XF-14mm delivery estimate at AmazonUS

XF 14mm shipping

R. forwarded to me this email he received from Amazon:

“We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed on November 30, 2012: Fujifilm XF 14mm F2.8 Lens Wide Angle Lens. Estimated arrival date: January 25, 2013 – March 19, 2013.”

You may remember that Fuji postponed the launch of this lens because of the strong sales of the XF18-55 mm lens. Read Fuji’s official announcement I posted here, The XF18-55 achieves the 7th position at Amazon Camcorder-Lenses best seller rating.


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  • This is bad news if it can be as late as that. I am not ordering a 14mm, so that isn’t my concern. What I am actually depressed about is that at this rate, it will be 2016 before we see the rest of the road map.

    • I agree, it’s not looking good!
      For me, this lens is critical and I’ve been eagerly waiting since it was announced. The 23mm was next on my list. I think it’s fair to say we are now 2-3 months behind track.

      Perhaps the next week will see some new developments and announcements. The 14mm is niche market glass, so there is still a possibility that other lenses are on schedule.

      The flip side is that the XE-1 has been received well. This will certainly go some way to securing more lens releases and third-party adopters of the XF mount.

  • I agree with Thomas ~ they are being far too slow and behind with the introduction of their new lenses. Originally, if I interpreted the road map correctly, they were planning to introduce the 23mm and the 55-200mm in early 2013, and the rest by mid 2013. Personally, I need something closer to a 10mm, so I am not too concerned about the late arrival of the 14mm. However, if it means we will have to wait even longer for the other lenses, I may have to put off buying an X-E1, as the current lens selection is not sufficient. For me, I need a 10mm or 12mm, a 23mm, a 35mm, and a 55-200mm, but would buy into the system with just the 23mm and 35mm to start. I want a macro lens as well, but the 60mm is not 1:1 and is too slow for my liking ~ though it is optically very nice.


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