlds fastest autofocus” on the x-100s……

    I dont believe people that get paid by Fuji anymore.

    • Why be so cynical gents? Perhaps he really does like the lens. Being effusive does not mean you’re not objective or genuine in your reviews. I’d like more scientific data as well, but Fuji wouldn’t allow that on a pre-production lens and you ought to know that.

  • I just want to know a release date!


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